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Sogeti Services Overview Brochure-2016

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Sogeti Services Overview Brochure-2016

  1. 1. Discover & Innovate Optimize & Build Accelerate & Ensure The power to...
  2. 2. In order to seize opportunities before the competition and build strong loyalty, you need tools to quickly discover new insights and effectively engage with customers. Our team can help you uncover the information you need to guide your business and the innovation necessary to strengthen your brand. It’s time to turn new possibilities into realities—and efficiency is key to this success. Teams need to easily communicate and collaborate, and projects must be closely managed in order to be completed on time and on budget. Ensuring your internal systems are operating seamlessly while reducing costs is a must. Sogeti can help you build both a strong backbone to optimize your business as well as tightly integrated systems that can help your business grow. Your business is under tremendous pressure to release new projects quickly—while keeping costs low and quality high. Sogeti can help you accelerate time-to-market, while ensuring your quality standards are always met. Our proven processes and re-usable assets can help you pinpoint defects early, simulate new products before production, and take advantage of the latest automation technologies. Software Development & Integration Business Intelligence & Analytics We can arm you with timely, reliable, and meaningful information. From defining an actionable BI strategy and leveraging the latest advances with big data, predictive analytics, and self-service BI, our team can help you gain a single version of the truth and make smart business decisions. Testing As the #1 recognized leader in testing services, we defined the industry standard, risk-based methodology, TMap (Test Management Approach)®. By leveraging our Testing Centers of Excellence, proven testing accelerators, and latest innovations in test automation, we can help you improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. Product Lifecycle Management Designed to help you speed product development and reduce total cost of ownership, we have established Centers of Excellence in Accelerated PLM and Digital Design & Manufacturing. Whether you need help optimizing your PLM platform or improving engineering processes, we have the specialized expertise to help. Digital Transformation Working closely with you to create a seamless experience, we can help you connect and engage with customers in immediate, personalized, and relevant ways. We’ve worked with some of the nation’s top brands and know how to help you stand apart and break through the digital noise in today’s super-connected world. Cloud Services Leveraging our reusable accelerators and proven tools, we can help you drastically reduce costs and realize business improvements faster with the latest cloud technologies including AWS and Azure. We offer end-to-end capabilities to help you plan, migrate, and operate applications in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Discover & Innovate Optimize & Build Accelerate & ENSURE DELIVERY DONE RIGHT We have a simple but unique business model—we call it Rightshore®. It means that onshore, offshore, or a combination of the two, we are delivery experts and will ensure the “right” delivery for your specific needs. This flexibility allows us to always provide the highest quality and value. In addition, our Local Touch—Global Reach™ mantra is at the heart of what we do and one way we’re different from other IT providers. With local offices located closely to you, we’re able to provide personal attention and face-to-face accountability to deliver on our promises—key elements to building and maintaining a successful partnership. And with Centers of Excellence and teams around the world, we are able to tailor our delivery capabilities to best meet your goals. Driving efficiency drives results. With a full range of solutions in core areas including development, project management, integration, CRM, and knowledge management, our team can help keep your business operations, systems, and processes running smoothly so you can stay ahead of the competition.
  3. 3. “IT” is our business™ We are an IT services company delivering business value through industrialized solutions – one client at a time. • Our Local Touch—Global Reach™ business model gives clients the best of both worlds—local accountability and easy communication paired with a vast network of resources and delivery options. • Our Rightshore® model provides the “right” delivery for clients—onshore, offshore,or a combination of the two. This unique approach gives clients the highest quality and value to best meet their business goals. • SogetiLabs is a network of 120+ technology leaders worldwide. In combination with Sogeti’s international research institute, VINT, they are dedicated to bringing clients insight into the latest innovations, technologies, and emerging trends. • We have alliances and top strategic partnerships with the best in the industry including Informatica, Xamarin, Microsoft, AWS, Dassault, and MobileLabs. 35+ LANGUAGES SPOKEN 45+YEARS OF EXPERIENCE FOR DELIVERY YOU CAN COUNT ON SOGETI EXPERTS 20,000+ WORLDWIDE  ACROSS THE USA  GIVING YOU EASY COMMUNICATION AND 20+ CITIES LOCAL ACCOUNTABILITY 180,000+ — AS PART OF THE CAPGEMINI GROUP — EXPERTS STRONG PROVIDING ACCESS TO — AROUND THE WORLD — 15COUNTRIES GLOBAL CoEs Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Chile China France Germany Guatemala India Italy Mexico Morocco Netherlands Nordic Poland Romania Spain Southeast Asia United Kingdom United States GLOBALDELIVERY CENTERS Copyright © 2016 Sogeti USA CB010(0316)