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This program of will help the students of various schools to not only learn how to code but learn mathematics and physics in an innovative way which will help them to score good in their entrance examinations like AIEEE, Medical entrance etc. This program if implemented in school will improve the marks scored by the students in Mathematics and Physics. #analytical skill for students.

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  1. 1. Coding for Kids A differentiating factor for your school
  2. 2. “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”
  3. 3. Our Mission ● Enhance analytical, problem solving and logical thinking of the students through programming learning and prepare them for the machine world by shifting their focus from users of technology to creators of technology
  4. 4. Benefits to the student ● Develops logical thinking ● Develops transferable skills ● Develops skills required to score good marks in entrance examinations that are based on logical reasoning, mathematics ● Make students understand how technology works
  5. 5. Activities involved ● For KG 1 to Grade 4 ○ Play programming related games ○ Learn programming logic through games ● For Grade 4 to Grade 12 ○ Solve Mathematical and Science (Specifically physics) problems using python programming ● For Grade 6 to Grade 9 (Additional module) ○ Vocation training module for software application development using Python, PHP, Android or Java
  6. 6. Who can attend? KG1 to 12
  7. 7. Curriculum and contents ● will provide all the contents in electronic format hosted in cloud platform. ● Access the materials from anywhere in the world using internet ● Access the materials using your mobile phones/tablets
  8. 8. Teachers Training manual ● Teachers will be provided with training manuals by ● Teachers will be provided with adequate training in programming
  9. 9. Certificate Certificate of Merit by the school/College and will be given upon completing each course in the grade.
  10. 10. Assessment Report (Optional)
  11. 11. Infrastructural Requirements Programming Zone - BPZ -- This is a separate hall in the school dedicated to teach students programming. The ambience is created for attracting students as well as marketing the programming in media. This can impress the parents as well. Normally these kind of innovation zones are present in colleges. or School Computer labs with projector facility
  12. 12. Module Duration ❏ Each module is prepared to cover the syllabus in 10 classes of 1 hour each provided students do all the assignments on time and put effort to understand the concept. ❏ Additional modules of duration 30 hours are given for quick learners in all grades ❏ Additional application development modules of duration 30 hours are given from Grade 6 to Grade 9 for the CBSE vocational training.
  13. 13. Demo login details Login URL : Click on the teacher and provide the following credentials Mentor Login : Mentor Password: mentor123 Login URL : Click on the student and provide the following credentials Student Student Password:baabtra123 For demo purpose, all the courses have been assigned to the student
  14. 14. Case Study ❏ Habitat School, the first concept school in UAE ❏ BPZ Runs ❏ As a part of the day boarding activities ❏ One of the activities in the activity period
  15. 15. Live pictures from Habitat School
  16. 16. Interested to create BPZ in your school/college? Contact: Muhammad Haris NP : 9539906339 Or visit US UK UAE 7002 Hana Road, Edison NJ 08817, United States of America. 90 High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, CB1 9HZ, United Kingdom. Suite No: 51, Oasis Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE +971 4 3218852 +971 557546352