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Auto Dealer Supplies to Help You Survive Winter

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The right auto dealer products can help any dealership or repair shop survive a tough winter. Visit to learn more.

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Auto Dealer Supplies to Help You Survive Winter

  1. 1. Auto Dealership Supplies to Help You Survive the Winter Presented by: AutoShop Express P.O. Box 561 Green, OH 44232 866-391-7315
  2. 2. Defeat the Winter Doldrums Faced with ugly weather and the accompanying higher heat and utility bills, many car owners are not likely to put car purchases – or even vehicle maintenance – at the top of their priority lists. But colorful, attention-grabbing sales aids can change that and help boost revenue for maintenance shops and auto dealers. Here are a few dealership supplies to help tide your car sales or repair shop business over to spring.
  3. 3. Solid Paint Markers Car windows – and shop windows – are open canvasses for attention-grabbing messages, such as: • Pricing • Special features • Financing • Limited time offers Products like X-Cite Paint Markers, available in several colors, with tip sizes ranging from 6 to 30 mm for easy marking, are a great choice for making a statement.
  4. 4. Streamers & Pennants Turn the winter wind to your business’s advantage with bright, shiny pennants and streamers. Available in red, silver and blue and measuring 28” x 9”, metallic antenna streamers are easy to deploy and eye catching all at the same time. BRITE pennant streams – offered in five different color combinations in 100-foot lengths – are a great choice for dealerships and repair shops alike. With 48 12”x18” flags, the strands attract the attention of passersby without obstructing views.
  5. 5. Swooper Flags Made of lightweight materials, swooper flags can prove to be a real value. Easy to assemble and requiring little maintenance, they hold up well throughout the seasons and in a variety of climates. Undulating in any wind or breeze, swoopers are available with a wide range of messages in various colors. Other options include authorized dealer versions. These attention-getters can be arranged in groups or singly – or strategically placed indoors to garner additional customer interest.
  6. 6. Interior Protection Products Of course, getting customers in the door is just the first part of the equation. Dealerships and maintenance shops need to support top-notch products and services with superior customer service to ensure the return business that can make a winter season. Interior protection products, such as covers for steering wheels, seats and floors, play a important role in this process. Their use saves the time it would take to clean up inside a customer’s vehicle and prevents customer complaints about vehicle condition.
  7. 7. Stickers, Key Tags & More Aside from protecting customers’ cars, improving shop efficiency is another important tool in providing superior customer service. A number of auto dealership supplies can help in this effort, including: • Genuine Versa-TagsTM • Top-open repair order holders • Customized oil change reminder stickers In the end, savvy auto retailers and maintenance shop owners know how to take advantage of the available dealer supplies and sales aids to make the most of the tough winter sales season.
  8. 8. AutoShop Express Having the right allies is the final step in succeeding in any battle, and finding a reliable auto dealership supplies vendor – a company you can trust to provide the supplies you need at the promised time and price – often provides the deciding advantage. AutoShop Express has earned the reputation of being the one- stop source for dealership and repair shop supplies. Visit our website today to learn more about the auto dealer products our customers know they can rely on. Or call us at 866-391-7315. You’ll be glad you did.