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Webinar - Challenges of Deploying Beacons in the Real World

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Webinar - Challenges of Deploying Beacons in the Real World

  1. 1. Challenges of deploying beacons in the real world Ravi Pratap CTO | MobStac August 2014
  2. 2. Agenda 1. What are beacons? 2. How they work 3. Why use beacons? 4. Use cases 5. Deployment challenges
  3. 3. What are Beacons? Beacons are low-cost, low-power transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) that can be used to detect proximity and determine micro-location.
  4. 4. How Beacons work • Beacons transmit a signal that allows another device to determine its proximity to the beacon • Beacons don’t transmit content, they simply transmit a signal that lets a user’s smartphone or tablet figure out its proximity to the beacon • Beacons and WiFi
  5. 5. Why use Beacons? Create awareness: Let users know what’s happening Improve customer experience Engage users
  6. 6. You need an app. Beacons do nothing by themselves A beacon-enabled app installed on devices running iOS 7.1 (or above) will look for beacons even if the app isn’t active. Android devices need a service running in the background that continuously searches for beacons.
  7. 7. Use cases Increase sales, drive customer engagement and loyalty Boost real-time interactivity Delight your guests with frictionless hospitality Retail Museums Hotels
  8. 8. Use cases Gamify events and trade shows with location-based information Enable frictionless air travel with smart airports Delight visitors with exclusive rich-media content Events Airports Theme parks
  9. 9. Real world challenges • Installation • Tracking, monitoring and managing your fleet • Security aspects to keep in mind • Proximity marketing and analytics
  10. 10. Beacon deployment requires proper planning and tools • Account for interference from other devices • Optimize placement of multiple beacons to reduce zone overlap • Plan beacon procurement based on your needs
  11. 11. Beacon fleet management is an ongoing task • Track data coming from multiple beacons in the field • Monitor beacons for battery life and last ping time • Combat beacon theft • Choose a beacon-agnostic software platform for fleet management
  12. 12. Security aspects to keep in mind • Detect unauthorized authentication attempts • Reduce attack surface area • Provide a mechanism for software update
  13. 13. Proximity marketing and analytics • Trigger context-specific notifications based on data from your CRM and loyalty management tools • Define complex rules based on a user's dwell time at a particular section or proximity to a beacon • Rapidly customize beacon-enabled apps through server-side changes
  14. 14. Gather data on user behavior through beacon analytics • Measure footfalls, visits online and visits through apps • Gather data on recency and frequency of visits, behavior and transactions across channels • Assess merchandising and marketing effectiveness across channels
  15. 15. Beaconstac Eddystone Platform • UNLIMITED user interactions • Integrated with Google Analytics • Rules-based rotating URLs • Custom Domain • Customer Support
  16. 16. Questions? 1 @beaconstac | @ravipratap