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Final Presentation // Athens Choice

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Final Presentation // Athens Choice

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Final Presentation // Athens Choice

  2. 2. BRAND NAME/CITY BRANDING  A key policy for the operation of municipalities as "Development Regions" is the development of a suitable Brand Name. The City Branding is a way of shaping the urban marketing that puts the 'landmark' over other marketing tools, such as urban development, events, cultural tourism policy actions, financial support for businesses. The City Branding is essentially a complex strategic and operational progress, involving all local actors in search of a coherent message to the outside, but inwardly City (municipalities, operators, businesses).  Voice has been given to youth and leadership. The vision is to become Athens a modern civilization center ,worthy of its unique heritage and history.
  3. 3. Activities of Athens municipality
  4. 4. INNOVATHEN S  Athens municipality acts in cooperation with some creative teams to find resources to implement reliably and at low cost, to gain the trust companies, sponsors and the public.
  5. 5. TECHNOPOLIS  The "Technopolis“ of City of Athens is a meeting place for cultural events ,which is one the most important industrial monuments of the city, upgrading a historic district of the capital, and creating a more positive side to the cultural identity of Athens.  A big range of arts events is being presented every year ,as well as initiatives for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting over 600,000 visitors annually.
  6. 6. WIRELLES NETWORK-ATHENS METRO  The installation of wifi in metro stations has been completed in specific stations such as Panepistimio ,Syntagma ,Acropolis ,Omonoia ,Doukissis Plakentias ,Neratziotissa and Peiraius.  Moreover, access is possible and within trains, while is expected the expansion of the wireless network at bus stations, in addition to other Metro stations, until next year.
  8. 8. RETHINK ATHENS  It is an idea that started in 1980 and revived in 2012, which aims to regenerate the historic center of Athens through pedestrianization avenues Patission ,Panepistimiou and Amalias thereby uniting the archaeological museum of Athens historic with the memorial of Acropolis. This whole project is carried out under the auspices of the Onassis Foundation.
  9. 9. ONASIS CULTURAL CENTER (ΣΤΕΓΗ ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΤΕΧΝΩΝ)  The Onassis Foundation is a meeting place for culture; theater, dance, music, visual arts and literature. Their mission is the promotion of modern culture, the support of the Greek authors, the development of international cooperation, education for children and lifelong learning for people of all ages, in a space open and accessible to all.
  10. 10. BENAKI MUSEUM One day per week the museum is open to the public without fees.That is a great attraction for tourists and at the same time provides citizens with information about the history and culture of the country.
  11. 11. GREEK START UPS Many start-ups are starting to show up. Their applications focus on the improvement of travelling experience. These start-ups are;  Helic  Raycap  Constellex  Taxibeat  Cookisto  Corallia  The egg
  12. 12. ATENISTAS Atenistas is an open team of citizens of Athens who focus on the capabilities of the city to reborn. Atenistas separate their teams by actions. According to that, their teams are;  Creativa  Culture  Green  Intra  plus
  13. 13. FOUNDATION STAVROS NIARXOS  In 2006, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation announced plans to fund the creation of the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation, a project involving the construction and full equipment of new buildings of the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, as well as the creation of the Park Stavros Niarchos.  The vision of the foundation is to offer Greece and in particular Athens the capability of reboot and improvement.  Under the construction of Sport Center and Recreation were also ancient findings. The ancient cemetery is one of them and the foundation have made ​​processes to guard and protect the site, so it is accessible and open to the public.
  14. 14. MORE ACTIVITIES OF ATHENS MUNICIPALITY  The Municipality has a site that informs citizens about new actions, the entrepreneurship and resident.  Existence of facilities owing to the Olympic Games of 2004 (OAKA, Tram, etc.)  The Acropolis Museum expanding services to the visitors began to implement a program of activities entitled "A day at the Acropolis Museum" to enable young and elder people to spend a whole day of fun at the museum.
  15. 15. ADVANTAGES OF ATHENS  Athens is the center of culture with plenty of historical memorials of museums, such as the memorial of Acropolis.  Athens is also known for its subtropical Mediterranean climate. The dominant feature of Athens climate is hot and dry summers and mild winters with moderate rainfalls.  The market of Athens is a very attractive place for those who love fashion. Ermou street has a major number of shops with prices that anyone could afford to.  The transportation is easy for someone who visits Athens by using Attiko Metro that connects suburbs with the center of Athens.  It is well-known that Greeks know how to party. Athens offers many opportunities for entertainment with many clubs and restaurants  Athens is famous for its location which preserves open access to beaches.  Street art is also a domain feature of Athenian streets. Many buildings are decorated with graffiti that beautify the ‘’boring’’ buildings  Athens is a multi-cultural city that contains a variety of different aspects of civilization.
  16. 16. DISADVANTAGES OF ATHENS  Lack of green. More parks should be created so more oxygen will be provided  Dirt. Greek Government should considerate more about Public Health  Traffic jam is another major problem of the city of Athens. People get stuck on road for hours.  Increased crime. A lot of robberies take place every day in the center of Athens  Underutilized buildings are left abandoned while they could have been capitalized into something useful to the city  Air pollution is a major problem in the city center and the lack of oxygen causes many health problems to the citizens
  17. 17. POSITIONING Our positioning is to display unknown aspects of Athens which manifest its multiculturalism.
  18. 18. THE TEAM  VASILIKI MANETA - 41121185  VEROI KATSAROY - 41121175  VISSARIA THANOY - 41121097  IOANNA-GEORGIA LEUKAROY-KOPATOY –41100040  instagram page;  Twitter page;  Facebook page; Choice/1478232392390393  Blog page;  Linkedin; choice/93/576/595