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BDPA Communications Plan (Cincinnati)

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BDPA Cincinnati chapter's communications plan -- updated May 2011 by the chapter's VP-Membership Management Dalric Webb.

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BDPA Communications Plan (Cincinnati)

  1. 1. 2011 Communications Plan<br />BDPA Cincinnati Chapter<br />dlw updated May 2011<br />
  2. 2. Why Do We Communicate?<br />BDPA Cincinnati is a ‘secret’. We need to be well-known to (a) African Americans and (b) IT Professionals in Cincinnati.<br />BDPA Cincinnati is a volunteer organization. We need to keep it simple.<br />BDPA Cincinnati has a specific target audience. We need to leverage our communication process to get the word out to a broad audience of members, Black community, IT community and sponsors.<br />
  3. 3. What Topics Does Chapter Need to Communicate?<br />Monthly<br />Message from President<br />Program Meeting<br />SITES Program Update<br />Networking Socials<br />Welcome New Members<br />Welcome New Sponsors<br />CAC Update<br />Quarterly<br />Pillar Program Workshop<br />NBOD Meeting Update<br />Annual<br />BFTAW (Feb)<br />Awards Luncheon (Feb)<br />Regional HSCC & IT Showcase (May)<br />Black Family Reunion (Jun)<br />Cookout (Jul)<br />National BDPA Technology Conference (Aug)<br />Education Banquet (Oct)<br />Holiday Celebration (Dec)<br />
  4. 4. Original Content (Monthly)<br />Message from President: 2-3 paragraphs (President)<br />Message from Outreach Department: 1-2 paragraphs (D-OR)<br />Program Meeting Review & Preview: 1 paragraph review of last month’s meeting; 1-2 paragraph of this month’s meeting (VPMS)<br />Welcome New Members: List new & renewing members (VPMM)<br />Message from CAC Chairperson: 1-2 paragraphs (CAC Chair)<br />Message from BETF Executive Director: 1-2 paragraphs (ED BETF)<br />Program Meeting Press Release: used for wide distribution (VPMS)<br />Social Networking Communication: communicated in advance of monthly networking social (VPMM)<br />
  5. 5. Original Content (Quarterly)<br />Pillar Program: 2-3 paragraphs that shares update on the Pillar Program. We need to spread the message about this strategy beyond the leadership team (CAC Chair)<br />NBOD Meeting Update: 1-2 paragraphs that shares update on quarterly NBOD meeting. We need to remind our stakeholders that BDPA Cincinnati is part of a national organization (President)<br />Program Meeting Review & Preview: 1 paragraph review of last month’s meeting; 1-2 paragraph of this month’s meeting (VPMS)<br />
  6. 6. Original Content (Annual)<br />Black Family Technology Awareness Week: 2-3 paragraphs (Jan-Feb)<br />Awards Luncheon: 1-2 paragraphs (Jan-Feb)<br />Midwest Regional HSCC & IT Showcase: 1-2 paragraphs (Apr-Jun)<br />Black Family Reunion: 1-2 paragraphs (Jun-Jul)<br />Annual Cookout: 1-2 paragraphs (Jun-Jul)<br />National BDPA Technology Conference: 1 paragraph (Jan-Sep)<br />Education Banquet: 1-2 paragraphs (Aug-Oct)<br />Annual Holiday Event: 1 paragraph (Nov-Dec)<br />
  7. 7. What Communications Channels Should the Chapter Use?<br />BDPAToday(monthly Constant Contact email campaign)<br />Event Press Releases (every event)<br /><br /> Get Published<br />Cincinnati Herald<br />EventBrite<br />Social Networks (metrics)<br />Facebook Page (45)<br />Groupsite (1)<br />LinkedIn Network Group (30)<br />Twitter (10)<br />YahooGroup (1,191)<br />CAC Media Outlets<br />HP<br />Procter & Gamble<br />GE<br />Cincinnati Bell<br />Kroger<br />
  8. 8. Social Network Flow<br />Original Content<br /><ul><li>Post to
  9. 9. Post to BDPA-Cincinnati Groupsite
  10. 10. Post to BDPA-Cincy YahooGroup</li></ul>RSS-Feed<br /><ul><li>Twitter: @BDPACincinnati
  11. 11. LinkedIn: BDPA Cincinnati
  12. 12. Facebook: BDPA Cincinnati</li>