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Avnish kumar singh

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Avnish kumar singh

  1. 1. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID: AVNISH KUMAR SINGH Experience Summary  More than 8+ years of experience in development on Microsoft’s stack of technologies - .NET, SQL and SSRS,WCF,WPF etc.  Strong Experience in developing ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 applications using C#/VB, SQL SERVER 2005/2008 using layered as well as MVC architectures, Ajax, jQuery, SSRS, WPF, WCF, LINQ etc.  Hands on experience in scripting languages like JavaScript.  Experience in all stages of Software Development Lifecycle – gathering and documenting requirements, Designing, Coding, Testing and implementing applications on production  Experience in leading projects on .NET and setup processes (Project Management / Quality Process) to develop and support client applications from client’s site and offshore  Contribution in Knowledge sharing sessions to team members  Handling client interactions for requirement gathering, Preparing business case and conducting Impact / Cost & Benefit / Gap & Risk Analysis to design sustainable solutions  Good experience in interaction with client to understand business requirement.  Exclusively worked with US based clients.  Good experience in finance, capital market and media & entertainment domains  Extensive knowledge on Re-engineering, Development and Maintenance projects  Strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and ability to work as the primary liaison between Business Users and Developers. Excellent Analytical and Problem Solving skills, Leadership and management abilities and team spirit.  Excellent in oral & written communication, negotiation and leadership skills  Experience in onsite-offshore model in managing large projects involving multiple teams.  Proven talent for utilizing the latest in new computing architecture environments to develop and implement innovative applications. TECHNICAL SKILLS Domain Media &Entertainment, Bankingand Finance, capital market, HR Languages/Framework .NET Framework 4.5/4.0, C#,VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ,WCF,HTML Scripting Languages Java Script, JQuery Tools Visual Studio 2012/2010,TFS,SVN Source Control System Team Foundation Server (TFS),Visual Source safe 6.x, Tortoise SVN
  2. 2. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID: Technologies VB.NET, C#, Entity Framework LINQ, JavaScript,AJAX, HTML, CSS, Web services ,WCF,WPF,JQUERY,SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Profiler,SQL Query Analyzer, MicrosoftExcel,Outlook, MicrosoftProducts MS Word,MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Visio ,.Net 4.0 EXPERIENCE Position title: Project Lead Company name: L&T InfoTech, US March 2014 – Present Project Name: SPDC (Stock Plan Data Central) & Manage Services Transition Client Name : Time Warner, New York • Strong in Requirements Gathering, Designing, Consulting, Implementation and Production support. • Use keystone for single sign on authentication • Create report by creating SP’s in oracle • Developed many modules in SPDC application like international payroll, Accounting Report, GTMS, DMR etc. • Coordination with offshore team • Use and implement infragistics controls for better UI • Upgrade infragistics control in SPDC application from 11.1 to 13.1 • Act as primary point of contact for the development team in Technical, functional and business rule questions/issues. • Perform change management for new changes & impact analysis • Take knowledge trance fare for HR & Benefits applications • Create KT documents for all HR & Benefits applications • Share document and knowledge with offshore team • Coding and testing for new changes and deploy changes on different environments like Stage, DEV, PROD, and QA. • Provide business solution for complex HR Systems. • Convert ColdFusion front end enquiry application into app. • Write SP’S and Create jobs for data transfers using REX. • Implemented logger for all HR & Benefits applications using enterprise library • Synchronize all environments for value Addison
  3. 3. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID: • Remove unwanted codes and implement process with offshore team for code comments and documentations • Follow Manage services guidelines for ticket closer • Maintain all change management documentation • Create FAQ libraries for support team. • Developed Web forms, Presentation layer,Business layer and Data layer for various modules in the application • Creation and tuning of complex SQL queries and Stored Procedures • Used JavaScriptscriptinglanguagefor validationsatthe client-side. • Created dashboard using fusion charts • Worked on data maskingprojectand create separate environments and solution for test applications. • Used TFS for sourcecode versioning. • Environment: VB.NET, WCF Data Services, SQL Server 2008, TFS, Visual Studio 2010,Orecal ,Key Stone Position title: Sr. Software engineer Company name: L&T InfoTech, Mumbai November 2012 – February 2014 Project Name: CDS (Content delivery System) Client: Create product for L&T Start & End Date: SEP 2013 to FEB 2014 Description: L&T InfoTech helps Media & Entertainment (M&E) companies to overcome this challenge by offering the content delivery platform for external media partners to deliver content including metadata over web as well as in physical media format via conventional method. The application also takes care of historical tracking of content, providing a dashboard and reports to analyze delivery status and statistics about content transfer to different entities. Role & Contribution  Involved in all the phases of SDLC from Software Requirements Phaseto Design, Implementation, testing, debugging and Documentation.  Architected and designed Project architecture  Create reach UI usingHTML5 ,CSS3 and JQuery  Use entity framework for data baseconnection
  4. 4. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID:  Use TFS for version Controlling  Involved in team creation and selection process  Integrate 3rd party filecatalystapplication with CDS application for document transfer  Use fedora repository to store files and repository  create model view controllers for CDS application usingMVC architectureconcepts  Use JQ-Grids in my views to show data  Create singlepage application usingJQuery plugging  Create filecatalystserver and then consume clientservices in applications.  Involved in testing and documentations  Share information with team  Distributetask to team.  Create project plan  Do project trackingand sharestatus with senior management.  Responsiblefor project module delivery on time.  Also involved with filecatalystvender for issueresolutions and idea sharing  Environment: MVC4 and C#.Net, HTML 5,Jquery,Entity Framework, Kendo UI Project Name: Hotel Booking Tool Client: WWE Start & End Date: Feb 2013 to Aug 2013 Description: Hotel Rooming is an internet website to be used by client contacts for requesting hotel while staying to attend a client organized event in US. Client contacts can include employees, freelancers, crew members etc. Each non-employee user will register on the site and admin will approve his/her access. User can then start requesting hotels, each request will need to be approved and assigned a hotel by travel coordinator. Implementing the system would give advantages to the client like easy tracking and reporting of data apart from increased accuracy and reliability, Client is a leader in global Sports Entertainment based in US. Role & Contribution  Involved in design and development of the user-interface screens using MVC4 and C#.Net.  Architected and designed Project architectureusing MVC.  Analyzing the scope change requests and resolving bugs within Timeline.  Involved in coding of the project.  Client validations using JQuery  Use kendo UI for creates grids, calendars, dropdowns and numerous controls.  Use many JQuery plugins for popups, tickers etc.  Implement login as option in application using JQuery mouse over popup control.  Creating complex SSRS reports  Create Linq for data retrieval from backend  Create modals and controllers  Create grids using kendo grid UI
  5. 5. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID:  Technologies involved ASP.NET 4.0 using C#, SQL Server 2008, LINQ, Kendo UI  Implemented Error Logger using MS Enterprise Library Position title: Sr. Software engineer Company name: Mindgate Solutions Pvt. Ltd December 2009 – October 2012, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Project Name: Unsung India Client: Unsung India Start & End Date: SEP 2012 to Nov 2012 Description: Unsung India is an internet website. Internet user can explore different locations. Book resort, villas etc. Infrastructure for tourism in India continues to evolve and mature. While larger city areas have developed into tourism hubs through focused investments, India offers a number of other vacation options for enthusiasts to explore. unsung INDIA offers ‘a pane of glass’ for enthusiasts to look through a wide range of options available, through collaborations with non-hotel accommodations like home stays, villas, boutique resorts and offbeat stays that we believe offer the requisite facilities for an enjoyable vacation. By providing easy access to information on locations and properties with a secure medium to transact bookings and payment in a truly e-enabled platform, we make it convenient for people to reach out to such locations. Role & Contribution  Involved in design and development of the user-interface screens using and C#.Net.  Analysing the scope change requests and resolving bugs within Timeline.  Involved in coding of the project.  Done client validations using java scraps  Create registration page and comparison pages  Technology involved ASP.NET 4.0 using C#, SQL Server 2008, LINQ, Telerik UI Controls  Implemented Error Logger using MS Enterprise Library Project Name: Money on Mobile Client: Money on Mobile Start & End Date: Jun 2012 to Nov 2012 Description: Money on mobile is new concept that gives facility to end user to pay utility bill, domestic remittance, mobile bill, mobile recharge etc. using their mobile. This application divided into two major modules - Admin for all master maintenance module and Transaction Engine for handling transaction Role & Contribution
  6. 6. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID:  Technology involved ASP.NET 4.0 using C#, SQL Server 2008, WCF  Implemented Error Logger using MS Enterprise Library  Create services and also create application to consume the web services  Create HLD ,LLD, and Project Flow diagrams  Create prototype for end client and involved in client demonstrations  Create SP to create wallet, transaction, onboarding users etc.  Involved in reconciliation process  Technology involved ASP.NET 4.0 using C#, SQL Server 2008, WCF service, LINQ , Telerik UI Controls  Implemented Error Logger using MS Enterprise Library  Implemented MSMQ on project  Architected and designed Project architecture Project Name: Collection Gateway Client: Product for Mindgate Start & End Date: Jan 2012 to Jun 2012 Description: Collection gateway is application for collecting information between aggregator and client. The main role of this application is providing proper validation about the client information before requesting to client API. Also it stores all the transactions done between client and aggregators; this information is very useful for reconciliations process. Role & Contribution  Technology involved ASP.NET 4.0 using C#, SQL Server 2008, WCF, Telerik UI Controls  Create reconciliation process  Involved in database creation  Involved in project architecture creation  Create LLD,HLD  Create admin module & transaction modules  Lead team for time to time delivery of module  Create project plan with project manager  Involved in DEMO and presentations  Architected and designed Project architecture usinglayer architecture
  7. 7. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID: Project Name: Surveillance, NRMS( NEW Risk Management System) Client: Angel Broking Start & End Date: Feb 2011 to Jan 2012 Description: Surveillance is a kind of investigation application. It basically checks cross trading, self-trading and any flaws in trading though couple of reports. It generates trading client data report using the client logging information, trading on different platform, product information etc. • The RMS system is based on some fundamental concepts, definitions, policies and formulas in stock trading. Every client, sub-broker and branch has been categorized based on predefined policies and every result has been derived by using these policies and formulas thereby determining action based on the categorization of clients, sub-broker and branch. Role & Contribution • Involved in Supporting and enhancing the application • Impact Analysis of any proposed changes • Involved in coding and implementation for the project. • Responsible for writing the complex stored procedures using MS SQL Server 2008. • Involved in unit testing of changes/bugs • Deployments on QA and production environments • Technologies involved ASP.NET 3.5 with C#, SQL SERVER 2008, SSRS, Telerik UI Controls Project Name: E_HelpLine Client: Angel Broking Start & End Date: OCT 2010 to Fab 2011 Description: This project focused on developing an e-Helpline System which handles the feedbacks and request management, info zone and FAQ. The objectives of the project are the following  Access to everyone (Post feedbacks/Requests) –internal & external customers  Feedback Management team to allocate and process the feedbacks and request  Capability to manage email based feedback for registration  User friendly application  Increase in productivity  Better tracking of requests and feedbacks.  Accurate Automated MIS  One View for all customer feedback and request information.  Empower user with information to serve the customer better  Improvement in service quality  Integrate with Back office, sub broker applications
  8. 8. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID:  Easy access to centralized product Info Zone and FAQ's. Role & Contribution  Involved in design and development of the user-interface screens using ASP.Net and C#.Net.  Analysing the scope change requests and resolving bugs within timelines.  Create SPs for application  Created different type of reports using SSRS  Create SP’s for reports  Create window application using WPF  Create web application for B2B clients.  Also support applications with support team.  Technology involved WPF,ASP.NET 3.5,SQL SERVER 2008,SSRS  Integration application with Outlook and Gmail Project Name: CPSMS (Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System) Client: Government of India (Onsite) Start & End Date: Dec 2009 to OCT 2010 Description: Planning commission of India manages various schemes and grants as per the 5-year plan. Electronically tracking various schemes and grants and managing approval online is the future road map. Money, disbursed to various agencies, state government or other beneficiaries could be tracked in the system. After the money is disbursed, beneficiaries will file the expenditure. This will help system to reconcile sanction, disbursement and money spent. This system will track schemes, disbursement and expenditure. This will give various reports for further analysis. Role & Contribution  Created Complex reports which helped finance ministry to take decisions.  Requirement Gathering  Interaction with client.  Worked on multi-tier architecture  Design, development and Bug Fixing of entire system.  Created more than 10 Complex reports using SSRS 2008  Create scheme module for the systems  Created dynamic SP for reporting  Technology involved 3.5 using C#, WCF,J-query, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, SSRS,SSIS Position title: Software engineer Company name: Pulsar InfoTech Private Limited July 2007 – Dec 2009, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Project Name: Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer Client: Product for Pulsar InfoTech Private Limited
  9. 9. Mob #:646-7132711 Email ID: • Design, development and Bug Fixing of entire system. • Requirement Gathering • Interaction with client. • Involved in unit testing of changes/bugs • Involved in all support activity • Visit client locations to install software and application & for troubleshooting • Technology involved 3.5 using C#,SQL SERVER 2008, SSRS Educational Qualification  Masters in Computer Application (MCA) from Birla Institute Of technology, Mesra Ranchi With Percentage: 75% in Year of Passing: 2007.  Bachelor of computer application (BCA) from Birla Institute of technology, Mesra Ranchi With Percentage: 77% in Year of Passing: 2004.