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BDV Webinar Series - Tomás - Deep Learning for Everybody

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Worried about the learning curve to introduce Deep Learning in your organization? Don’t be. The DEEP-HybridDataCloud project offers a framework for all users, including non-experts, enabling the transparent training, sharing and serving of Deep Learning models both locally or on hybrid cloud system. In this webinar we will be showing a set of use cases, from different research areas, integrated within the DEEP infrastructure.

The DEEP solution is based on Docker containers packaging already all the tools needed to deploy and run the Deep Learning models in the most transparent way. No need to worry about compatibility problems. Everything has already been tested and encapsulated so that the user has a fully working model in just a few minutes. To make things even easier, we have developed an API allowing the user to interact with the model directly from the web browser.

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BDV Webinar Series - Tomás - Deep Learning for Everybody

  1. 1. BDVe Webinar Series Deep Learning for everybody: The DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud approach Introduction to the Webinar October, 29th 2019, 12:00 CET Tomás Pariente
  2. 2. Webinars essentials Technical Cross- cutting Business VALUE Periodicity Monthly, preferably on Tuesdays at 12 CET TRACKS  Showcasing Big Data PPP projects and topics of interest  The goal is to show the VALUE of big data both from the TECHNICAL & BUSINESS perspectives  Next topics oPrivacy, Transparency and Compliance - SPECIAL (Nov 29) oGetting Investors Ready (Dec 3) oBig data in Agriculture and Bioeconomy - DataBio (Dec 17) oData Democratization oBig Data Education Hubs oAnd more… STAY TUNED:
  3. 3. Practical issues  Maximum one hour  Please, write questions in the chat  Poll at the beginning  Brief survey (two questions) after the webinar is finished POLL TIME
  4. 4. Lara Lloret Researcher at the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (CSIC-UC)