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P&G : case study

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P&G: Case Study

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P&G : case study

  1. 1. What is
  2. 2. Multinational consumer goods company. ‘Tide’y
  3. 3. History 1837: Founded by Williams Procter and James Gamble. 1850-1900: Building factories and introduction of products. 1930’s: International Expansion. 1945-1980: Entered Latin America, Western Europe and Japan.
  4. 4. Marketing at P&G • Advertising • Sponsorship • Celebrity Endorsements • Digital
  5. 5. Situational analysis Beauty and grooming Beauty Grooming Health and well being Health care Snacks and pet care Household care Fabric and home Baby and family
  6. 6. P&G Today… • Sells products in 180 countries. • Operates in 80 countries. • Has 2 Global business units.
  7. 7. Snacks and pet care: 4% Grooming : 10% Health care: 14% Baby care: 18% Beauty: 24% Home care: 30% Sales in respective GBU.
  8. 8. Target Group: Women
  9. 9. Objectives • Focus to reach each and every part of world. • Special focus to its acquisitions and target markets. • Innovation is the sole key. • To provide the world a standard living style.
  10. 10. Strategy • Expand share with 10% increase every year. • Development between company and its acquisitions. • Maximize brand awareness. • Meet desired standards. • Availability of products on market shelves. • Raise the stock price of company.
  11. 11. Ivory: Direct and social media. Crest: Introducing new products in product line Pamper: Product line expansion. Always: Target groups: Women. Iconic brand marketing
  12. 12. What is P&G looking for? To connect and develop.
  13. 13. Collaboration accelerates innovation. Actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions.
  14. 14. When partnered externally, inspiration and innovation and mutual value creation are at our fingertips. -P&G
  15. 15. Thank you