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  1. 1. Arun Sugathan Contact : +91-9740402847 Mail ID: Expertise Summary Over 9.5yrs of experience in engineering service under CAE/CFD domain. FE modeling of automotive components, BIW and full vehicle assemblies for Crash, Durability and NVH case. Linear static and modal analysis for BIW in NASTRAN. CFD (exterior and interior aerodynamics, thermal) analysis for cabin and chassis in T-Grid and fluent. Team motivator and lead to take up any challenges to enhance team’s performance and succeed in it. Professional Experience: <9.5> Years Domain Experience: (Skill) <CAE/CFD> <9.5> Years Primary Skill : CAE and CFD modeling and analysis Secondary Skill : Sheet metal modeling, Structural, interiors, closures, powertrain, BIW, Cabin, Doors and trims, Aero-engines, turbines.etc. Current company and DOJ : Geometric Ltd, 25th October 2012 Previous Company EASI India Ltd, Nov’2010-Jan’2012 Assystem India, Nov’2007-Aug’2010 Wipro-Quantech, Jun’2005-Mar’2007 Operating System : Windows 98/2000/xp/vista,8, Linux, Unix Internet Technology : HTML Tools : Preprocessor: ANSA, Hypermesh, T-Grid, Solver: Nastran, Fluent Post processor: Hyperview, Metapost CAD: Catia-R22 PM tools: MS office tools Job Functions : BIW and Part assembly modeling, Full vehicle integration, analysis setup, report generation, study, quality control, project management, and training. Certification Details External Certification : Nastran, Aerospace-structures training with Airbus tools Foreign Language details Foreign Language : French, Japanese (N5) Confidential Page 1 of 3 Last Updated Nov 2012
  2. 2. Project Experience Summary Project Title : FE Modeling for BIW and part assemblies for NVH Project Type : Modeling and connections Primary Skills : ANSA, HM, Nastran Sub Skills : Quality check and technical support Platform : Windows Software : ANSA, HM, Nastran Team Size : 9 Role : Team Lead Project Description FE Modeling of BIW and sub-assembly parts for NVH case using ANSA. Full preprocessing with connections and final review in Nastran for modal run checking for NVH case study on Nastran and sending required file for client. Assisted in pilot projects for attaining new work for the team. Responsibilities Team leading, quality checks and quality assurance and client interaction for any queries. Technical and management support. Project Title : CFD-Brakes assembly, Ski-jump and duct Iteration program. Project Type : CFD analysis Primary Skills : CFD modeling and analysis Sub Skills : Generating tetra and BC’s Platform : Windows Software : ANSA, T-Grid, HM, Fluent Team Size : 5 Role : Specialist Project Description Modeling of full vehicle for CFD thermal and Aero in ANSA, modeling Brakes assembly in Ski-jump and duct iterations and take the required volumes from it separately and generating tetra from T-grid and then assigning all the BC’s and then taking the final 3D mesh in Fluent and checking the pressure plots and velocity plots for given duct assembly in Brakes. Responsibilities Helping the team and escalating the issues in model build and analysis setup. Project Title : Model build for Heavy Machineries Project Type : Modeling for Fatigue analysis Primary Skills : ANSA Sub Skills : Modeling sheet metal components of cabin and other parts of heavy machineries. Platform : Windows Software : ANSA Confidential Page 2 of 3 Last Updated Nov 2012
  3. 3. Team Size : 2 Role : Focal point Project Description Generating quality mesh for the Cabin work for heavy machineries with ANSA and concentrating on weld regions for the fatigue analysis. Responsibilities Client coordination, training and quality checks and delivering on time. Total project management done. Project Title : FE modeling for full vehicle and Engine and transmission assembly Project Type : Modeling for External and Internal Aero and Thermal analysis Primary Skills : ANSA, T-grid, Radtherm, Gambit and Fluent Sub Skills : Modeling full vehicle for Aero and thermal analysis, also work on powertrain assembly on Engine and transmission. Platform : Windows Software : ANSA, T-Grid, Radtherm, Fluent Team Size : 6 Role : Senior Design Engineer Project Description Generating quality tetra mesh for the Cabin, full vehicle and engine assembly with ANSA and concentrating on air wetting surface and heat effecting regions for the CFD analysis. Responsibilities Client coordination, modeling, post-processing, training and quality checks and delivering on time. Report generations also done. Key Achievements... Client appreciations for complex work done with success. Kudos for excellence in the work and managing the team for the new pilot project which was successful. Passport/Visa Details Available Yes Passport No. F3640252 Date of Issue 06/10/2005 Place of issue (City/State/Country) Tiruchy/Tamilnadu/India Date of Expiry 06/09/2015 (On renewing process) Confidential Page 3 of 3 Last Updated Nov 2012