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Intranets 2016 Barry Byrne

Presentation from Intranets 2016 in Sydney Australia. Presentation covers IKON, a multi award winning implementation of SharePoint 2013 as an EDRMS, Knowledge Management Platform and social Intranet.

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Intranets 2016 Barry Byrne

  1. 1. IKON: Delivering a complete intranet, EDRMS and KM solution with SharePoint 2013 in a 9000+ organisation… Intranets 2016
  2. 2. …tales from the trenches !!!
  3. 3. Major Barry Byrne Chief IKM Officer, Irish Defence Forces Asst. Professor, Trinity College Dublin @ikmsolutions barrybyrneirl
  4. 4. “This represents a major step forward for the Defence Forces; it will enable both improved communication for our personnel at home and overseas, and improved access to information which will enable better decision-making in a shorter time frame, bringing about significant cost, and sometimes life-saving efficiencies.” Chief of staff, Irish Defence Forces, Vice Admiral Mark Mellett. DSM
  5. 5. Why listen?
  6. 6. NATO SME meeting moved from Brussels to Dublin
  7. 7. IT Professionals of the year
  8. 8. 1st place KM and Intellectual Capital awards
  9. 9. In one year: Fully rolled out seamlessly to 9500 org On island, overseas, Naval Ships 2500 x 1 day end user courses 200 x 1 week admin courses
  10. 10. Full Enterprise social Lessons Learned database Wikis Blogs Knowledge Sharing Videos
  11. 11. Timeline
  12. 12. Study problem Senior leadership support Trial Rollout
  13. 13. Research Intranets 2016
  14. 14. Over 200 Surveys and interviews conducted in; USA, Sweden, Belgium and all Brigades and formations of the Irish Defence Forces. Over 20 Countries and Organisations surveyed; Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, USA, France, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Hungary, Canada, Belgium, Malta, Greece, UK, NATO, UN, CIMIC Fusion Centre, LGCSB, Numerous Govt. Dpts. Using ICT to Support Information and Knowledge Management in Defence
  15. 15. Technology platforms acting as inhibitor
  16. 16. • Support of the highest level of management is secured first. These projects need champions • Start with polices and procedures • Informational needs of end users is needed before beginning • Ensure the information architecture is in place • Ensure technology is easy to use and has some social networking element • Conduct a test launch • A single ‘point of truth’ • Where possible train managers/leaders separately • Establish a reward system
  17. 17. Senior leadership buy in…
  18. 18. Create the burning platform…
  19. 19. Information Overload
  20. 20. Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003 Eric Schmidt Around 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It would take you around 15 years to watch every video uploaded by users in one day YouTube If you burned all of the data created in just one day onto DVDs, you could stack them on top of each other and reach the moon – twice Bernard Marr
  21. 21. Cost of discovery
  22. 22. Process Technology INFORMATION MANAGEMENT People •Right information available •Right people •Right time •Right form IKM supports the way we work >50% ~20% ~30% To enable effective decision making Standards Document ation Electronic Working Practices Governance Policy Training Culture Induction Staff turnover Leadership Environment Workflows Security Search tools, Portals
  23. 23. Information management is a basic building block of knowledge management
  24. 24. KNOWLEDGE Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge
  26. 26. Back office Capture Data Files, Briefs Email etc Manage Information Record Management Publish Knowledge Lessons learnt Best Practice Front Office Quality not Quantity IM AND KM
  27. 27. IKON Project
  28. 28. A short word on technical design…
  29. 29. Information Architecture
  30. 30. Defence Forces Information and Knowledge Management Strategy 4 Pillar Framework, 2012 – 2016
  31. 31. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  32. 32. The ability to search a multitude of locations, presenting results in a meaningful, ordered manner.
  33. 33. IKON Prototype
  34. 34. • Ontology • Taxonomy • Folksonomy Social…
  35. 35. Metadata and Taxonomies
  36. 36. IKON
  37. 37. Knowledge Base IKON has a fully searchable knowledge base, which will store all After Action Reviews, Lessons Learned and Best Practises.
  38. 38. So what????
  39. 39. Intranets 2016
  40. 40. Prototype – Fail better ! Configuration V Customisation Technical Dialogue Social Carrot and stick
  41. 41. Key Lessons Learned Don’t Underestimate Senior Management Buy In Leverage emerging tech/trends Clear Vision
  42. 42. Major Barry Byrne Chief IKM Officer, Irish Defence Forces Asst. Professor, Trinity College Dublin @ikmsolutions barrybyrneirl