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WIS_AnnualReport HR

  1. 1. Purpose and Mission As an independent college preparatory school, Wisconsin International School (WIS) students excel in a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum. We cultivate a passion for learning, promote leadership skills, and develop the ability to serve & thrive in the global community. Our unique student, parent, faculty, and school board relationship strengthens WIS. We promote our children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development by communicating, practicing, and instilling our school values. Values • Integrity underpins everything we do. • Knowledge and Learning are at our core. • Self-actualization and Personal Growth are our enablers. • Diversity widens our breadth of understanding. • Community Service develops our character. • WIS has a family culture that invites all to contribute.
  2. 2. 1 Dear WIS community, We would like to take a few moments to reflect upon the accomplishments of Wisconsin International School’s first year. From its earliest stages, WIS promised to offer an education that was quite different from what was currently being offered in the area. Interested parents were surveyed, providing input and identifying important characteristics of a model school. They shaped not only the vision of WIS, but also its mission and values. Their desire for an academically challenging, age-appropriate curriculum presented with a global view led to the selection of the International Baccalaureate Programme and the Core Knowledge Foundation. Parents desired a community-based school welcoming all types of families. Their vision included a school that instilled a love for learning and prepared students to become responsible global citizens. Thankfully, we were not alone with our endeavor for long. Hopeful parents joined our team and contributed their expertise to develop, raise money for, and begin promoting the school. While it is not possible to outline all of the events that led to our opening, it is important to note that every obstacle forced us to work harder and be more creative. We kept pushing forward with our dream and doors opened for us. On September 2, 2008, our dream became a reality as 75 students attended their first day of school at WIS. We would like to truly thank our founding faculty. You deserve so many accolades for the time you spent preparing lessons, writing curriculum and planning for the students. You can never truly be compensated for the work you did this year or ever thanked enough. We would like to extend special recognition to our first year parents. You took a risk and enrolled your children before seeing a classroom or meeting a teacher. You had the ability to see the vision and asked, “What can I do to help?” Your accomplishments are not written anywhere and are very difficult to measure. Your personal sacri-fice shows in the giving of countless time, talents, money, and other invaluable resources. When you organized the Parent Association and lunch programs, created forms, counted milk caps, and sold movie tickets you showed the children that exceptional education is worth sacrifice. When you supervised recess on your own lunch hour and made copies for the teachers, you demonstrated your dedication to your child’s education. When you called another parent and offered support or when you stopped in the hallway to make sure a child was safe and happy, you modeled to every student that school can be a wonderful place. You built bike racks, painted the gym, put together shelves and led after school activities, again modeling responsible citizenship. By doing so, you reinforced WIS’s values and united an incredible community of people. It’s likely that the most profound benefits of this WIS education won’t be measured for years. Yet, examples of immediate successes are heard by talking to parents and are seen in the everyday lives of WIS families. Learning is measured when your child hears classical music and identifies the composer, or at the dinner table when he/she casually makes a literary reference. Your children love school and are excited about 2009 - 2010 school year! It took two years to build this dream. WIS brought together and solidified bonds between people who truly want the best, not only for their children, but also for the future of their community. In keeping with the spirit of WIS, we hope to leave you open to the world, open to the future. With gratitude, Nicole Schneider & Lisa Brandt Letter from the Founders
  3. 3. 2 405 Grant Street De Pere, WI 54115 (920) 632-7368 Table of Contents Letter from the Founders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Administration & Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Head of School’s Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Financials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Strategic Planning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Fundraising Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Monthly Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Parent Association Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-12 Annual Giving Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . .13-14 Donor Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Ways to Give . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 WIS Quick Facts . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Back Cover Credits Cover Photograph: Jill Hoelscher Portrait Design Design and Production: Kuehn Printing Published Summer 2009 Administration and Faculty Head of School Stanley Way Office Manager Meherrnaz Balaporia 4/5 Grades Marie Sumnicht 2/3 Grades Anne Way K/1 Grades Julie Beairsto 4K Jessica Nejedlo Karen Clifford 3K Bridget DaPra Toddlers Teresa Nussbaum Toddler Assistant Ashley Zeh Art Arda Ishkhanian Mandarin Lu Yao Music Darlene Bentz Lauren Oldenburg Physical Education Brianne Draves Spanish Lourain Eggart Technology Kristen Smith Before-school Program Karen Sternkopf After-school Program Angela Shinners BAM Kids Club Angela Shinners Volunteer Librarians Colly Remley, Helen Deaton Administrative Support Staff Cleaning Sharon Larmay Technology Kevan Kay (Volunteer) Marketing Barbara Tennity (Volunteer) Administration & Faculty
  4. 4. Dear WIS Friends, The 2008-2009 school year has been a tremendous inaugural year as we have brought a dream to reality! Excited students and families entered the beautifully remodeled school on September 2, 2008 for their first school day. The curriculum-rich classrooms were ready. A superb corps of experienced and committed faculty led our children and enriched their lives, much to our parent’s approval, based on the 90% plus approval ratings from repeated parent surveys. From enthusiastic students studying Mandarin and Spanish to character-building community service projects benefiting children locally and internationally, our students showed a passion for learning with everything they did. The nation-a-month program commenced in January with a study of China. Brazil, Kenya and Mexico followed giving our students a wider eye into our global community. Our oldest students excelled at writing and current events, earning recognition regionally and nationally. It was also a year of great firsts - the first annual art and music fest in May was a smash hit! Our first school sport, running, came into existence. We reached and surpassed our first-year enrollment goal. It overwhelms me to see how much we’ve grown both as a faculty and as students from last September. What a first year! All of this was possible because of the outpouring of support from the community. The support and dedication of our parents, faculty, staff, volunteers, and donors has made it possible for these many achievements. A special recognition goes to our founding families, Nicole and Paul Schneider and Lisa and Andrew Brandt, whose energy and initiative inspired the dream of WIS. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the support of the past and present members of the Board of Directors in bringing this school into existence by providing wise governance and extraordinary commitment. Additionally, our thanks go to two individuals who gave the school guidance and leadership in the role of board president: Sandi Van Den Heuvel and Wesley Garner. Thank you, all! I am looking forward to the exciting challenges that this upcoming school year brings. Our enrollment has grown. The application for the IB Primary Years Programme for our three year olds to fifth graders moves into the next stage. Additionally, we are breaking new ground with the start of grades six and seven. As with the first year, we are striving to meet the vision and expectations of the founding families and our mission of preparing children for the global com-munity they will inherit. Sincerely, Stanley Way Head of School 3 Head of School’s Note
  5. 5. 4 Board of Directors 2008-2009 President: Wes Garner – Chairman, Great Lakes Calcium Vice-President: Yolo Diaz, M.D. – Pediatrician, Aurora Medical Group Secretary: Doris Huang – Community Volunteer Treasurer (Acting): Wes Garner Member-at-Large: Paul Schneider – Schneider National Inc. Member-at-Large: Barbara Tennity – Marketing Consultant, Tennity Tactical Solutions Howard Bornstein - CFO, CPA, Foth Dorothy Chen – Engineer, Schneider National Inc. Evan Lin – Attorney, Stellpflug Law, S.C. Nimmi Mammen – Community Volunteer Pam Mankowski – Marketing Director, Cellcom Marathon Colly Remley – Community Volunteer Maria Zehren – Market Development Consultant, Bellin Health Ex-Officio Member Stanley Way - Head of School We thank these directors’ past contributions. Directors term ended June 2009 Doris Huang Evan Lin Pam Mankowski Directors term ended June 2008 Lisa Brandt Jeff Davis Monica Olles Gerry Van Den Heuvel Sandi Van Den Heuvel Jim Wilson Letter from the President Our inaugural year of Wisconsin Interna-tional School has now come to an end. There are so many things to celebrate about our success, but first, I would like to say thank you. I would like to thank the teachers for their countless hours of preparation and work. They started with nothing and created much of their curriculum from scratch. What a great job. I would like to thank the parents who volunteered countless hours of time and do-nated money. Lastly, I would like to thank the school’s leadership, particularly Stanley Way, for making the vision of WIS a reality. We all deserve credit for taking the risk and making the investment in WIS. Incredible milestones were achieved in our first year. In regard to giving, we accomplished both of our annual fund goals; we exceeded 82% partici-pation and $57,000. In regard to enrollment, we exceeded our goal of 50 students, enrolling over 70 students. We have set the stage for another success-ful year with our enrollment projection to once again exceed our goal of 100 students, reaching close to 125. As we look forward to the 2009-2010 school year, there are critical steps we must take in order to build upon last year’s foundation. It is critical that we meet our goals for fundraising both internally and externally in support of the budget and investment in IT, scholarships, and IB curriculum. We need to work toward securing a longer-term home for WIS, hopefully at 405 Grant Street. The board, with the help of teachers and parents, is working on four strate-gic initiatives that we believe are the core to building WIS. The first initiative is to ensure a love of learning in our children. The second initiative is aca-demic excellence. The third initiative is to secure our future as an independent school. Lastly, our fourth initiative is to create an environment so our children will thrive in a global community The combination of these will ensure WIS grows to over 250 students in 4 years or less. We have so much to be proud of in our inaugural year. Together, we proved that we could start and deliver on the expectation of a great education for our children. We can move forward into the next years with confidence as we build the area’s first independent school, WIS. Sincerely, Wesley H Garner Board Chair and President
  6. 6. 5 Revenue Tuition & Fees $428,764 67% Donations and Fundraising $212,627 33% Other Income $860 0% Total Revenue $642,251 100% Tuition & Fees Donations and Fundraising Other Income Expenses Salaries and Benefits $439,864 61% Educational Materials and Supplies $73,865 10% Operations & Maintenance $123,935 18% Other Expenses $78,843 11% Total Expenses $716,507 100% Salaries and Benefits Educational Materials and Supplies Operations & Maintenance Other Expenses Welcome incoming Board Members 2009-2010 Saied Assef, M.D. Managing Partner, President, Bellin Anesthesia Associates President, Physician Partners Limited Charles Johnson Retired Division Manager, Procter and Gamble Former Board Chair, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Downtown Green Bay Inc Former Board Member, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, YMCA, St. Vincent Hospital Kevan Kay Information Systems Architect, Schneider National Ross Nova Senior Attorney, Kimberly-Clark Corp Ken Strmiska Lakeland College, Vice President for Advancement Former Director of Community Foundation Services and special consultant on the Rural Philanthropy Initiative for the Council on Foundations, Washington D.C. Former President and Chief Operating Officer, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Robert White WIS Parent Association President, 2008 - Current Retired Business Development and Marketing Manager, UPS Financials 2008 - 2009
  7. 7. 6 Strategic Planning In December 2008, a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was formed to discuss the short and long term vision of Wisconsin International School. The committee consisted of parents, faculty, administrators, and board members of WIS. Jerry Loritz, a certified facilitator and project director for The Pacific Institute, led the meetings. The SPC met three times in the months of December 2008 and January 2009. The purpose of these meetings was to reevaluate WIS’ mission statement and core values, as well as develop vision statements. Overall, the SPC felt that the basic content of the mission statement and core value statements were good indicators of what WIS was delivering to students and parents. However, the phrasing of the mission statement and core values were tweaked to give a better reflection of WIS’s goals and high standards. After the mission statement and core values were edited, the committee focused on developing vision state-ments for WIS. Ten vision statements were created by the committee. Mr. Loritz then charged the SPC to prioritize and pick the top four vision statements. The four vision statements that were chosen are the following: 1. We are an independent school. 2. We have excellent academics. 3. Our students thrive in a global community. 4. Students love learning. Mr. Loritz recommended that choosing the top four vision statements would give WIS a clear direction in its commitment to providing a high caliber school to parents, students, and community. Board President, Wes Garner, chose Doris Huang as the implementation coordinator. Head of School, Stanley Way, was asked to choose committee leaders for three vision task forces. In March, a timeline was designed and committee leaders met with Stan Way, Wes Garner and Doris Huang. The following individuals were chosen as committee heads: 1. Wes Garner (Board Member/Parent): We are an independent school. 2. Nicole Schneider (Parent): We have excellent academics. 3. Sigrid Griffitt (Parent): Our students thrive in a global community. 4. Karen Clifford (Teacher): Students love learning. Currently, each task force leader has formed their committee and has started the work of discussing how to implement the metrics of their vision statement. Each task force is committed to ensuring that their vision statement can be accomplished. Implementation of these metrics will begin as early as Fall 2009.
  8. 8. 7 On September 13, 2008, WIS held its first Fall Harvest Dinner at Ledgestone Vine-yards, located in Greenleaf. A pouring rain necessitated that the event be held under the protection of tents, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the more than one hundred guests. Wine tasting from the local vineyard, as well as cheese and chocolate tastings by The Red Awning and The Artisan Pantry preceded the gourmet dinner prepared by Boucheé. Music was provided by Bob Shi-besta and The Woody Mankowski Quartet. The event raised $5020. Thanks to the event committee chair: Pam Mankowski Committee members: Meherrnaz Balaporia Doris Huang Erin Hunter Woody Mankowski Tamara McClean Steve Mellberg Barbara Tennity Maria Zehren wis thanks our fall harvest dinner silent auction donors Arda Ishkanian Stephen Perkins Nancy and Jeff Huguet Angelina’s Restaurant Green Bay Symphony The Union Hotel Andrew’s Restaurant Café Expresso Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern and Grille The River Room, Holiday Inn City Center A’s Dockside Montagues C&C Pub Mr. Golf Idlewild in Door County Usana’s Reset Program –Kathy Zimmerman The Herb Shop Todd Buffa Dr. Chad Yenchesky Urban Frog Shawn and Brandi Goodman Raul Mendoza Yolo Diaz Kim Harthun Cindy Cooper of Polascentuals Chris and Francesca Elfner Paul and Nicole Schneider Anne Way Sentiments Jewelry Rusted Studio Cyndi Bruehl Heatherbrook Farm Rene and Jan Mellberg Jack and Janet Marcuccio Don and Pat Schneider Joe and Pam Pardini Ledgestone Vineyards Lisa and Andrew Brandt Artisan Pantry Colleen Phelen Fall Harvest Dinner
  9. 9. 8 August 2008: • The first annual WIS Family Picnic at Ashwaubomay Park was well attended. • WIS Families were invited to the unveiling of their new school facility on August 26. • A ribbon-cutting in conjunction with a media launch was held on August 27. September: • WIS opened its doors for the first day on September 2 with approximately 75 students. • WIS held its first major fundraiser at Ledgestone Vineyards in Greenleaf - the Fall Harvest Dinner. • Curriculum Night gave the teachers a chance to share school year plans, classroom procedures and expecta-tions with parents. October: • The K/1 class hosted parent Dr. R. Aileen Yingst, the Director of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and an Adjunct Professor at UWGB. She shared her experiences working with the Mars Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity. • Bring-A-Parent-to-School Morning was held. Parents joined their children in their classrooms for student pre-sentations. A second opportunity was held in May. • Drs. Wayne Lin and Yves Dharamraj visited and spoke to students about the violin and cello. We were honored to have them perform a short concert for us as well. • The first Parent Association meeting was held on Octo-ber 14; officers were elected. • Our 1st annual Grand Friends Program was held. After a general assembly, our 63 grand friends moved to the student’s classrooms for a snack and classroom presenta-tions. • Parents and friends are invited to a Halloween Parade on October 31. November: • On Election Day, all K-5th grade students voted in a mock election. • Sponsored by the Parent Association, our first com-munity service project was the 1st Annual Giving Tree supporting the Green Bay Humane Society, Golden House and Family Service’s Healthy Families. • WIS launched its 1st Annual Giving Campaign. December: • WIS Spanish students held a parent assembly that rec-ognized Latin American Navidad celebrations. Students sang, spoke and danced in celebration of this culture. • The 2nd/3rd grade students studied Europe and their holidays this month. They imagined Sinterklaas arriving in their homes and studied Sweden’s Santa Lucia. January 2009: • WIS initiated its Nation-of-the-Month Program, starting with China. All students engaged in activities in culture, language, literature, geography, and history. The month ended on January 26 with a Chinese New Year celebration, including a Dragon Parade and assembly for parents and friends. • The 4th/5th grade students had six of their poems selected as “of high merit” by Creative Communications, a writing company. They were published in an anthology and recognized as an example of excellent writing by universities and colleges. • The Parent Association Sleigh Ride was held on a sunny, but very cold afternoon. Monthly Highlights
  10. 10. 9 February: • Brazil was our Nation-of-the-Month. The students enjoyed a Samba dance lesson while wearing their crazy hats, which is popular during the Carnaval celebration. • WIS Mandarin students appeared on FOX-11’s Living with Amy. They prepared Chinese Dumplings with Mandarin teacher Lu Yao as part of the Chinese New Year celebration. • Our 4th/5th grade students participated in the Einstein Science Fair. Our 4th grade team of Diego Mendoza and Max White appeared on FOX-11 to talk about their sci-ence project on Wind as an Alternative Energy Source. • Our 4th/5th grade students began competing in News-bowl, an on-line current events competition. With hun-dreds of teams around the county participating, our two teams did very respectably, placing in the top 12 teams at both grade levels. • WIS fourth graders Deigo Mendoza and Claire Sternkopf, along with second grader Ava Griffith partici-pated in the 2009 All-Star Piano Festival at St. Norbert College. Claire and Ava each received a 4-star rating while Diego received 5-stars on a rating scale of 1-5. They are piano students of Lauren Oldenburg, a WIS music teacher. • The Parent Association held a WIS Skating Party at De Pere Ice Arena. • Our Summer Program – BAM (Body and Mind) Kids Club was announced. The program ran from June 15 through August 31. March: • Kenya was our Nation-of-the-Month. Working with the organization – KenyaHELP – WIS students participated in Pennies for Pencils Drive. The $623.91 collected was used to purchase pencils and other school supplies for a high school student in Meru, Kenya. The average cost of high school is $500 per year where the average annual family income is $2,000. WIS welcomed Joshua Mwirigi who lives in Meru, Kenya and is a graduate of high school, made possible by donations like our penny drive. • WIS began a technology blog to share ideas at April: • On Earth Day, our K-5th grade students provided a service to the community of De Pere with a trash pickup effort around the school, Wilson Park and other green areas nearby. • On Arbor Day, the 4th/5th grade class planted a Cleve-land Pear tree in DePere’s Wilson Park. • The WIS Running Club was created in preparation for spring race season. Monthly Highlights May: • Our Nation-of-the-Month was Mexico. Our Spanish stu-dents performed a play entirely in Spanish that described the history of important celebrations in Mexico. The fol-lowing day, the K-5th grade children traveled to Nicolet Elementary School in Green Bay to perform the play for 250 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. • Parents and friends were treated to a wonderful evening at the first annual Music and Arts Fest. Students from 3K through 5th grade sang, danced, shared information about orchestra instruments and performed a skit about famous composers. The art gallery, with a school year’s worth of art, was beautiful covering the perimeter of the Performing Arts Center. • Save the Manatees! In conjunction with their ocean unit, the K/1 class raised $120 with an ice cream fundraiser to adopt Florida manatees. • Over 20 children from the WIS Running Club partici-pated in a chilly Cellcom 5K. June: • Mandarin and Spanish students hosted their first Foreign Language Festival showing their prowess of the languages in the form of songs, skits and audience participation. • Sylvia Griffitt, representing WIS, had her entry into the De Pere Fire Department’s “House Fire Escape Plan’ chosen among a handful of other area students. For win-ning, Sylvia and sister Ava enjoyed a ride to school in a De Pere Fire Truck. • An all-school year-end picnic, hosted by the Parent As-sociation, was held at VFW Park. • Approximately 10 WIS children participated in the 33rd Annual 10K Bellin Race. • BAM Kids Camp opened its doors on June 15 for the first time.
  11. 11. 10 Parent Association President’s Note – “Convivial cooperation and participation” Volunteers – “A culture of broad based participation” We have been attentive to our purpose and mission, and the above statement has been the foundation of our Parent Association. We have had a very successful year with tremendous volunteerism and numerous family, school and community activities. Looking back on all of our successes during WIS’s first year, I’m most impressed with the warm, welcoming and friendly school environment we’ve made. It is truly a convivial community where all are accepted and appreciated. I would like to thank all of the WIS families for their contributions in making our school a world class institution. Bob White PA President It would be an impossible task to name all of the volunteers and quantify the amount of time and talent given to the school by our parents and friends, but you know who you are and we thank you for all you’ve done. Our school culture of volunteerism is unprec-edented in N. E. Wisconsin, with 97% of the primary grade families participating in school and PA activities. Much of our success goes to those parents who chaired committees, organized volunteers and/ or participated as homeroom parents. Our special thanks go to those parents and friends listed below. Homeroom Parents Toddler - Jairo Rios 3K - Debi Linssen / Lisa Sharapata 4K - Sherry Linskens K/1 - Joe Pardini / Ronda Harris 2/3 - Le Nette Kay / Sabeena Kathuria 4/5 - Bob White Arts - Bob White Committee Chairpersons Back to School Party - Debi Linssen / Sherry Linskens Book Fairs - Le Nette Kay / Bob White Class Pictures - Kelly Van Den Heuvel Community Services - Pam Mankowski Easy Money Funds - Brandi Goodman / Debi Linssen End of Year Party - Bob White Facility Projects - Joe Pardini Fundraising - Pam Mankowski Gym Project - Nancy Huguet / Bob White Library - Helen Deaton / Colly Remley Media Services - Cyndi Ochsner Office Coordinator - Meherrnaz Balaporia Recess & Lunch - Bob White School Lunch - Sigrid Griffitt / Debi Linssen School Store - 4th & 5th grade class / Le Nette Kay School Yearbook - Le Nette Kay / Meherrnaz Balaporia Student Directory - Bob White Teacher Appreciation - LeNette Kay PA Family Activities – “Creating the WIS family” Creating a family community at WIS is an ongoing process and our PA sponsored family activities during our first year was a step in the process. In future years, I encourage all to attend as many family activities as possible; it will make WIS a more rewarding and fulfilling experience for all. Back to School Family Picnic This event allowed all of us to meet each other before the year started. The children quickly made friends, and it was wonderful to meet the teachers before the first day. This event will always usher in the new year. Sleigh Ride It took three attempts to have this event, due to storms and freezing temperatures, but ultimately 35 adventurous WIS souls made it to the sleigh ride braving a single digit wintry day. Once we had a few hot chocolates and wrapped ourselves in blankets, all was well. It’s funny how the kids never felt the cold! Ice Skating Party We seem to love the cold, but there was no snow or wind inside the arena. Over 80 WIS family members attended this event and since everyone had so much fun we put it on the agenda for next year. Kid’s Running Club Wisconsin International School held their first running program in the spring of ‘09. According to the number of participants and comments, it was quite successful. We estimate that approximately 75% of the elementary population participated. The program consisted of three lead individuals and five other volunteers to run/walk with the kids. Students showed progress in regards to their physical condition and in their attitudes about fitness. After the mid-May Cellcom 5K event, many parents were hoping the running program would continue until the end of the school year! A handful of students continued training for the Bellin 10K Run held on June 13.
  12. 12. 11 Parent Association Community Service Activities – “A core value is a school reality” The students of WIS and their families supported diverse community service projects this year. The WIS family provided supplies to help support humanitarian efforts at a local animal shelter, health awareness services for local families and improved the school’s neighborhood environment. An overview of WIS’s contribution is listed below. Brown County Humane Society At the end of 2008, WIS students delivered an “eye opening’ truck-load of supplies, consisting of food, toys, and grooming and cleaning supplies. A group of WIS students helped deliver the supplies and witnessed how their donations were utilized. Golden House As part of a holiday “giving tree,” the families of WIS generously donated food, toiletries, clothing, baby products, toys, and games to the residents of Golden House. Family Services Boxes of diapers, wipes, books, toys, smoke detectors, and clothing were collected and delivered by WIS students to the Healthy Family Program through Family Services. Earth Day The K–5th grades, organized by classes, set out to clean up the school’s neighborhood. The students, teachers and volunteers were astounded by not only the amount of garbage picked up but also by how much fun everyone had. The day was a great success and the beginning of a tradition. Arbor Day The 4th and 5th grade students planted a 6’ tree in Wilson Park adjacent to the school. A De Pere Parks and Rec. Dept. representative spoke to the class about the beginning of Arbor Day and a lesson in tree management. Manatee Adoption The K/1 class held an ice cream sale and earned $120.00, enabling them to adopt a few manatees.
  13. 13. 12 Allocations – “To enrich our children’s education and develop a family environment” We started our first year at WIS without a bank account and we’re ending the year with over $2000.00. Our goal next year is to continue sponsoring family events but to also add to our children’s education by sponsoring field trips and on-campus activities focusing on the arts, culture, history, and the environment. Revenue Beginning Balance Sept. 2008 $300.40 Picateers $1,556.70 42.6% Marcus Theaters $1,200.18 32.8% Box Tops $345.74 9.4% Book Fair $278.62 7.6% Lands’ End $252.73 6.9% Target $25.21 .7% Total Revenue $3,659.18 100% Expenses Gym Project $687.30 39.4% Ice Skating $316.50 18.2% Teachers’ Lunches $291.00 16.7% Teacher Appreciation Week $281.28 16.1% Art & Music Fest $118.67 6.8% Sleigh Ride $48.98 2.8% Total Expenses $1,743.73 100% Ending Balance May 2009 $2,215.85 Parent Association - Financials Parent Association Board Officers – “An enjoyable and rewarding experience” President - Bob White Vice President - Le Nette Kay Treasurer - Debi Linssen Co-Secretaries - Mandy Shoeneman, Stacy Mueller
  14. 14. 13 I am pleased to announce that the first Annual Giving Campaign was truly a success. The WIS community exceeded the initial goal of $50,000 by over $7,000, reaching a grand total of $57,410. The Board of Directors would like to express their deepest gratitude to all the families and friends that helped us reach this important milestone in our first school year. In addition to the final dollar total, an annual campaign grade of success is measured by the percentage of participation of the school families. This year we had an astonishing 82% of families that contributed. This number is close to that 100% that next year will again be our target. Finally, it’s reassuring to know, that despite a hot summer season, our beautiful flower, which we use to symbolize WIS, will receive the water (our donations) needed to maintain its beauty and stimulate its future blooming potential. With all my appreciation, Yolo Diaz Chair - Annual Giving Campaign. WIS Patron Annual Giving Campaign Anthony and Karen Eclavea Wesley and Kimberly Garner Paul and Nicole Schneider International Circle Louis and Debra Bienvenu Wesley and Sigrid Griffitt Justin and Barbie Harrell Leonard and Phyllis Jessup Charles and Debra Johnson Edward and Siri Lin Bryan and Madeline Pereira Tom and Colly Remley Spine-Neurosurgery Institute - of Northeast Wisconsin SC Adil and Roshan Vadoliwala Bob White and Toby Cohen League of Nations Anonymous (2) Gaetano and Amanda Auricchio Nicholas and Amanda Barnett Howard Bornstein and Judy Russell Gazz Group SC Steven and Tamara McLean Joesph and Pamela Pardini Mike and Barbara Tennity Society of Fellows Zahir and Meherrnaz Balaporia Russ and Vispi Balaporia Scott and Ronda Harris Raul Mendoza and Yolo Diaz Mike and Stacy Mueller Maria Zehren Jocko and Julie Zifferblatt Global Friends Dorothy Chen Matt and Molly Daanen Robert and Gail Earles Todd and Christina Fergus Keith and Kathy Gajeski Robert Gartzke and Melisaa DaPra Steven Gatewood and Sandra Gadsby Shawn and Brandi Goodman Jeff and Nancy Huguet Shawna and Matt Johnson Sabeena Kathuria Kevan and LeNette Kay Daniel and Elizabeth Kust Kurt and Debi Linssen Forrest and Pamela Mankowski Randall and Margaret Meder Steven Mellberg and Erin Hunter Jon and Jessica Nejedlo Ross Nova and Aileen Yingst John and Cyndi Ochsner Daniel and Lisa Olmsted Scott and Kelly Reignier Bernard and Lou Ellen Reznicek Suzanne and James Rose Judd and Sally Schoeneman Scott and Mandy Schoeneman David and Lisa Sharapata Adele Silz Mark and Tara Simonson Karen Sternkopf Zachary Voelz and Kristen Lindgren Categories of Support WIS Patron….$10,000 + United Nations Assembly….$5,000 - $9,999 International Circle….. $1,000 - $4,999 League of Nations…..$500 - $999 Society of Fellows…..$250 - $499 Global Friends…..$1 - $249
  15. 15. 4th/5th Grade Class (71% Participation) Wesley and Sigrid Griffitt Raul Mendoza and Yolo Diaz Karen Sternkopf Mike and Barbara Tennity Bob White and Toby Cohen 2nd/3rd Grade Class (100% Participation) Zahir and Meherrnaz Balaporia Louis and Debra Bienvenu Anthony and Karen Eclavea Wesley and Kimberly Garner Wesley and Sigrid Griffitt Jeff and Nancy Huguet Sabeena Kathuria Kevan and LeNette Kay Forrest and Pamela Mankowski Raul Mendoza and Yolo Diaz Daniel and Lisa Olmsted Paul and Nicole Schneider Mike and Barbara Tennity Kindergarten/1st Grade Class (80% Participation) Zahir and Meherrnaz Balaporia Wesley and Kimberly Garner Steven Gatewood and Sandra Gadsby Scott and Ronda Harris Randall and Margaret Meder Ross Nova and Aileen Yingst John and Cyndi Ochsner Joesph and Pamela Pardini Bryan and Madeline Pereira James and Suzanne Rose Bob White and Toby Cohen Jocko and Julie Zifferblatt 3K Class (73% Participation) Gaetano and Amanda Auricchio Wesley and Kimberly Garner Matt and Shawna Johnson Daniel and Elizabeth Kust Kurt and Debi Linssen Scott and Mandy Schoeneman David and Lisa Sharapata Mark and Tara Simonson Toddlers (57% Participation) Nicholas and Amanda Barnett Shawn and Brandi Goodman Wesley and Sigrid Griffitt Jon and Jessica Nejedlo John and Cyndi Ochsner Scott and Kelly Reignier Bernard and Lou Ellen Reznicek Paul and Nicole Schneider Parent Giving by Classroom Annual Giving Campaign Grandparents Anonymous Russ and Vispi Balaporia (Myah and Zarvaan Balaporia) Robert and Gail Earles (Violet and Audrey Oschner) Leonard and Phyllis Jessup (Logan and Madigan Tennity) Charles and Debra Johnson (Solomon, Ella, Max and Lely Garner) Judd and Sally Schoeneman (Elsa Schoeneman) Adele Silz (Hannah Bienvenu) Adil and Roshan Vadoliwala (Myah and Zarvaan Balaporia) 4K Class (66% Participation) Matt and Molly Daanen Wesley and Kimberly Garner Robert Gartzke and Melisaa DaPra Shawn and Brandi Goodman Jeff and Nancy Huguet Kevan and LeNette Kay Edward and Siri Lin Steven and Tamara McLean Steven Mellberg and Erin Hunter Ross Nova and Aileen Yingst Joesph and Pamela Pardini Paul and Nicole Schneider Zachary Voelz and Kristen Lindgen 14
  16. 16. Thank You to those WIS Families that made In-Kind Contributions: Donor Recognition Wayne and Therese Lubner Scholarship Paul and Nicole Schneider Other Gifts Anonymous Evan and Susan Lin Don and Pat Schneider Thank you to those who contributed to the School Founding Capital Campaign: Founder Wesley and Kimberly Garner Charles and Debra Johnson Paul and Nicole Schneider Partner Anonymous (3) Mike and Barbara Tennity Benefactor Iwei and Doris Huang Raul Mendoza and Yolo Diaz Tom and Colly Remley Chad and Sandi Van Den Heuvel Contributor Jim and Joanne Wilson Categories of Support Founder…$10,000 + Partner…$5,000 - $9,999 Benefactor…$1,000 - $4,999 Contributor… $1 - $999 Thank you to the WIS students who selflessly donated their Birthday Gifts to the school or classroom libraries: Hannah Bienvenu Jack Dannen Alex Eclavea Judah Gartzke Ava Griffitt Sylvia Griffitt Olivia Kust Jonathan Meder Logan Tennity Henry Van Den Heuvel Kate Van Den Heuvel Emma Waters A warm Thank You to the following individuals and companies for their support of our vision through their donations of personal and professional services and/or gifts-in-kind: Companies: Barnes and Wagner, LLC Brown County Public Library - Kress Family Branch Care for All Ages City of De Pere Dorsch Digital Photography Godfrey & Kahn Attorneys Heid Music Jill Hoelscher Portrait Design Icon Group IPS K Technology Group LLC KI Kuehn Printing Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. Martinson Architects NEW Chinese Association NEW Indian Association St. Vincent Hospital Starbucks Coffee Company Stellpflug Law Tennity Tactical Solutions, Inc. University School of Milwaukee Wild Blue Technologies Individuals: Anonymous (27) Julie Beairsto Andrew and Lisa Brandt Dorothy Chen Helen Deaton Sheila Flynn MJ Hermsen Arda Ishkhanian Ron and Terri Kapp Marilyn Lichon Wayne Lin Clare McCarthy Michelle Oren-Halbmaier Lisa Pavlowich The Remley Family Kirk and Donna Scattergood Liz Schrock Chad and Sandi Van Den Heuvel Fred and Merry Walbrun Stanley and Anne Way Marco and Flavia Araujo Gaetano and Amanda Auricchio Zahir and Meherrnaz Balaporia Louis and Debra Bienvenu David Cuene and Jairo Rios Michael and Melissa Cuene Werner and Sabine Dambach Anthony and Karen Eclavea Todd and Christina Fergus Wesley and Kimberly Garner Robert Gartzke and Melissa DaPra Steven Gatewood and Sandra Gadsby Brian and Suzy Goldstine Shawn and Brandi Goodman Wesley and Sigrid Griffitt Scott and Ronda Harris Jeff and Nancy Huguet Sabeena Kathuria Kevan and LeNette Kay Michael and Mona Howes-Kilgore Daniel and Elizabeth Kust Edward and Siri Lin Tom and Sherry Linskens Kurt and Debi Linssen Forrest and Pamela Mankowski Steven and Tamara McLean Randall and Margaret Meder Steven Mellberg and Erin Hunter Raul Mendoza and Yolo Diaz Michael and Stacy Mueller Jon and Jessica Nejedlo John and Cyndi Ochsner Daniel and Lisa Olmsted Joseph and Pamela Pardini Bhavin and Archana Patel Bryan and Madeline Pereira Bernard and Lou Ellen Reznicek Paul and Nicole Schneider Scott and Mandy Schoeneman David and Lisa Sharapata Mark and Tara Simonson Jim and Suzanne Rose Mike and Barbara Tennity Ron and Kelly Van Den Heuvel James and Angie Waters Bob White and Toby Cohen Jocko and Julie Zifferblatt
  17. 17. There are many ways to support Wisconsin International School. Your contribution is important. Every gift, small or large, ensures the continuation of WIS’s commitment to excellence in education. Please contact Stanley Way, Head of School, for more information. Annual Fund Gifts to the Annual Fund help make up the difference between tuition revenue and the actual costs of educating each WIS student. Annual Fund gifts support the operating budget and help WIS provide expanded educational programs. Scholarship Fund Contributions to the scholarship fund include gifts intended to provide financial assistance to qualified families. Gifts in Kind Donors may contribute items of a non-cash nature to WIS. We are pleased to have been the recipient of professional services, library books, classroom supplies, computers, and marketing materials. By Check Cash gifts provide income tax benefits if you itemize your deductions. Checks may be made payable to Wisconsin International School and sent to WIS, 405 Grant Street, De Pere, WI 54115. Securities Gifts of stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities through an area community foundation offer two tax advantages to many donors. First, by contributing appreciated securities held for more than one year, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. Second, you qualify for a charitable deduction on your income tax, based on the value of the securities on the date you make the gift. If you would like to make a gift of securities, please contact Stanley Way, Head of School, beforehand to make sure that your gift is processed properly. Matching Gifts Corporate matching gifts are an easy way for donors to increase the impact of their personal contributions to Wisconsin International School. Many corporations have matching gift programs. Matching gift support often doubles or triples an individual’s gift. To find out if you are eligible for a matching gift from your employer, please contact your human resources office. Companies often match gifts of spouses and retirees. Just enclose your company’s matching gift form and we will do the rest. You will receive full credit for both the original donation and the matching gift. Memorial and Honor Gifts Any gift can be made in memory of a friend or in honor of a teacher, a loved one, a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other significant event. Please specify in whose honor or memory your gift is being made, and let us know to whom we should send notification of your gift. In some instances, special memorial funds are established that may become capital or endowed funds. Planned Giving Although the outright gift of cash or appreciated securities is the most well known, there are several charitable gift options that provide the ability to support our programs in a manner that best suits your individual needs. Contributions made through estate plans may take many forms including real estate, life insurance, or other personal property. Bequests, gift annuities, unitrusts and other planned gifts can be arranged. Contributors can enjoy long-term financial benefits and tax savings while also knowing that their gift will strengthen WIS’s program in the future. Ways to Give
  18. 18. WIS Quick Facts 2008-2009 Enrollment: 85 Girls – 50% Boys – 50% Faculty and Staff: 15 Families: 58 Demographics: 90% of families live in Green Bay/De Pere area WIS provides: • An education to preschool, elementary and middle school students. • A challenging, international curriculum that instills the principles of honesty, self-discipline, and fair play. • A small class size allowing for personalized attention to meet the unique strengths of your child. • An exceptional value for independent schools. • A safe, engaging environment surrounded by energetic and caring teachers who bring subjects to life with innovative teaching methods. WIS: • Welcomes students of all ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. • Develops leaders, inspires learning, and encourages responsible global citizenship. • Allows students to master skills in English, language arts, mathematics, science, history, social sciences, daily foreign language (Spanish and Mandarin), physical education, art, and music. • Utilizes technology-supported learning with SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, wireless netbooks for 4th – 8th grade students, and a computer lab for all students. • Has implemented a three-year process seeking accreditation to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the IB Primary Years Programme. Head of School – Stanley W. Way Founded October 2007
  19. 19. 405 Grant Street • De Pere, WI • 54115 920.632.7368