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"HR Quotes" - by 'HR Professionals' & 'Management Leaders'

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"HR Quotes" - by 'HR Professionals' & 'Management Leaders'

  1. 1. by HR Professionals & Management Leaders HR -
  2. 2. ―Theproblemlargelycomesfromthefactthatwhenitcomesto people, everyoneisan expert.‖ - Fred Luthans
  3. 3. “Financial resources may be the lifeblood of a company, but „Human Resources‟ are the brains.” - Rob Silzer & Ben Dowell
  4. 4. “ people are all there is to an organization ” - Gary Hamel
  5. 5. “The organization is, above all, social. It is people.” - Peter Drucker
  6. 6. “The real secret of Silicon Valley is that it’s really all about the people” - Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha
  7. 7. “…Silicon Valley’s success comes from the way its companies build alliances with their employees.” - Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha
  8. 8. “The linchpin for organizational effectiveness is having the right talent in the right place at the right time” - Leslie Joyce
  9. 9. "First get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats-and then they figured out where to drive it" - Jim Collins, Good to Great
  10. 10. “The main point is first get the right people on the bus (and wrong people off the bus) before you figure out where to drive it. The second key point is the degree of sheer rigor in people decisions in order to take a company from Good to Great” - Jim Collins, Good to Great
  11. 11. " get keep right people." - Jim Collins, Good to Great
  12. 12. "Hire attitude train skills" - Tom Peters
  13. 13. 1 “ hires people smaller dwarfs. hires people bigger giants.” - D. Oglivy
  14. 14. ―Humanbeingsarenotthingsneedingtobemotivatedandcontrolled; theyarefourdimensional–body-mind-heart andspirit‖ - Stephen Covey
  15. 15. “You think effectiveness with people and efficiency with things.” - Stephen Covey
  16. 16. itself and become more adaptable.” “The underpinnings of the alliance: the company helps the employee transform his career; the employee helps the company transform - Reid Hoffman, B. Casnocha “The Alliance”
  17. 17. “… talent opportunity philosophies transformations .” - Reid Hoffman, B. Casnocha
  18. 18. So often the problem is in the system, not in the people. If you put good people in bad systems, you get bad results. - Stephen Covey
  19. 19. 1 "It’s not the company-provided lunch that keeps people here. Googlers tell us that there are three reasons they stay: the mission, the quality of the people, and the chance to build the skill set of a better leader or entrepreneur.” - Laszlo Bock, HR, Google
  20. 20. “ time, energy money human resources .” - Stephen Covey
  21. 21. “If the reputation of a company's is its face, the talent brand is its heart and soul” - Hank Stringer & R Rueff
  22. 22. What corporate leaders think
  23. 23. “If your CFO is more important than your CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer) you're nuts!” - Jack Welch, former CEO, GE
  24. 24. - Jeff Immelt, GE “ and people is the most important part of my job. I spend one third of my time on people”
  25. 25. - Michael Bergdahl “Empowering people turns Wal-Mart’s culture into a competitive advantage”
  26. 26. - Sumantra Ghoshal “You cannot have faith in people unless you take action to improve and develop them”
  27. 27. – Tom Peters CHRO – “Chief Hurdle Removal Officer”
  28. 28. - Herbert D. Kelleher “You have to treat your employees like customers”
  29. 29. - Bill Gates, Microsoft “The inventory, the value of my company, walks out the door every evening.”
  30. 30. - Andrew S. Grove, Intel ―Themostimportantroleofmanagersistocreateenvironmentinwhich peoplearepassionatelydedicatedtowinninginmarketplace.‖
  31. 31. “whatever success we have had in maintaining our culture has been instrumental in Intel’s success in surviving strategic inflection points.” - Andrew S. Grove, Intel
  32. 32. - Louis Gerstner, IBM "I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game; it is the game"
  33. 33. - Louis Gerstner, IBM "I look for people who work to solve problems and help colleagues, I sack politicians."
  34. 34. - A. G. Lafley, P & G "People say, do"
  35. 35. Walt Disney “Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating the of those who work for us and pointing them toward a certain goal.”
  36. 36. Strategic HR
  37. 37. Talent competitive advantage business success - Robert Silzer & Ben Dowell
  38. 38. business strategy integrate HR strategy strategic option - Paul Kearns
  39. 39. If main purpose of HR strategy is to create competitive advantage through people it implies that you have to change the way you manage those people - Paul Kearns
  40. 40. people no. 1 source competitive advantage - E. Lawler
  41. 41. “Human, not financial, capital must be the starting point and ongoing foundation of a successful strategy.” - C. A. Bartlett & Sumantra Ghoshal
  42. 42. ―Whatgotrepressed—sometimesviciouslyrepressed—bythe strategy-conceptmakers,consultants,anddatagathererswasa consciousnessofpeopleandtheir importance inthe creation andexecution ofany .‖ - Walter Kiechel III
  43. 43. “ , hiring right people motivating deliver results.” - Helen M. & P. Schubert – Hay Group
  44. 44. “Organizations that have used data to gain human-capital insights already have a hard-to- replicate competitive advantage.” - Thomas Davenport
  45. 45. "let us build a set of robust and rigorous indicators that your organization as human capital" - Paul Kearns
  46. 46. Image Source: Google Images