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  1. Examples • I want to buy a phone, but I don’t have enough money. • Alex smiles whenever he sees her. • When I was dating Daina, I had an accident. • He bought a car which was too expensive. • I know that he cannot do it. • He went to London and visited the Lords. • If you don’t eat, I won’t go.
  2. How to change from phrase to clause • He expected victory. • He expected to win the victory. • He expected that he would win the match. • They thought about their success. • They thought about that they would get succeeded.
  3. • Don’t talk while she is singing. • Where you live I will live. • Obey lest you should be punished. • He drew his sword that he might defend himself. • As he was not there, I spoke to his brother. • Come if you wish to. • Write it down lest you forget all about it. • Though I am poor I am honest. • Even if it rains I shall come.
  4. • We shall wait here for you. • They rested at sunset. • You may sit anywhere. • I keep my promise. • They fought like heroes. • We have come to help you. • I took him according to your recommendation. • The passage is too difficult to comprehend.
  5. Noun Clause
  6. Functions of Noun Clause • 1. The subject of a verb. • What he said was true. • When I shall return is uncertain. • 2. The object of a transitive verb. • He says that he won’t go. • Tell me why you did it. • 3. The object of a preposition. • I never know how much of what I say is true. • Pay careful attention to what I am going to say.
  7. • 4. in apposition to a noun or pronoun. • It was unfortunate that you were absent. • Your statement that you found the money in the street will not be believed. • 5. The complement of a verb of incomplete prediction. • My belief is that he will not come. • His great fear is that he may fail.
  8. Adjective clause
  9. Adjective clause • Adjective clauses begin with relative pronouns, including: • who • whom • whose • that • which • They may also begin with relative adverbs, such as: • when • where • why
  10. Examples • My brother, who claimed to have a limp, sprinted after the bus. • The carpets that you bought last year have rotted. • Pizza, which most people love, is not very healthy. • Grandpa remembers the old days when there was no television. • Students who are intelligent get good grades
  11. Find out clauses • I know someone whose father served in World War II. • That he is greedy is known by all. • If you invite me warmly, I must go. • He came after night had fallen. • I asked the boy how old he was.