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Offensive attack strategy

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this presentation is all about the different types of Attack strategy by the attacker company toward the other company in the corporate.

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Offensive attack strategy

  1. 1.  Frontal Attack Flank attack Encirclement attack Bypass Attack Guerilla attack
  2. 2.  Direct head assault Used rarely and Expensive Focused on same product line ,price, promotion etc Intensive advertising and developing new product Focused on competitor’s strength than weakness Fire power(quality, advertisement, price, services, sales etc..)
  3. 3.  Market relatively homogeneous Brand equity low Products are poorly differentiated Competitor has less resources Customer loyalty is low
  4. 4.  Attack the enemy at the weakest point or blind spots i.e. flank Attack not necessarily be by launching a new product Target competitor must not be aware of the research the launching of the product
  5. 5.  Combination of frontal and flank attack Attacks the strengths and weakness simultaneously Must have superior resources Attacker must have strong product resource Attacker must have decentralized organized structure
  6. 6.  By diversifying into unrelated products or markets neglected by the leader Could overtake the leader by using new technologies Diversifying the products.
  7. 7.  By launching small, intermittent hit-and-run attacks to harass and destabilize the leader making small attacks in different locations attacks take several forms Less ambitious in scope attacks take place in several forms The aim is to destabilize the competitor by small attacks