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Green Technology & Protection of Environment

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Green Technology & Protection of Environment

  1. 1. By: Abdul Ghaffar Kazi&Artee Makhija
  2. 2. Introduction"Hope is a good breakfast, but it is abad supper."Sir Francis Bacon
  3. 3.  Green technology is the environment friendly way toprotect the Earth’s natural resources and theenvironment we inhabit. Its application of knowledge to reduce impact ofhuman activities on the environment. By natural resources we mean surfacewater, Atmosphere, Coasts, Land etc. Protection of environment we mean to protect allthese natural resources from contamination, pollutants and toxic chemicals.
  4. 4. Types of Environmental Technology Recycling Renewable Energy Water Purification Air Purification Sewage Treatment Solid Waste Management Energy Conservation
  5. 5. Recycling Recycling is processing used materials (waste) intonew products to prevent waste of potentially usefulmaterials. Recycling means making waste or already used thingsinto brand new products.
  6. 6. Renewable Energy Renewable Energy is energy which comes from naturalresources. About 16% of global energy is from renewable resources. By renewable energy we meanwind energy, solar energy , biomass , hydro power energy.
  7. 7. Water Purification Water purification is the process of removingundesirable chemicals, biologicalcontaminants, suspended solids and gases fromcontaminated water. Simply it is the process of removing contaminantsfrom raw water source. Most water is purified for human consumption(drinking water). According to a 2007 (WHO) report, 1.1 billion peoplelack access to an improved drinking water supply.
  8. 8. Air Purification Air can be purified by growing common plantsbecause they convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. For example: Neem tree ,Palm tree, Tulsi tree,Eucalyptus etc
  9. 9. Sewage Treatment It is similar to water purification It is the process of removing contaminants fromwastewater and household sewage. Its objective is to produce environmentally safe fluidsuitable for safe disposal or reuse.
  10. 10. Solid Waste Management Solid waste management is therecycling, reuse, disposal and treatment of solid waste. process is generally undertaken to reduce their effecton health, the environment or aesthetics. Types of solid waste management:• Landfill• Incineration• Recycling
  11. 11. Energy Conservation It refers to the efforts made to reduce energyconsumption. Energy conservation is carried out by using the devicesthat consume smaller amount of energy in order toreduce the consumption of energy. Reducing the use of electricity causes less fossil fuelsto be burned to provide that electricity.
  12. 12. Goals of Green Technology Sustainability Creating products that can be fully reclaimed or re-used. Reducing waste and pollution by changing thepatterns of production and consumption. Developing alternatives to technologies - whether itsfossil fuel or chemical intensive agriculture - that havebeen demonstrated to damage health and theenvironment. Creating a center of economic activity aroundtechnologies and products that benefit theenvironment
  13. 13. Recommended Documentaries:
  14. 14. Thank You Guys!
  15. 15. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every mansneeds, but not every mans greed.”― Mahatma Gandhi“Were in a giant car heading towards a brickwall and everyone is arguing over where theyregoing to sit”― David Suzuki