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Email to the CEO

An ppt I sent to Golden Gekko CEO about an idea I came up with

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Email to the CEO

  1. 1. Done by: Abdullah Alshalabi Date: 10/12/2011 Let’s build a SMART country called Kuwait
  2. 2. Mission- Connecting all government ministries in one SMART App SMART App Ministry of Health Ministry of Education Ministry of Defense Police Ministry of utilitiesMinistry of Justice Subway and Train AirportSmart Chick-in
  3. 3. Why now? Huge budget to invest in infrastructure Kuwait has a plan to invest more than US$150 Billion dollars in infrastructure and other development projects during the next 5 years New airport Kuwait are building a new airport that is expected to be done in 2016 New subway and railway Kuwait building a new subway and railway system that is expected to connect all GCC countries in 2020 High penetration of smart phones Kuwait is considered a rich country, and the adaption of technology and smart phones is really high. A study shows that 60% of Kuwaitis own a smart phone A new government with high ambitions A new government just have been assigned (last week). The government want to show high improvements and to deliver beyond people expectations
  4. 4. It’s a win-win situation Benefits to Golden Gekko 1. Huge financial opportunity 2. Sustainable income from long- term contracts 3. Big learning experience: a) New type of projects b) Dealing with governments 4. Good learning environment: a) Easier to manage (Small country, small population) b) Low-profile (away from media eye-balls) 5. Entering a new market (MENA region) 6. This will open new opportunities with other countries that want to become SMART Benefits to Kuwait Gov. 1. After failing in many aspects, the government want to do something beyond people expectations 2. Kuwait is behind all GCC countries in terms of development, and it’s thrived to out beat them in any aspect 3. Establish a new ecosystem to employ Kuwaitis 4. Converting the country to a new Hi-Tech hub in the region 5. The government failed to use technology in the Education and Health systems, and this is a way to turn things around 6. A step aligned with it’s five years development plan
  5. 5. Next step If you think the idea is worth further exploration, then I see the steps going the following flow: The idea looks interesting Do a short meeting on Skype We prepare a short document and a ppt of our vision to show it to the right Gov. Official   Do the first official meeting in Kuwait  My personal contribution • Think of me as one of your sales people that is willing to work for free • I’m willing to spend two weeks in your HQ preparing for this, while covering all of personal expenses
  6. 6. My Personal Profile • Nationality: Kuwaiti • Age: 27 • Undergraduate degree: Mechanical Engineer – Kuwait University (Kuwait) • Graduate degree: MBA - HKUST (Hong Kong) • Current position: MBA exchange student at ESADE (Barcelona, Spain) • Work experience: • Current: Co-Founder of – A new start-up that will disrupt the media advertisement industry (Granada, Spain) • Summer 2011: Internship with Endeavor at TodoMedia (Montevideo, Uruguay) • 2007-2010: Financial Analyst - Private Equity & RE (Kuwait) • Passion: Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech (Everyday I read Tech Blogs such as TechCrunch, GigaOm and Steve Blank. Moreover, I’m one big believer in Eric Ries’s Lean Start-up approach) • Personal motives: • I love building new products • I enjoy changing the current status quo to make human lives easier and better