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Presentación Sketchin - Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

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Presentación Sketchin - Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

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Presentación Sketchin - Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

  1. 1. The strategic and design firm that shapes the future experiences.
  2. 2. Courage We are Sketchin. Born in Switzerland, we are now one of the biggest and fastest growing design firm in Europe. + Openness + Impermanence + Excellence
  3. 3. We empower forward-thinking companies, evolve their organization, enhance human experiences and rapidly shape their business & digital transformation to generate valuable changes.
  4. 4. Five STUDIOS AROUND THE WORLD Lugano, Milano, Rome, Madrid, San Francisco WE ARE COMPRISED OF 116people across all studios 14multidisciplinary teams Keyfacts projects between Switzerland, Italy, Spain, US, Germany, Japan, Russia, Brasil, Dubai WE WORKED ON 300+ WE HAVE EXPERIENCE IN PROUDLY PART OF Business Integration Partners 25%Publishing & Media 20%Utilities 18%Financial Services 16%Automotive 12%Technology 9%Public Services 2.5k+business consultants 11countries 450+Tech advisors, cyber security experts and data scientists
  5. 5. We mould experiences We evolve organization We prepare the next-to-be Brand Experience Digital Product, Service & Experience Design Design Ops & Grounding Design Studio Injection Organizational Design & Agile Transition CX Transformation by Design Design the Next-to-be Brand Experience
  6. 6. Human experience Product & Services Platforms Process & Organization Tools Human experience Systemic Design working seamlessly across physical & digital products, services, systems and processes working lean iteratively on incomplete, imperfect & impermanent artifacts working smart in a small, multidisciplinary & focused team working together and spreading the design culture within the organization Every design has impacts far beyond its origin. Our team works systemically considering all the interconnections and coping with them as a whole organic entity.
  7. 7. Challenge the project 01 Understand today’s and tomorroww’s experience 02 Design for the experience 03 Evolve the experience 04
  8. 8. Let’s make it real!
  9. 9. Client Private Bank Year 2016 Industries Finance Digital Product, Service and Experience Design Enhance the human touchpoint
  10. 10. Value A major Private Bank evolved its services around the Financial Advisors: a human touchpoint empowered by technology and data. 5 unified systems 27 envisioned tools and services 450+ Financial Advisors involved
  11. 11. A major Private Pank in Italy redesigned the service model of its financial advisors with all the digital product and services they use every day, yet empowered by AI and evolute technological tools, in order to improve the performances in terms of serving the final client and bank KPIs. All the services mentioned in this new service ecosystem have been envisioned and detailed in all their functions, among those the Bank released a new tool, a smart digital platform that supports the Financial Advisors by the mean of a proprietary AI. The entire sales force has been trained in the use of this tool.
  12. 12. Outcome Crafting a B2B2C vision, a seamless experience and technology infrastructure across all the 27 envisioned services. 01. Prototyping new smart communication services to boost the Financial Advisors opportunities and connection with the bank. 02. Enhance the skills and capabilities of the financial advisors thanks to a Machine Learning algorithm based on their experience and behaviours. 03. Allianz A design system to ensure the overall consistency of the brand 04. Conceive and design the UX and Visual Language for the Wise Portfolio portal to make it an efficient and friendly companion tool for the financial advisors. 05.
  13. 13. © Human centered, end-to-end The bank shaped around the experience of its Financial Advisors a technological ecosystem to support the multiple and multifaceted needs of a complex sales network. The role of the Financial Advisor evolved from an individual financial promoter to a focal point of a micro integrated system of specialists, the point of contact between the end customer and the bank. This service model turned in the ideation of an entire ecosystem of new platforms, products, and technological tools capable of enabling them, backend and front end.
  14. 14. Design for humans and AI The machine learning algorithm at the base of the digital platform has been conceived to support the Financial Advisor in his daily work with the end-customers. It suggests the adoption of financial products based on the client's profile and risk propensity, matching the Advisor’s sales behavior. The platform itself has been designed to exploit the suggestions coming from the AI, making them recognizable so that the Financial Advisors can take the best from every single hint.
  15. 15. A smart companion for the financial advisor All the services and tools are created to assist and support the work of the financial advisors, preserving his human touch and sensibility in caring the final client, who needs to trust the person who manages his money. Technology is considered as a way to give superpowers to the people, not a substitute of their role.
  16. 16. Ignite the next to be The client promoted a change of mindset among its salesforce, training all the Financial Advisor for the use of the new advising platform through a series of mentoring initiatives. In the banking next-to-be, humans are one, yet the most important, touchpoint of the service together with AIs. 340 Financial advisors trained in the use of Wise Portfolio 11 Training sessions
  17. 17. 450+ CLIENT financial advisors involved in the co-design Fiveunits involved in the process In numbers SKETCHIN 36 OTHER INFORMATION Fourenvisioned scenarios of use designers in the Sketchin team Four weekly iterations, from research to design
  18. 18. Client Solvy Year 2018 Industries Finance Product, Service and Experience Design New shape for the shopping experience
  19. 19. Value Solvy has made a difference in Europe and then around the world through a new way of conceiving the shopping experience. 3 different user clusters 1 digital ecosystem Solvy …+ estimated users
  20. 20. Future vision of shopping experience Solvy helps regular people from the mass market who want to experience their shopping in a relax and easy way without worries about prices by avoiding any overpayment and increasing the monthly shopping capability unlike regular credit cards and loans Solvy
  21. 21. Outcome An internal "communication code" capable of facilitate decision-making and strategic processes to create a shared knowledge of the principles to be used to evolve the system of the product and service and to build a solid user experience strategy 01. New competitive identity with visual impact of values through every channel to give the user the feeling that the service is accessible and easy to try avoiding the feeling of exclusivity 02. Give a clear and easy experience in every channel and to find coherence to bring out the same values and uniqueness of the brand through the different media, from the app to the website 03.
  22. 22. Solvy Construction of the user experience The strategic approach focused on the iterative and incremental phase of study and development of the project idea, aims to design solutions for a product / system / service that define a new user experience or improve the current user experience and that can be validated through testing
  23. 23. Solvy Construction of the user experience The strategic approach focused on the iterative and incremental phase of study and development of the project idea, aims to design solutions for a product / system / service that define a new user experience or improve the current user experience and that can be validated through testing
  24. 24. Solvy Good visual language for core values A complete exploration of the new visual language to guarantee the main values of the brand and the coherence of the entire ecosystem between its physical and digital products/services for international markets through a communication designed to reach the user in a deeper and more unconscious way than what an explicit can do.
  25. 25. Solvy Careful shopping at your fingertips Digital channels become a point of contact with the service where users can see everything that is happening. An app and website designed with the core values of the brand in mind through a fresh and simple design and an intuitive user interface allowing for an easy onboarding process in the bank and simplified access of the services
  26. 26. In numbers Solvy 2 touchpoint website and mobile app 98 steps solvy app 12 sections solvy app 30+ names founded Three 300+ votes international surveys
  27. 27. We are Sketchin. talk with us! Eager to raise your next-to-be.