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Business exit and transition facts infographic

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An infographic presenting a number of concerning facts regarding private business ownership and the lack a planning to achieve maximum value from the business. Includes selling a business, transition by inheritance, and continuity planning.

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Business exit and transition facts infographic

  1. 1. Tax plan Financial plan Unprepared heirs Other Reasons For Failure Business Succession Facts Sell Inherit 5 million businesses Will go up for sale in the next 5 years Older Small Business Owners In Denial? Only 20% of businesses for sale are sold Will The Price Meet Your Financial Needs? Only 30% of inherited businesses survive into the second generation $885,000 50% Owner’s Eggs All In One Basket? For more information on small business transition issues regarding business continuity, inheritance, or sale visit © B2BPlanner Ltd. 2015 42% of owners plan to pass their business on to their family Make it to the 3rd generation Source: Bank of America March 2013 Poor communication Two-thirds do not have a business succession plan Over 60% do not know the value of their business 75% of owners have over half of their wealth in their business Needed by a couple 65 years old in retirement