David Michels en el IV Congreso DEC

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Ponencia de David Michels, Partner and Director in Bain & Company's Zurich Office, en el IV Congreso Internacional sobre Experiencia de Cliente celebrado el 3 de octubre en 2017

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David Michels en el IV Congreso DEC

  1. 1. David Michels Partner & Director at Bain & Co Zurich Simple and digital: the next frontier for Customer-Centric leaders #CongresoDEC
  2. 2. October 2017 “Simple & Digital” The Next Frontier for Customer-Centric Leaders Dave Michels
  3. 3. 3 core elements to “Simple & Digital” transformation SIMPLIFY and modularize Taking the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE lens Embrace DIGITAL 32 1 TRANSFORMATION
  4. 4. Lean OPERATING MODEL and RESULTS DELIVERY New capabilities and ways of working for customer-centric change TECHNOLOGY: IT and NETWORK Digital-ready, adaptable and at radically lower cost Simple & Digital CUSTOMER EPISODESSimple and modular PROPOSITIONS Simple & Digital VISION and OBJECTIVES 1 Seamless digital and physical CHANNELS 2 3 4 Usage ServicePurchase 7 6 NET PROMOTER SYSTEM High-velocity customer, performer and operational feedback loops 5 Holistic perspective: 7 building blocks
  5. 5. EPISODE ENDEPISODE START CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Call centre In store In between interactions Online self service BACKSTAGE ON STAGE I need to get connected to the internet. “ ” I’m now connected and able to use my service. “ ” The key unit of transformation is a customer Episode
  6. 6. Build sprints and ‘heartbeat’/continuous deployments Product requirements Performer experience, skills and behaviors Channel roles and handovers Customer communication and behaviors Process design IT capabilities Continuously prioritized product backlogs • Pain points and root causes • Immersion into customer/performer • Inspiration from design analogies • Ideation and ‘on-stage’/‘back-stage’ story-boarding • Prototyping AGILE WAYS OF WORKING Define agile roadmap, build and deploy Detail implementation requirementsDesign customer episodes Episode-by-episode sprints Continuous sprints Agile roadmap and deployment model (‘heartbeat’ vs. continuous) CX Factory: Agile episode design and delivery
  7. 7.  Only 12% of transformations achieve their full intended ambition  75% of the equation is the “inside game” – the ability to effectively manage delivery risks  These include effective organizational engagement, culture, and behaviors  Most common differences between “good” and “great” are concepts of: the “beach”, “domino”, “spine”, “coach”, “sponge”, and “red risks”  Those who put processes in place to manage these risks are 80% more likely to succeed and sustain the change ? But… the “how” is usually harder than “the what”
  8. 8. RADICAL IMPROVEMENT • 300% reduced time-to-market • ~20% improved attrition • Higher share of wallet • -40% physical inter-actions • -75% cycle times OPPORTUNITIES OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION OF BOTH COSTS AND REVENUES -20% COMPLEXITY COSTS IN IT -50% PROCESS COSTS Significant COST REDUCTION BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BETTER PERFORMER EXPERIENCE RADICALLY SIMPLIFIED AND AUTOMATED OPERATIONS … evidenced by an NPS IMPROVEMENT of +30 ppts. The value at stake is enormous
  9. 9. IV Congreso Internacional sobre Experiencia de Cliente 3 de octubre de 2017 #CongresoDEC