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How to Develop a Successful Hiring Process


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How to Develop a Successful Hiring Process

  1. 1. Bree Silveira Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Panelist • Glassdoor Adrienn Hopkins Head of People Ops Panelist • Prezi Ashley Marie Hill HR Business Partner Panelist • SmartRecruiters JD Conway Head of Talent Acquisition Moderator • BambooHR
  2. 2. JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters What teams do you work with most during hiring to achieve a smooth process for candidates? Bree Silveira Glassdoor
  3. 3. How do you train your hiring managers to help them prepare for the interviewing and hiring process? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Bree Silveira Glassdoor Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters
  4. 4. What programs and opportunities do you have in place to ensure employee engagement and development so your top talent stays? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters Bree Silveira Glassdoor
  5. 5. What tools has your team implemented to improve the interview process for candidates? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters Bree Silveira Glassdoor
  6. 6. What advice do you have for recruiting teams on a budget to remain competitive in getting top talent? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters Bree Silveira Glassdoor
  7. 7. What are some interviewing and interview question best practices? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters Bree Silveira Glassdoor
  8. 8. Questions? JD Conway BambooHR Adrienn Hopkins Prezi Ashley Marie Hill SmartRecruiters Bree Silveira Glassdoor
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Notas del editor

  • JD:
    We're excited to be partnering with Glassdoor and SmartRecruiters on today’s panel webinar:

    We have some really great content focused on recruiting and retaining your talent and are joined by some incredible panelists. But before we get to know them a little more, we have a few housekeeping items to cover.

    First off, we’re happy you’re joining us today! Please feel free to submit questions throughout the webinar using the chat feature on the interface. We will have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, time permitting, and will address as many questions as we can.

    Also, we will be sending out a copy of the slide deck and a recording of the webinar to all registrants within three business days, so check your inbox for that. Make sure to also check your spam folder if you don’t see it hit your inbox as some filters move our emails there.

    Lastly, this webinar does qualify for 1 hour of SHRM credit. If you attend for at least 50 minutes of today’s panel, you’ll automatically receive that certification information within the next three business days. Our system tracks your time automatically, so you shouldn’t need to worry about tracking your time.

    Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get to know today’s panelists a little better.
  • JD:
    My name is JD Conway and I’ve been recruiting for BambooHR for a few years now. For those of you not familiar, BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software designed to streamline how small-to-medium sized organizations collect, maintain, and use people data & analytics. People are at the heart of everything we do and this extends to every step of the employee lifecycle. So, in addition to tracking your people data and helping you make sense of that data, BambooHR includes solutions for hiring, onboarding, compensation, and most importantly for our conversation today, culture.

    JD to introduce panelists

    Adrienn Hopkins - Head of People Ops at Prezi
    As the Head of People Ops at Prezi, Adrienn is on a mission to build an engaging and inspiring environment for the company's employees at its San Francisco, Budapest and Riga offices. She is passionate about coaching managers and employees to be better communicators, and ensuring that their time at Prezi is much more than just a job. Prior to joining Prezi, Adrienn headed up Euclid Analytics's overall HR function, where she was responsible for building the company's learning and development functions, HR operations, and recruitment frameworks. When she isn't busy making Prezi an awesome place to work, she spends time hiking with her dog, Opihi or tackling her family's "honey-do lists" at home—but only after finishing her favorite green smoothie.

    Bree Silveira - Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner at Glassdoor
    Bree Silveira is the Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites. She joined Glassdoor in 2017, bringing more than 13 years of recruiting experience. At Glassdoor, Bree supports the People Teams, Workplace Experience Teams and Accounting & Finance teams to seamlessly and efficiently identify and select the best talent, creating a best in class candidate experience. Bree lives in Marin County with her husband, daughter and pup.

    Ashley Marie Hill - HR Business Partner at SmartRecruiters
    Ashley Marie is a passionate HR leader who believes strongly in people being able to bring their best selves to work. Ashley Marie joined SmartRecruiters in 2019 as the HR Business Partner and runs their North-American people strategy. Before entering the HR technology world, Ashley Marie was driving global talent strategies with multiple renowned education providers, most recently as Director of Global Human Resources at Worldreader, where she spearheaded programs around recruitment and retention, employee relations, benefits administration, professional development and performance management.
  • Bree: Here at Glassdoor, beyond the recruiting team, you’ll see the Recruiting Ops team, the Workplace Experience team, the Hiring Team and lastly the onboarding team working together to create that smooth well oiled hiring process for the candidates. From the recruiting coordinator who seamlessly schedules the interview to the smiling face at the front desk to the interview loop itself, the candidate feels welcome and looked after. We maximize the ATS which keeps the hiring team organized, focused and consistent. We then have an onboarding team who picks up after that process has left off to make sure that same white glove experience continues to their first day and beyond. At this stage, it’s really helped us to have the ATS and HCM integrated as well as pre planned NHO dates each month.

    Adrienn: Cross-functional stakeholders - providing platform so candidates can meet with all the ppl they would work with; internally HR collaboration, and the teams that make an onsite happen

    Ashley Marie: For most roles, we have cross functional interview teams in place and work with stakeholders across the company so having our LEADERSHIP team all on the same page about a consistent candidate experience and expectations for hiring teams has made a huge difference. We’re currently closing one of the busiest hiring quarters, with over 50 roles filled globally. In N.America, we’re predominantly partnering with the revenue org (sales, marketing, customer success, solutions consulting, etc) with some hiring in the product and design teams (product managers, graphic designers). Having a well-synched team leads to a faster, more enjoyable experience and makes creating questions, technical exercises, and role plays that much simpler. Examples are: no resume in the “new” bucket longer than three days, no more than 3 days for the hiring manager review, 24hr turnaround for the team to provide interview notes/feedback, no more than a 48hr turnaround between interview and candidate follow-up (good, bad, or indifferent), etc.

  • JD:

    Ashley: Like many start-ups, training happens on-the-go and our recruiters have been supporting each hiring team as they are formed. This has meant in-depth intake calls, much like project kick-offs, where the recruiter gathers the stakeholders to norm on the position, the hiring and interviewing process, hiring team member expectations and service-level agreements, and scorecards/assessments they’ll use for that role. Excitingly, in Q3 we’re rolling out our more formalized hiring manager and interview team training modules that will include more in depth training for interviewing skills.

    Adrienn: we have a pretty good process in place - better, faster decisions. Rec + HM job analysis mtg - team involvement - interview skills training and prep, going the extra mile from recruiting - follow-up and knowledge share

    Bree: We have introduced more structure into the hiring process with our ATS tool. Hiring managers and recruiters use the tool to build a more successful partnership, codesign the interview process, kits and scorecard which in the end creates a more positive and transparent interview process for everyone involved. We also have training collateral available online in the form of guides, worksheets and videos. And of course, the recruiter is coaching them every step of the way from the all important Intake meeting to the Offer discussion.

  • Adrienn: proactivity is the key - continuous feedback model which links to the relationship and trust that is needed. Examples of programs: fellowship, sabbatical, remote work, targeted retention tools, value based team activities, cont. Education, ee recog program

    Bree: Employee Resource Groups are a big one for us, employees lead these groups and they are all open for participation. We also have Community Door -we are big believers in community involvement and giving back with the 1% pledge, this can coincide with our employees personal causes. We use Quarterly Glint surveys to gauge employee satisfaction throughout the year. We also have ad hoc surveys regarding benefits satisfaction, commute satisfaction, etc. Also, we know that career development is very important to our employees. Glassdoor's Performance Review Program is called Accelerate and centers on ongoing coaching and feedback, anchored by the Half-yearly Review and the Career Development plan, and made vibrant and agile through Monthly Check-ins. Lastly, we celebrate and have fun together. As an example my own team just took out our company bikes and had lunch on the bay.

    Ashley: Our two most popular and engaging programs are our Globetrotter and Reverse Recruiting programs. Globetrotters is an annual raffle selecting Smartians (that’s what we call ourselves) to travel to another office for a month. We pay for the flights, the apartment, and offer a per diem to cover expenses. Our Reverse Recruiting program is part of our CSR plan, and supporting our mission of connecting people to jobs at scale. Each of our office locations puts on a quarterly event and we work with local nonprofits supporting overlooked candidates: immigrants, veterans, formerly incarcerated individuals, parents and caregivers returning to work, seniors and minority communities. We practice interviewing skills, support them in resume rewrites and personal branding, and help hone other job seeking skills. Of note, we also reward our top performers, culture carriers, and overall MVPs with additional equity options.
  • Ashley: If we look at the interview process through the lens of a candidate, and we’ve all been a candidate, we want the process to be simple, and easy to understand. We want a steady stream of communication to know the company we’re applying to is as interested in us as we are in them, and we want it to be personal, not some bot sending emails we can’t reply to, right?
    The SmartRecruiters platform was built with three people/users in mind; candidates, hiring managers, AND recruiters. And so the tool addresses these aforementioned desires, these needs, from each perspective.
    Whether the interview team has two steps or twenty, within the SmartRecruiters platform, the hiring manager and interview team have a simple visual reminder of the hiring process w/in the tool, with all the interview elements presented in each round (scorecards, assessments, etc) and that makes candidate communication more seamless and transparent. With everyone on the same page as to what happens when, teams are better prepared to answer candidate’s questions and proactively communicate their feedback. System emails are not anonymous; they are sent by an individual (hiring manager, interviewer, etc). They can be canned content, and edits and personalization are always allowed. In this latest feature release, candidates can self-schedule their interviews as the system crawls calendars and offers time slots available in the team’s schedules, moving along the hiring process at a pace comfortable for everyone. The SmartRecruiters candidate portal allows the candidate to see where they are in the hiring process; if their resume has been reviewed, what round of interviewing they’re in etc.

    Bree: Textio is a tool we use to help us write our JD and Candidate outreach. We use Greenhouse as our ATS which keeps the interview process thoughtful, engaging and consistent. We also use a tool called Sparkhire which allows the candidate to interview in their own time and own their own terms. We’ve implemented Altru, an employee testimonial tool. We believe in transparency and authenticity so these Altru videos give candidates a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Glassdoor in an easily accessible way directly from the careers page. And of course, Glassdoor on Glassdoor. We firmly believe a well informed candidate is going to make a better decision.

    Adrienn: ATS and its scheduling features, video interview, onsite day tool kit

  • JD:

    Ashley-Marie: It’s no secret that the best hires are coming through and from our current employees and their networks. Happy people want to bring their friends and former colleagues into an organization and investments in employee satisfaction and employee engagement are the easiest boosts to the hiring budget. Along with that, creating or building upon a referral program can be an inexpensive way to boost applications from top candidates. We’re offering exclusive company swag to our employees who’ve had successful referrals, and are exploring other “prize” items in lieu of or in conjunction with a cash for hire program.

    Adrienn: get $ from stakeholders, know your budget, employer brand investments, referral programs and how you can boost them with little investment, strategy of how you package your Total Rewards package, other comp. Tools that work

    Bree: We like to maximize our social media presence. Some of our best examples are coming out of our Chicago office with one of our recruiters doing a Campaign she calls Monday Moves - she has just celebrated her 1 year anniversary and released a super fun video. Another very successful series is called ‘We are Glassdoor’ which highlights our amazing employees and tells individual employee stories in a photo blog fashion. We hype eachother up in a very genuine way when we need to get the word out about an opportunity. And second, hire a talented recruiter who can be scrappy who brings multiple talents to the team. Look for quality over quantity when building your team.
  • Adrienn: Know what skills you are looking for - create behavioral questions (STAR model), structured process and questions, preparation before interviews, alignment within the interviewing team

    Bree: Make sure the candidate is comfortable and at ease throughout the process. The candidate will be more authentic thus allowing a more accurate assessment. Use the same criteria for each candidate. This will allow an ‘apples to apples’ comparison and will also help lead to a better hiring decision. And don’t forget to sell the job. In this market, we are selling the opportunity, the team, the company throughout the entire process.

    Ashley: Having transparent expectations for each member of the hiring team is critical to a smooth and successful hiring process; the intake call and stakeholder meeting can really make or break things. The interviewing service-level agreements include things like designated scorecards or competency evaluations for specific interviewers, rubrics for technical exercise evaluations, and pre-scheduled debriefs with the hiring team to gather feedback post-interview.

  • JD to moderate Q&A
  • JD:
    Thank you again for joining us for today’s panel - we hope you’ve been able to get some great takeaways that you can start implementing in your organization to improve your recruiting and retention. If you enjoyed today’s webinar, check out our content library for more great webinars!

    As a reminder, we’ll be sending out the recording and slide deck from today’s webinar to all registrants within the next three business days, so be watching your inbox and spam folder for that. We’ll also automatically send out SHRM credit to anyone who attended for at least 50 minutes today.
  • JD:
    We want to give a big shout out to our partners Glassdoor and SmartRecruiters - thanks for teaming up with us on today’s panel and for sharing your insights and best practices.

    Please make sure to reach out to our presenters on LinkedIn - they’d love to connect with you. And follow BambooHR, Glassdoor and SmartRecruiters on social media. We all regularly deliver great content that can help elevate your teams and organizations and would love to see you at our next webinar.