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Building the next geneation Personal Data Platforms

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Big Data PPP Industrial Data Platforms - Towards cross-sectorial optimization and traceability
To start identifying synergies and to learn how different projects will address key data collection, sharing, integration, and exploitation challenges, a series of webinars have been organized under the umbrella of this Big Data Value PPP. These webinars are also organized by BDVA, BDVe project, and other projects which are part of this PPP.

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Building the next geneation Personal Data Platforms

  1. 1. Building the Next Generation Personal Data Platforms Grant Agreement No. 871370 Project coordinator: Marco Mellia (POLITO) Big Data PPP PersonalData Platforms: Empowering Citizens Leveraging their Data Power
  2. 2. PIMCity: Building the Next Generation Personal Data Platform • Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1. - INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP - Leadership in enablingand industrial technologies - ICT (link) • Topic: ICT-13-2018-2019 - Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy (link) • Call for proposal: H2020-ICT-2019-2 • Funding Scheme: IA - Innovation action • Factsheet (link)
  3. 3. 3 Partners
  4. 4. PIMcity – the problem • It’s about the internet,it’s about privacy • Online tracking, data collection,data monetization,… • It’s about economy • Online ads – 187B$ in 20201 • Data driven decisionmaking • Current state is at the stage of primitive economy • Give me your data, get my services • Clear monopoly • Google, Facebook,Amazon,… • No opt-out opportunity, no control, … • It’s more like colonial economy– where peasantshave no optionbut to work for colonist 41 - It’s about data … It’s about your data
  5. 5. PIMCity – the status •No clear solution so far • Arms race between privacy protection tools and mechanisms to circumvent those • Regulators have started to define guidelines and barriers • But we need technology to support the change •The solution: PIMS – Personal Information Management System • fine grained consent management for the release of personal data towards services • the ability to revoke permissions and data, • the ability to negotiate and receive payments for the release of data, • privacy preserving release of aggregate analytics or raw data, • dashboards for extracting knowledge and quantifications from one’s own data • … •No clear technical solution, no clear win-win scenario 5
  6. 6. PIMCity – the solution For the PIMS approach to succeed, trial and error cycles need to be cut shorter and made cheaper so that we can experiment efficiently • PIMCity is to design, build, validate, demonstrate and exploit a set of flexible, open, easy-to-use components: PIMS Development Kit • PIMCity is about integration: EasyPIMS - a fully-fledged PIMS for controlling, visualising, releasing, and monetizing web and mobility data • PIMCity is about demonstration: Large scale B2B and B2C use cases 6
  7. 7. 7 The big Picture PDKcomponents arethebuildingblocks EasyPIMSis oursolution Everyone Benefitfromthis
  8. 8. PDK PIMS Development Kit Started in Month 3
  9. 9. The PIMS Development Kit 9 • The PDK includes different generic “software” components that can be easily adapted and extended to completely different businesses • The goal is to allow new (and existing) PIMS to develop new business model without the need of developing all their technology from scratch
  10. 10. The PDK: Elements to improve data subject privacy • Include functionalities that allow the users to take informed decisions about which information to share and with whom 10 Personal Data Safe (P-DS): It is the means to store personal data in a controlled form Personal Privacy Metrics (P-PM): It is the means to increase the user’s awareness Personal Consent Manager (P-CM): This is the means to control personal data Personal Privacy Preserving Analytics (P-PPA):These are the means to impose control of personal data
  11. 11. The PDK: Mechanisms for the new data economy • Fundamental for PIMS is the creation of a transparent, open and easily accessible data market. We identify Two fundamental components and functionalities 11 Data Valuation Tools (D-VT): It is the means to give personal data the right value Data Trading Engine (D-TE): it is the means to monetize personal data
  12. 12. The PDK: Novel Data Management Tools • Data needs to be exported, imported and exchanged using standard mechanism, with proper metadata that let the system know data source, data value, and facilitates the data aggregation from heterogenous sources. 12 Data Aggregation (DA): It is the means to integrate and aggregate data coming from different sources Data portability and control (DPC): It is the means to manage the personal data a platform manages Data provenance (DP): It is the means to control, verify and certify the original and provenance of the data Data knowledge extraction (DKE): It is the means to extract knowledge from the raw data
  13. 13. The PIMS Development Kit 13 Provides scores for online service Stores users’ personalinformation Lets users manage consent Computes analytics guaranteeing privacy Gives value to your data Lets users trade data with companies Automatically analyses data Easies portability among services Guarantees origin of data Automatically extracts value from data
  14. 14. EasyPIMS A PIMS using Telco data Starting in Month 9
  15. 15. EasyPIMS – our possible solution • EasyPIMS will demonstrate how to use the PDK • Targets both B2B and B2C scenarios 15
  16. 16. EasyPIMS • Adapt different components of the PDK to implement a real Personal Information Management System using data owned by Internet providers • The goal is • to demonstrate the usability of the PDK components • to create a real PIMS that can help the telco users to share their data in an informed and controlled way • Four different components • The Personal Data Avatar (PDA) • The Transparency Tags (TT) • The User Dashboard • The Data Marketplace 16
  17. 17. EasyPIMS: Personal Data Avatar (PDA) • It is a digital projection of the user´s data • The user should control the information that she want to share, and with whom she wants to share it • It will be focused on the sharing of information for online advertising • It includes (at least): • The Personal Data Safe • The Personal Consent Manager • The Privacy Preserving Analytics • The Data Knowledge Extraction 17
  18. 18. EasyPIMS: Transparency Tags (TT) • The goal of the TTs is to inform the users in an easy way the nature of the different web services • It is the analogue to the Nutrition Labels for food • It is focused on identifying potential privacy risks associated to each website • It includes information from: • Personal Data Metrics 18
  19. 19. EasyPIMS: User Dashboard (UD) • Provide a simple and intuitive way to access and control the users’ information • Provide access to the different tools (the PDA, TT, consent manager…) and allow user to exercise their rights (data portability, data provenance…) 19 • It is the implementation of the Data-Trading Engine (D-TE) for the specifics of the EasyPIMS platform • Facilitate the trading of users’ data (as represented by the PDA) in a transparent way providing revenues to users (pending the business model) EasyPIMS: Marketplace
  20. 20. EasyPIMS – one possible solution 20 Offers access to user’s interest and data – under full control of the user Informs the users about the services they are accessing to Lets users manage consent and personal information Lets’users and companies trade data – in a transparent manner
  21. 21. Demonstrators Pilot the solutions of PIMCity Starting in Month 16
  22. 22. Everyone benefits • Every stakeholder gets its share of value 22 Personal data protection is improved, and compliance with the legislation is simplified for operators Citizens’ trust is improved as privacy-aware transparency and control are streamlined across applications Better value-creation from personal data Increase of data providers, users, and stakeholders in data platforms
  23. 23. PIMCity Demonstrators • The goal of the Demonstrators is to assess the technologies developed during the project • We will pilot both the PDK and the EasyPIMS • We will do it with 3 different pilots: • Continuous testing of the PDK components • B2B testing of the PDK components • B2C testing of EasyPIMS with Telefonica and Fastweb customers 23
  24. 24. Continuous testing • The goal of this pilot is to test the PDK components in a real environment to adapt its behavior in real time (gives feedback to the technical WPs) • We will follow an Agile methodology to test the different components 24 > 10.000 users from Cliqz >1.000 users from AUI >10 companies from their customerportfolio
  25. 25. B2B testing • The goal of this pilot is to check the usability of the already integrated solutions (PDA, TT…) in a corporate environment • The idea of this pilot is to generate an updated exploitation plan for the B2B commercialization of PIMCity technology 25 >50 companies from ECS and FW customerportfolio B2B testing
  26. 26. EasyPIMS testing • This is the main demonstrator of the project • It will run the whole EasyPIMS platform with the users of Telefonica and Fastweb • It will involve real data trading by including at least 2 digital advertising platforms willing to buy the data of PIMCity 26 14.000 users from Aura and Niji >10.000 selectedusers B2C testing >2 digital advertising platforms from IAB associated partners
  27. 27. Challenges
  28. 28. PIMCity – the challenges •No clear solution so far • Arms race between privacy protection tools and mechanisms to circumvent those •Regulators have started to define guidelines and barriers •But we need technology to support the change •The solution: PIMS – Personal Information Management System • … •No clear technical solution, no clear win-win scenario •How to get people onboard? • How to get companies onboard? •Which personal data to focus on? This is not about industrial data… it’s about your data… •From the technical perspective – which solution to provide to users? App? Browser plugin? OS feature? 28
  29. 29. Marco Mellia -