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BDV Skills Accreditation - Objectives of the workshop

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EIT label intro by Rroberto Prieto

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the need for a pan European level skill recognition for Big Data that stimulates mobility and fulfils the definition of overarching Learning Objectives & Overarching Learning Impacts. It is also meant to get feedback on the formats that are being prepared namely, usage of Badges, Label and EIT Label for professionals.

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BDV Skills Accreditation - Objectives of the workshop

  1. 1. Workshop on Big Data skills Accreditation Roberto(EIT Digital)
  2. 2. The importance of Certification ▪ Provides a foundation of broad and deep understanding. ▪ Demonstrates your commitment to your chosen profession. ▪ Allows you to work anywhere because certifications are valid credentials. ▪ Enjoy a competitive edge during the job search. ▪ Industry employers prefer hiring credentialed professionals. ▪ Improves your earning potential. ▪ Opens the door to more opportunities for career advancement. ▪ Increase your job mobility and choices even in the face of a tough job market. ▪ Helps you reach not only your short-term job goals, but also positions yourself for long-term career success. ▪ Connects you with a strong network of peers.
  3. 3. Objectives of the Workshop