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Organizational chart for New iPod Touch Implementation at Pease MS

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Organizational chart for New iPod Touch Implementation at Pease MS

  1. 1. Implementation of New iPodTouches in the Classrooms of Pease Middle School Organizational Chart with Duties and Responsiblities
  2. 2. Asst. Sup. E.M. Pease MS Technology- Ms. Smith Clicking on the Bulldog will take you to a page listing the specificOrganizational Chart for responsibilities of that person as it relates to the implementation Implementation of New Dir. Tech process of this technology. iPod Touches into the Acquisition- Mr. McMonagle classrooms. Pease MS Principal- Mr. Perez Campus SBDM Committee Instructional Academic Dean- for Technology- Technologist- Ms. Young Mr. Miller Ms. Pratt Campus Department Coordinators Grade Level Teachers
  3. 3. Asst. Superintendent for Technology Ms. Smith• Ms. Smith is responsible for approval of purchase ordersubmitted by campus principal(Mr. Perez) and forwarding that approval to Director or Technology Acquisitions (Mr. McMonagle). Back to Chart
  4. 4. Director of Technology Acquisitons Mr. McMonagle• Mr. McMonagle and his staff is responsible for identifying approved vendors for the product to be purchased.• If no approved vendor is available, his staff will begin the process of approving appropriate vendor credentials • Mr. McMonagle and his staff will then pruchase the equipment requested. Back to Chart
  5. 5. Pease MS Principal Mr. Perez • Mr. Perez is responsible for theimplementation of the required technology at the campus level.• He is also responsible for making sure that appropriate steps are taken to get technology installed, teachers trained and that the use ofthe technology is aligned with the goals of the District and Campus Improvement Plans) Back to Chart
  6. 6. Campus Instructional Technologist Ms. Pratt • Ms. Pratt is responsible for the delivery and disbursement of technology to include it is tagged with appropriate campus and district ID numbers. • She is also responsible for any infrastructure needs in order to support the new technology’s efficient implementation into the classrooms• She is also responsible for any technical support needed at the campus level and to refer any tech support needed to the district if necessary. Back to Chart
  7. 7. Academic Dean Ms. Young• Ms. Young is responsible for the alignment of the use of technology with the District and Campus Improvement Plans• She is also responsible for the Administrative support offerred to the Site Based Decision making Committee for Technology. Back to Chart
  8. 8. SBDM Committee for Technology Mr. Miller• Mr. Miller is responsible for guiding the SBDM Committee in the development of appropriate lessons and campus standards in the use and sharing of the new technology. • Mr. Miller is also responsible for guiding the SBDM Committee in the development of any campus based staff development that is needed for the teachers to efficiently and effectively use the new technology. Back to Chart
  9. 9. Department Coordinators• The department coordinators are responsible for the communication of expectations of appropriate use of the new technology to the teachers in the departmnet. • The DC’s are also responsible for observing the teachers as they use that technology in the classroom and make suggestions or recommendations to the teachers based on those observations. Back to Chart
  10. 10. Grade Level Teachers• The Teachers are responsible for attending any required training or staff development that is necessary for use of the technology• They are responsible for the appropriate implementation of the lessons and standards that are aligned with the TEKS and both District and Campus Improvement Plans• They are responsible for insuring that the students are using the technology appropriately and effectively.• They are responsible for scheduling the use of the technology and the proper storing of the technology to ensure its safety and availability for the next teachers Back to Chart