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Real-Time Marketing With Twitter

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In the slide presentation, Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm shares his views on Marketing in Real-Time on Twitter, which he presented at the 140Conf in Los Angeles on the 28th of October 2009.

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Real-Time Marketing With Twitter

  1. 1. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm Real-time marketing with Twitter. Managing airspace.
  2. 2. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm @pinstorm is a digital ad firm with offices in India, S E Asia and Europe.
  3. 3. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 9 tips on real-time marketing using Twitter.
  4. 4. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 1. A marketer’s job is increasingly like that of an air traffic controller.
  5. 5. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 2. You need extreme long- range radar. Not Google Alerts.
  6. 6. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 3. There are more UFOs than you think. For 1 client, >2,500 a day
  7. 7. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 4. You need a fast IFF mechanism. >80% of mentions are unremarkable
  8. 8. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 5. You need an attack, interception and authorization mechanism. < 24 hrs.
  9. 9. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 6. It’s not about character of Tweeter. But that of the brand. Training needed.
  10. 10. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 7. You need to track deployment and ‘prove the kill’. For financial reporting.
  11. 11. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 8. Track the ‘disarmament’. Close the case, each case. Integrate with phone.
  12. 12. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm 9. Some firms can build their own ATC. But most marketers shouldn’t.
  13. 13. @maheshmurthy @pinstorm Thank you – glad to share your airspace!