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Overview & Key offerings

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FinTech and InsuranceTech case studies digitally transforming Europe's future with BigData and AI
The new data-driven industrial revolution highlights the need for big data technologies to unlock the potential in various application domains. The insurance and finance services industry is rapidly transformed by data-intensive operations and applications. FinTech and InsuranceTech combine very large datasets from legacy banking systems with other data sources such as financial markets data, regulatory datasets, real-time retail transactions, and more, improving financial services and activities for customers.

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Overview & Key offerings

  1. 1. FinTech and InsuranceTech case studies digitally transforming Europe’s future with BigData & AI driven innovation Overview & Key offerings Dimosthenis Kyriazis University of Piraeus
  2. 2. BigDataStack main proposition Data-driven (cluster management) system Efficient and optimized infrastructure management for data operations and big data applications Key enablers Deployment and orchestration of data analytics pipelines and composite applications Data-focused application analysis and dimensioning Cluster resources / nodes characterization Information-driven networking Triple monitoring (infrastructure, applications, data operations) Runtime optimizations / adaptations 14.05.2020 BigDataStack & INFINITECH Webinar 2
  3. 3. Offerings to different stakeholders 14.05.2020 BigDataStack & INFINITECH Webinar 3
  4. 4. 14.05.2020 4 Putting the pieces together BigDataStack & INFINITECH Webinar
  5. 5. Shaping Europe's digital future “Improving access to and the management of data is fundamental. Without data, the development of AI and other digital applications is not possible.” White paper: AI - A European approach to excellence and trust Offerings across the complete data path and seamless data analytics framework on top of diverse datastores “Increase access to high-quality data” Communication: Shaping Europe’s digital future Domain-agnostic data quality assessment and improvement European data spaces and federated cloud infrastructures replying to key challenges for “data interoperability and quality” and “data infrastructures and technologies” White paper: A European strategy for data Data-driven infrastructure management incorporating AI approaches for infrastructure operations 14.05.2020 5
  6. 6. Ready-to-use innovations 14.05.2020 6BigDataStack & INFINITECH Webinar