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Positive Role of Fungi

  1. POSITIVE ROLE OF FUNGI Prepared By: Muhammad Fahad Roll No: B-33 5th Semester Botany
  2. Positive Role Of Fungi
  3. Uses as decomposer’s of wastes • Many saprophytic fungi decompose plant and animal debris and continuously remove it from the man’s environment. • During this process they also liberate a large amount of CO2, which is used by the green plants for the synthesis of food by photosynthesis. • Decomposition of organic wastes also result in the formation of humus, which is needed for the growth of plants.
  4. Mycorrhiza • A symbiotic association of fungi and the roots of higher plants is called mycorrhiza. • Literal meaning of mycorrhiza is fungus root. • Mycorrhizal roots generally lack root hairs.This association helps in the absorption of nutrients. • The Mycorrhizal roots are generally resistant to infection.
  5. Edible Fungi • There are about 200 species of fungi which are used as food. • The most important among them are common field mushroom. • E.g. Agaricus campestris, Morchella esculanta, Lycoperdon, Catherella cibarius and Boletus edulis • They are rich source of vitamins. • They are delicious in taste
  6. . Catherella cibarius Morchella esculanta
  7. . Boletus edulis Lycoperdon
  8. Agaricus campestris
  9. Yeast Cakes • The large scale production of yeast cake is called ‘microbial farming’ • These are prepared by mixing a large number of yeast cells with some inert substances such as, starch and then compressed to form cakes. • Yeast cells are rich in protein and hence, the yeast cakes are eaten directly as health giving food. • Yeast cakes are extensively used in baking and brewing industries. • They are also used in laboratories to demonstrate fermentation in sugary solution.
  10. Uses in Medicines • Many strains of fungi produce potential metabolites which are used as medicines or in the preparation of medicines. Some metabolic products used in medicine are Ergot • The drug stimulate muscles of uterus & used as abortifacient to assit child birth. • It is also used to increase blood pressure, controls uterine hemorrhage & in many other uterine disturbances. Antibiotics • Many antibiotics are obtain from fungi. • E.g. Penicillin andClavicin etc.
  11. Vitamins • Fungi are rich source of many vitamins. • Vitamins B complex is obtained from yeasts. Other vitamins obtained from yeasts & molds are – vitamin D, Riboflavin, Ergosterol, etc.
  12. Industrial Uses • Fungi are used in many important industries in the production of varied products. Alcoholic fermentation • The common alcoholic beverages- wine & beer are fermentation products by the activity of different species of Saccharomyces. Wine • Wine is made from juice of grapes or other fruits by allowing yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to induce alcoholic fermentation. • It contains 10-12 % alcohol.
  13. Cont.…….. Beer • Beer is chiefly made from barley grains.The starch of grain is first converted to fermentable sugars, maltose & glucose by the process called malting. • It is then fermented by special strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. • The beer contains 3–8 % alcohol.
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