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How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

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This slidedeck from the Beaconstac's 'Webinar Primer Series' discusses how businesses can integrate iBeacon technology into their app, whether they should use their app or a third party app for the same, and how to make sure that their beacon strategy ties to their revenue strategy.

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How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

  1. 1. How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app Ravi Pratap Co-founder & CTO | MobStac December 2014 Beacon Primer Webinar Series
  2. 2. Beacon Primer Webinar Series Challenges of deploying Beacons in the real worldAugust September October December Upcoming How to choose the right beacons for your business How to measure the ROI of your beacon-enabled campaigns How to deploy and manage a fleet of beacons How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app
  3. 3. What are beacons? • Low-cost, low-power transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) • Help mobile devices detect proximity and determine micro-location
  4. 4. How beacons work Beacons don’t transmit content. Period. • A beacon transmits a signal that allows another device to determine its proximity to the beacon
  5. 5. Today’s webinar 1. You need a mobile app 2. Your app vs. a 3rd party app
  6. 6. You need an app. Beacons do nothing by themselves A beacon-enabled app installed on devices running iOS 7.1 (or above) will look for beacons even if the app isn’t active. Android (4.3+) devices with BLE hardware need a service running in the background that continuously searches for beacons.
  7. 7. iBeacon-enabled Apps 3rd party app Passbook Build your own app
  8. 8. Your own iBeacon-enabled app Build your own app 3rd party app Passbook
  9. 9. • Works best for: o Brands that have an app with a sufficient number of downloads o Brands that can incentivize the consumer to download their app o Tesco’s MyStore app o Improves customer experience o In-store navigation Your own iBeacon-enabled app
  10. 10. 3rd-party iBeacon-enabled apps 3rd party app Passbook Build your own app
  11. 11. • Works best for: o Brands that don’t have an app or lack widespread distribution o Brand willing to invest in the beacon hardware, but happy to leave the software development to a well-known 3rd-party • Macy’s use of Shopkick 3rd-party iBeacon-enabled apps
  12. 12. Passbook on iOS 3rd party app Passbook Build your own app
  13. 13. • Works best for: o Simple use cases that involve images that need to be transferred to the consumer’s device • Werribee Plaza, Melbourne (shopping mall) Integrating with Passbook
  14. 14. Beaconstac Eddystone Platform • UNLIMITED user interactions • Integrated with Google Analytics • Rules-based rotating URLs • Custom Domain • Customer Support
  15. 15. Questions? @beaconstac | @ravipratap