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Demystifying the Customer Decision Journey

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Is “Consumer Decision Journey” just a buzzword?

We have heard many fellow marketers complaining about the overuse of the “Consumer Decision Journey” buzzword. We think of it differently: the term itself is too generic to be considered actionable in many cases. It’s like learning a verb without knowing its conjugations – you understand it in principle but can’t apply it in reality.

In this blog post, we will discuss in details: how B2B customers’ loyalty loop is created differently to B2C’s, and how you can align your marketing to seize the moment that loop appears.

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Demystifying the Customer Decision Journey

  1. 1. Demystifying the “Customer Decision Journey” in a B2B Context
  2. 2. AboutAboutAbout Beachhead Contact us email: • A marketing agency founded to help B2B marketers adapt to the changing world of marketing technology. • Learn more at
  3. 3. Is “Consumer Decision Journey” just a buzzword? • It offers more value to B2C marketers than B2B marketers • Would these basic principles apply to the B2b world?
  4. 4. In this presentation… • How B2B customers’ loyalty loop is created differently to B2C’s. • How you can align your marketing to seize the moment that loop appears.
  5. 5. Loyalty measurement
  6. 6. I. Loyalty loop repetition (times of purchases) This criteria applied for business users and end users.
  7. 7. In the consumer product case, end user is usually also the decision maker.
  8. 8. B2B marketers purchasing criteria is more complicated.
  9. 9. What makes B2B buyer’s decision journey more complicated?
  10. 10. If companies buy your product, they are structurally loyal due to contractual agreements.
  11. 11. When this contract expires, hidden factors affecting a decision to replace your product.
  12. 12. … or it can also be a shift in the loyalty of the people in the account.
  13. 13. So, don’t count how many times a company buys from you but how many times a person does, no matter where he goes.
  14. 14. II. Loyalty loop proliferation (referencing reach) • Much less obvious and revenue-based • Create more ground for developing new and engaged leads.
  15. 15. B2C buyer preference is based on personal opinion…
  16. 16. and not affect other’s perception.
  17. 17. • Peer recommendation • Industry best practices • Successful case studies • Free demos
  18. 18. B2B preferences = References
  19. 19. Don’t evaluate a buyer only by how many times he buys from you but also by how many people he influences.
  20. 20. Go Track the Seeds
  21. 21. Doing B2C business is like planting trees An end user is like an orchid.
  22. 22. Multiple blooms => Multiple purchases
  23. 23. A B2B buyer is like an dandelion. Doing B2B business is like planting trees, too
  24. 24. Dandelions bloom several times in their lifetime, but they breed pretty well. So, one dandelion flower definitely creates more plants than an orchid flower does.
  25. 25. Follow the seeds and give them reasons to stay loyal to you. => Use green house
  26. 26. In business: greenhouse = social networks Use LinkedIn to avoid losing seeds and to figure out new potential decision makers.
  27. 27. Your seeds are yours, but only if you can control the greenhouse.
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