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Leadership development plan sample paper

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Leadership development plan sample paper

  1. 1. Leadership Development Plan
  2. 2. The current paper contains the author’s personal leadership development plan. It consists of four sections: leadership convictions and strengths, leadership development areas, individual action steps, and intellectual stimulation action steps. In the first section the key aspects of the author’s leadership practice (believes, values, ethics, and perceived and actual strengths) are discussed. The second section provides an insight into the aspects of the author’s leadership activity, which need to be improved or developed. The author identifies his main leadership weaknesses and impediments, which restrain him from becoming an effective leader. The third section contains an action plan, which is called to improve the author’s leadership behavior. The fourth section is an annotated bibliography of different works, which discuss intellectual stimulation – an important aspect of transformational leadership, which the author intends to master. My Leadership Development Plan My Leadership Convictions and Strengths Being a leader is not only about possessing willpower strong enough to make other people do what you want. It is also about having high moral and ethical convictions and standards, which can guide you and your followers on the way to achieving your goals. As a leader I have some values and beliefs of my own, which I practice in my leadership
  3. 3. activities. My core values are human dignity, fairness, open mind, hard work, honesty, and mutual understanding. I strongly believe that everyone is unique and should be treated with respect. I also believe that decisions should be made with consideration of different opinions and should not be imposed by the leader. At the same time the responsibility for any decision falls on the leader and he should be willing to accept it and blame only himself for failures. When dealing with other people I act according to the following ethical principles: … More on