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From Expectations to Agreements: How Open Conversations Transform Career Development


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From Expectations to Agreements: How Open Conversations Transform Career Development

  1. 1. BambooHR lets you focus on people, not processes. HR software with heart
  2. 2. A management system for modern companies 15Five allows the agile company to manage and coach employees as fast you sprint.
  3. 3. Jeff Smith, PhD Director, Best-Self Academy 15Five Cassie Whitlock Director of Human Resources BambooHR
  4. 4. Agenda ● Why career development should be a focus in your business. ● Managing development expectations ● The role of a manager in career development ● Company programs to promote a career development culture
  5. 5. 71% of employees use or have used referrals from an organization’s current employees to learn about job opportunities.
  6. 6. Employees who strongly agree they have had conversations with their manager in the last six months about their goals and successes are 2.8x times more likely than other employees to be engaged.
  7. 7. de·vel·op /dəˈveləp/ verb 1. grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.
  8. 8. Is the work challenging? Do I have good relationships? Does my work have a purpose?
  9. 9. Managing Expectations Vs. Forging Agreements
  10. 10.
  11. 11. What Employees Need to Know (and Feel) for Successful Career Development
  12. 12. Let Employees Own Their Development ● Let Employees Own Their Development ● Ask them how they want to grow ● Ask them if there’s a job title they want ● Ask early and check in often
  13. 13. Providing Employees with a Bigger Perspective ● Company mission and values ● Understanding your management structure ● Size matters for the type of development ● Help them be realistic ● Help them prepare for external opportunities
  14. 14. PerformanceMetrics Time Potential Performance Gap Identify Growth Potential
  15. 15. Helping Employees Drive their Development ● Clarify what they want ● Identify a mentor ● Educate yourself ● Setting good goals ● Providing accountability ○ Self-accountability ○ Outside accountability
  16. 16. Managers: The Front Line of Career Development
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Show that you care about the whole person, not only their contributions, to maximize development.
  19. 19. Two Types of Growth Deep Expertise Broad Shoulders
  20. 20. Coaching for broad shoulders ● Shadowing employees who currently handle the responsibilities they want to take on ● Let employees be mentors ● Individual research
  21. 21. Coaching for deep expertise ● Detailed feedback about areas of their craft ● External development opportunities: ○ Certification organizations ○ Conferences and seminars
  22. 22. Universal coaching concerns ● What title do you want? ● How are you doing on company values? ● How are you doing on hard skills? ● Standard vs. exceptional—what’s the WOW factor?
  23. 23. Company Level: Coordinating Individual Development into Group Progress
  24. 24. Are we on a solid footing? Are we creating a good culture? Are we meeting our purpose?
  25. 25. Company-Level Development Considerations ● Connect work to company goals and objectives ● Job sculpting for position/value alignment ● Communication about growth ○ Clear internal hiring process at every level
  26. 26. Job Sculpting and Strengths Utilization:
  27. 27. Company-Level Communication & Consistency ● Company mission and values ● Best-Self Kickoff ● Regular 1-on-1’s or reviews ● Recognize progress ● Bring positive energy ● Balanced feedback ● Separate pay and performance
  28. 28. Programs for Development ● Choose the right tools ● Mentor program ● Rewards and Recognition ● Company meetings ● Manager training ● Performance management ● Master classes ● Job shadowing
  29. 29. Takeaways ● Create employee ownership in professional development ● Provide clarity through feedback ● Train managers on how to explore career development ● Support career development with company level programs
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Thank you! Follow BambooHR and 15Five on social media: |
  32. 32. 15Five Best-Self Academy 15Five Best-Self Kickoff 15Five's Talk Nerdy to Me: Compensation 15Five buys employees their first ticket to Burning Man