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Pinterest – a beginners guide for business manningham

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Pinterest – a beginners guide for business manningham

  1. 1. Pinterest – a beginners guide for business
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. “There’s not enough social media” ....Said no one, ever
  4. 4. Fear drove you here
  5. 5. What is it?
  6. 6. What are Pins? • Pins are visual bookmarks. Each Pin you see on Pinterest links back to the site it came from, so you can learn more— like how to make it or where to buy it.
  7. 7. • Collect your Pins on boards • Boards are where you collect your Pins. You can make boards for anything and everything
  8. 8. Your home feed is just for you • When you first log in to Pinterest, you’ll see your home feed—it’s a collection of Pins from the people and boards you follow, and related Pins. It updates every time there’s a new Pin.
  9. 9. What can you do with it? Discover, dream, aspire
  10. 10. Curate and Collate a Collection that Lasts
  11. 11. Connect to people... just like you
  12. 12. A virtual high five
  13. 13. Spread the Share ..... further than you can reach
  14. 14. • 11.5 million unique visitors per month • 70 million users worldwide • Over half a million in Aus • 1.5 million unique visitors per day • 80% female • 15 minutes per visit • Over 80% aged 25 to 54 • 70% earn less than $75K • Pinterest drives over 40% of ecommerce traffic Who is using it
  15. 15. • Average sales order for visitors referred by pinterest $58 • Percentage of US online shoppers who bought something as a result of a Pinterest recommendation 47% • Percentage of daily Pinterest users who consult it while in-store 52% Who is using it
  16. 16. Referral Traffic 40% of traffic to online shops That has increased a further 67% since last year
  17. 17. Engagement and positioning
  18. 18. Direct sales
  19. 19. Awareness
  20. 20. Word of mouse
  21. 21. 4,000,000 Plus Followers!!! Drives traffic to their blog – and positioning of their brand as leaders in travel advice
  22. 22. Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than the Facebook followers
  23. 23. Pinned over 375,000 times
  24. 24. How to get started • Sign up at • Once you have “person” account, sign up a business account (access analytics) • Perfect your “About”/ “Profile” • Find boards and people to follow (check your ‘friends’ recommendations from Facebook) • Visit the “Goodies” page on Pinterest & install “Pin It’” button to your browser • Create your boards
  25. 25. Find Pinners, Boards or Pins to follow Use #Tags Search on people or businesses you know – competitors, clients, suppliers, industry media
  26. 26. HOW TO CREATE GREAT PINS • Highly visual • Colourful (Red pinned more than blue) • Text on image • No faces • Vertical – 2:3 aspect ratio • No packaging • Break rules to standout • Where to get images: – Your own – Dreamstime – CompFight – Getty
  27. 27. What to pin? • The tangible benefits of your business product or service (Not just the product) • Communicate the essence of your brand – values, colours, interests, beliefs, features • Acknowledge the lifestyle of your customers
  28. 28. Think like a publisher • White papers • Articles • Blog posts • Infographics • Videos • Reviews • Testimonials • Competitions
  29. 29. “The trick to succeeding on Pinterest isn't necessarily about showing off your products or services directly. It's about finding creative ways to show how those products and services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience.” Hubspot
  30. 30. Connect your other social media accounts Cross promote between them
  31. 31. consistent
  32. 32. Be super specific Super specific
  33. 33. Creative names Creative name
  34. 34. Integrate into your site
  35. 35. • More is best – be regular • Pick the right time of day • Engage with other Pins • Put links in your descriptions • Be highly visual • Delete old pins • Check Analytics regularly
  36. 36. You can connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook account. This will give you the option to post your pin automatically to Facebook. You have the option to select this for each Pin (Just tick the box).
  37. 37. • You can’t pin your Facebook posts to Pinterest. You need to go into Pinterest and upload your Image as a new pin. • You can’t pin other people’s Facebook posts to Pinterest. You have to right click their image, save the image, and Upload as a new pin. • There are services that can help with this:
  38. 38. A Pin keeps giving over and over again
  39. 39. Sold out products??? • You Pin a product you have for sale, the product sells, but the Pin is still out there? • Delete the Pin so you don’t drive any more traffic OR update the page that you have Pinned from to tell visitors “Sorry – this product has sold out...but here is one just like it”. • If this is a one-off product or you have little stock make note of that in the original pin – perhaps even noting the date.
  40. 40. To pin or not to pin? • Are your customers there? • Does it suit your objectives (traffic, branding)? • Do you have the time?
  41. 41.
  42. 42.

Notas del editor

  • A VISUAL ‘virtual’ pin board where collect and curate web content. A personalised- media platform where every one of us can ‘publish’ editorial and promotional content and share it with people interested in similar things and/or people we already know. Third largest social media network after Facebook and Twitter.
  • The latest Consumer Sharing Trends Report (Q4/2013) reveals that Pinterest has outpaced email for the first time to become the third most popular sharing channel overall. In a sign of how quickly social media has changed the digital landscape, consumers are now “pinning” things like articles, photos and recipes to share with their friends more often than emailing links.

    Launched march 2010 With 58 percent growth in 2013, Pinterest also leads as the fastest growing sharing channel, followed by Facebook and LinkedIn.The fact that Pinterest, which is still relatively young compared to the other social channels, has surpassed email, which has been a sharing tool for decades, is just one example of how quickly consumer preferences and habits are constantly changing” 2012 - crosses the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone site in history. Facebook and Pinterest are King & Queen of driving traffic – clicking on links. And Pinterest is growing 550,000 Pinterest users in Australia as of September 2013
    Pins have a longer life than a Facebook post or Twitter tweet.
    Pinterest is the top app for iPads, and household ownership is set to increase to 50%in 2014.

  • 67% increase from traffic going from Pinterest to websites between January and June this year.
  • A channel to promote all aspects of your brand – deeper
  • Branding and sales
  • Integrated!
  • Sephora claims its Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than its Facebook ones....
  • So let’s get going
  • Even if you are not there, you may well be there!
  • Loop
  • Tweet – 6 hours Post – 22 hours Pin – just keeps on giving