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It's All About Attractions: Simpilfy Your Tourism Marketing Strategy To Attract New Visitors

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With no slowdown in sight for the international travel industry, opportunities abound to attract and retain visitors to a desired destination. Why do businesses face potential marketing struggles in a thriving economic environment? BIGEYE shows you how possessing a greater understanding of area attractions - and properly positioning these unique attributes - might just simplify your strategy altogether, while resonating with your target traveler.

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It's All About Attractions: Simpilfy Your Tourism Marketing Strategy To Attract New Visitors

  1. 1. From beautiful beaches to the world’s best theme parks, the Sunshine State has something to offer every type of traveler. BIGEYEAGENCY.COM
  2. 2. 20 million LEGO bricks were used to build MINILAND USA!
  3. 3. 97million people visited Florida in 2014!
  4. 4. 76billion is spent on tourist-related expenses yearly!
  5. 5. Trainers at SeaWorld feed Shamu over 230 pounds of food a day!
  6. 6. Clearwater averages 361 days of sunshine every year!
  7. 7. 67The amount of days it would take the average traveler to experience every attraction in Florida!
  8. 8. people move to Florida each day!
  9. 9. Plant City holds the World Record for the largest strawberry shortcake at 827 sq. ft. and over 6,000 pounds!
  10. 10. 90 Miles to CUBA Key West has the highest average temperature in the United States at 83 degrees!
  11. 11. international airports call Florida home! 15
  12. 12. Orlando attracts more amusement park visitors than any other amusement destination in the United States!
  13. 13. G O L FG O L F With over 1,250 courses, Florida has more golf courses than any other state!
  14. 14. 500 S. Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801 BIGEYEAGENCY.COM | 407.839.8500