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Data Platform for the connection of cognitive Ports

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Big Data PPP Industrial Data Platforms - Towards cross-sectorial optimization and traceability
To start identifying synergies and to learn how different projects will address key data collection, sharing, integration, and exploitation challenges, a series of webinars have been organized under the umbrella of this Big Data Value PPP. These webinars are also organized by BDVA, BDVe project, and other projects which are part of this PPP.

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Data Platform for the connection of cognitive Ports

  1. 1. Dr. Francisco Valverde Big Data PPP Industrial Data Platforms Towards cross-sectorial optimization and traceability 7th May 2020 This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871493
  2. 2. What is Dataports? 2 Take advantage of the huge amount of data generated around highly digitalized & connected seaports Industrial data platform where data coming from different sources can be combined to improve existing processes Establish novel cognitive and AI-based applications Enable new business models
  3. 3. What is Dataports? 3 13 Partners 3 Years +6M Budget +900 PMs
  4. 4. Coordinator What is DataPorts? 4
  5. 5. What is DataPorts? 5 Semantic approach for data sharing Data Governance Framework Novel AI-Based Services New Cooperation and Business framework Impact Creation for Seaports 2 Relevant Use Cases at Seaports Objectives Engineering Methodology, Architecture and Tools
  7. 7. ValenciaPort Use Case 9 § First container port in the Mediterranean and fifth container port in Europe § High Traffic: 5 Million TEUs § First and last port of call for over 100 regular shipping lines operating in the Western Mediterranean § Multimodal Infrastructure
  8. 8. ValenciaPort Use Case 10 Container and Goods Tracking § Integrate data using the Port 4.0 platform: gate access control, container tracking devices, truck’s tracking devices, etc. § Get insights about the container arrival and goods status
  9. 9. ValenciaPort Use Case 11 Transport Operations § DataPorts integrates data from transport suppliers involved in multimodal operations (truck, vessel, rail) § Using AI services to improve the planning of these operations with data from Freight Forwarder’s systems (vForwarder) Maritime Shipping Line Terminal Operator Road Carrier Train carrier
  10. 10. ValenciaPort Use Case § Using ValenciaPort PCS, companies are exchanging transactions to organize the container transport § Extend this PCS to include advanced analytics and KPI predictions § Securely share data with authorized departments of the port authority or external stakeholders 12 Data Analytics Sharing Platform with the Port Authority
  11. 11. Thessaloniki Use Case 13 § Advantageous position, lined to the maritime transportation network of the Balkans and Black Sea countries § Close to the major Trans-European motorway and railway networks § It serves containers, bulk and general cargo as well as cruise vessels and passengers.
  12. 12. Thessaloniki Use Case 14 § Dataports will integrate existing systems and devices acting as a single point of reference for data exploitation Expected Datasources § Data owned by TPHA, specifically, ship calls, traffic data, wind data, air quality data § IoT sensors from the city’s Traffic Management Centre § OTE as mobile phone carrier will provide customer mobility data
  13. 13. Thessaloniki Use Case 15 § DataPorts will enable analytics for the following apps § Data driven app for strategic and real time decisions: how to optimize a set of parameters based on multiple criteria (e.g. traffic conditions, weather conditions, forthcoming arrivals and departures, CO2 and noise levels in the area, etc.) § Mobile app for port users: to instruct on how to better approach the ship for embarkation, where to wait if needed, what other points of interest might be relevant for him, etc.
  14. 14. Global Use Cases: Smart Container 16 § Containers equipped with the IOT Box § Know exactly when, where and how many times the container doors were opened or the temperature variations § Provide position-based services, i.e ETA, and anomalous event notifications Position Movement Ambient Temperature Door Opening Shocks
  15. 15. Global Use Cases: Interoperability 17 § Integration of DataPorts with Posidonia Ports Solution Suite, at different locations, in order to demonstrate its potential interoperability with existing solutions. § We select external ports for testing this interoperability Container Data AI Services
  17. 17. Our Key Innovations 19 § Support the federation of data sources available in Ports Port Community Systems Container Tracking Port Equipment IoT Data Terminal Operating System Node Data Adapter Data Adapter Data AdapterData Adapter NodeNodeNode
  18. 18. Our Key Innovations 20 § Guarantee and end-to-end secured and trustful environment for data sharing and trading Platform Secure Connector Secure Data Exchange Secure Connector Port Authority Container Carrier Security Guidelines Secure Identity Data Governance Permissioned Blockchain
  19. 19. Our Key Innovations 21 § Provide Big Data Analytics capabilities to develop cognitive applications Cognitive services Platform Ports cognitive app Train ML Models Auto ML Prepare Data <
  20. 20. Our Key Innovations 22 IDS Connector T3.3 Data abstraction & virtualization Vocabulary Provider Identity Provider Clearing House IDS Connector Broker Service T4.3 Data Sharing & Trading T4.2 Smart Contracts T3.5 Permissioned Blockchain T3.1 Data Access T3.3 Data Analytic & AI Services T5.{2,3,4} Pilot Implementation T3.2 Data Semantic Interoperability Secure Data Exchange T4.4 Data governance and security procedures Alignment with the IDSA Reference Architecture
  22. 22. Data Challenges 24 Data Heterogeneity A wide array information systems and data infrastructures are used in Ports for regular business processes Trust & Security in Data Sharing To boost adoption we must guarantee a secure information flow between port stakeholders Data trading using Blockchain Novel technology in the transports and ports domain and still evolving Accurate Cognitive Services AI requires high amounts of quality data to provide precise predictions
  23. 23. Impact Challenges 25 A federated platform for creating a data space ecosystem an to improve operations in the shipping and maritime industry Increase the transparency and trust level in the context of Industrial Data Spaces Enabling new business models in which data from European Ports will be a tradable asset
  24. 24. Thank You For Your Attention Dr. Francisco Valverde ITI, R&D Engineering Director 26 This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871493