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The EC strategy to enable data sharing spaces

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The EC strategy to enable data sharing spaces.
Yvo Volman (Head of Unit, European Commission)

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The EC strategy to enable data sharing spaces

  1. 1. Towards a Common European Data Space Yvo Volman, Head of Unit Data Policy and Innovation DG CONNECT - European Commission European Big Data Value Forum Helsinki, 15th October 2019
  2. 2. European Council Conclusions (21 – 22 March 2019) "The EU needs to go further in developing a competitive, secure, inclusive and ethical digital economy with world-class connectivity. Special emphasis should be placed on access to, sharing of and use of data, on data security and on Artificial Intelligence, in an environment of trust."
  3. 3. Combining government, industry and scientific data Government data Government data Business data Business data Scientific data Scientific data Innovation & growth + solutions to societal challenges
  4. 4. Directive 2003/98/EC Commission Decision 2011/833/EU on the re- use of public sector information on the re-use of Commission documents 2003 2011 Directive 2013/37/EU amending Directive 2003/98/EC 2013 Guidelines on recommended licenses, datasets and charging Commission Notice July 2014 2014 Launch of European Data Portal (for Member States) EU-wide Open Data Digital Infrastructure under CEF 2015 Review of Directive 2003/98/EC Directive 2019 Milestones of EU open data policy on open data and the re-use of public sector information
  5. 5. • Business-to-business contexts: a number of principles to create fair and open data markets - B2B data sharing survey (Jan 2019) - Support center for data sharing • Business-to-government contexts for public interest purposes: a number of principles to • increase efficiency of public sector • support evidence-based policy making, and • improve public service delivery Expert Group on Business to Government Data Sharing: report due end of 2019 Guidance on private sector data sharing in B2B and B2G contexts