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BDV Skills Accreditation - Welcome introduction to the workshop

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Muluneh Oli (EIT Digital)

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the need for a pan European level skill recognition for Big Data that stimulates mobility and fulfils the definition of overarching Learning Objectives & Overarching Learning Impacts. It is also meant to get feedback on the formats that are being prepared namely, usage of Badges, Label and EIT Label for professionals.

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BDV Skills Accreditation - Welcome introduction to the workshop

  1. 1. Workshop on Big Data skills Accreditation Welcome Muluneh OLI (EIT Digital)
  2. 2. Welcome ▪To speakers ▪To participants ▪Thanks to the organizers & supporters ▪Logistics (voice, video, time, discussion, break, polls, chat )
  3. 3. Objectives of the Workshop ▪Highlight the need for a skill recognition for Big Data oPan-European level • That Stimulates mobility • Fulfills the overarching Learning Objectives & Overarching Learning Impacts ▪Get a feedback on the existing formats.
  4. 4. Context 1. BDVe project 2. BDV – PPP 3. EIT Digital/UPM
  5. 5. Agenda
  6. 6. Agenda Item # Start time Topic Presenter Duration 9:25 Chair (Welcome Introduction to the workshop) EIT Digital (Muluneh) 05’ 1 9:30 Objectives of the workshop & EIT Label Intro EIT Digital (Roberto) 10’ 2 9:40 Badges & Labels UPM(Nick) 20’ 3 10:00 EIT Label for Professionals EIT Digital (Muluneh) 15’ Moderator UPM (Ernestina) 10:15 Q & A/Discussion 20’ 4 10:35 Break 15’ 5 10:50 Definition and ensuring of digital roles and competences with focus on Big Data Oxys Consulting((Rocc o) 15’ 6 11:05 Role of certification to deliver quality services in Digital transformation DECSIS (Artur) 15’ 7 11:20 Big Data skilling in Emilia-Romagna ART-ER (Davide) 15’ 8 11:35 Future of digital skills in Europe: reskilling and upskilling through partnerships EC (Christine) 15’ Moderator UPM(Ana) 9 11:50 Discussion 20’ 10 12:10 Conclusion EIT Digital (Fabio) 10’