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Hoja de vida ingles

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Hoja de vida ingles

  1. 1. Boney de Jesus Arango Alfonso Date of Birth: November 22, 1987 Address: # 49-53 2nd Street South Phone: 7713414 Cell: 3108332864 Bogota, Colombia Experience as an administrative assistant and commercial sale of intangible products, courier, logistics management assistant stationery, affiliations to social security, portfolio control checks and cash collection, and as Storer confidential material, inventory control, inventory management, control inputs and outputs, making referrals, billing, customer management both internally and externally, leadership and other duties incident to the office. I describe myself as a serious, creative, with full sense of responsibility and spirit of excellence, able to work in a team and under pressure. • Manuela Beltran University. Professional Technical Administrative Processes. • National College Restrepo Millán, in December 2004, secondary education. GessiG SAS Editorial Assistant (Contractor to provide services) Functions: Support the activities of technical document editing, assembly support documents for delivery to the customer, make updating resumes payroll staff, generate labor certifications, Analysis Parafiscales payments and social security. Worked Time: 4 ½ months Immediate Supervisor: Monica Fernandez - Administrative Manager Phone: 245-50-93 PROFESSIONAL PROFILE STUDIES WORK EXPERIENCE
  2. 2. Quick Help and Logistics Services Logistics Support Assistant (Messenger) Functions: Management of confidential information, collections portfolio (checks and cash) appropriations, filing of bills in and out of the city, make payments and social security contributions. Time Worked: 3 years and 5 months Immediate Supervisor: Sonia Pinzon (International Dalbert Outsourcing) Phone: 276-22-51 Super Astro Administrative and Commercial Assistant Functions: Personnel management, filing of documents, cash collections, staff training, selling intangible products, events, studies, marketing, management and inventory control, purchasing, storage and transport of goods, payment and settlement payroll, handling confidential material. Time Worked: 1 year and 1 month Immediate Supervisor: Nelson Rodriguez - Manager SAP Quindío Phone: 314-335-81-11 Inc Apuestas en Linea Warehouse Assistant Functions: Systems Management, Stock Control, Inventory, control inputs and outputs, making referrals, settlement of bills, programming and delivery of equipment, review visits and making inventories in different outlets, customer management both internal and external, material handling confidential. Time Worked: 1 year and 1 month Immediate Supervisor: Claudia Guaqueta - Administrative Coordinator Phone: 284 70 13-336 35 88 Ext 360 Inc. Mega chance Sealant - Messenger Functions: Starting as a sealer and then promoted to messenger where made: Payments and appropriations, and establishment of quasi Step, Support Assistant POS systematized, Contents, collect orders checkbooks, correspondence management, inventory control and stationery, programming and delivery of equipment, review visits to outlets Time Worked: 1 year and 5 months Immediate Supervisor: Sandra Patricia Aguilar Operations Assistant Phone: 361 66 44 Ministry of Defense - Archives Archivist Functions: Classification and file correspondence, records and other documents. Worked time: 3 months Immediate Supervisor: Dolly Astrid Ayerve - Army Warrant Phone: 249 36 67
  3. 3. CARLOS ROVIER MILLAN Service Advisor, Colwagen Cell. 320-300-05-02 ENRIQUE DIAZ National Operations Coordinator, International Dalbert Cell: 310-339-16-92 HERNAN MAURICIO ARANGO Army official sub Cell: 313-851-02-12 RAQUEL TOBON TAMAYO Dentist Cell: 311-745-68-42 Boney de Jesus Arango Alfonso DC No. 1026258057 of Bogotá PERSONAL REFERENCES FAMILY REFERENCES

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