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Creating discoverable learning content using a user-friendly authoring environment

Digital learning content is becoming more and more commonplace. However, the creation of this learning content is usually done in specialized publishing platforms, that may lock in the content. This prevents the learning content from being discovered automatically, and hinders its uptake. A more general approach for authoring discoverable learning content is needed. We built a user-friendly authoring environment for creating digital publications, enriched with multimedia and interactivity features. This authoring environment outputs the created content in open formats, independent of any publishing platform.
We adjusted our authoring environment to create semantically enriched learning content using the RDFa syntax, without the need for manual intervention.
This presentation and accompanying video ( shows how well-structured and well-annotated digital learning content can be created and validated using our authoring environment. The result is a discoverable publication in an open format, ready to be distributed as is, or ready to be imported in existing publishing platforms.

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Creating discoverable learning content using a user-friendly authoring environment

  1. 1. Creating Discoverable Learning Content Using a User-Friendly Authoring Environment Ben De Meester Hajar Ghaem Sigarchian, Tom De Nies, Anastasia Dimou, Wesley De Neve, Erik Mannens, Rik Van De Walle University Ghent – iMinds – Multimedia Lab Linked Learning meets LinkedUp: Learning and Education with the Web of Data Collocated with ISWC2014
  2. 2. On the menu: Discoverable Learning Content in EPUB 3… … and the authoring environment to make that happen Demo
  3. 3. Discoverable Learning Content in EPUB 3…
  4. 4. L/CMS SCORM/… LOM Distribution Package format Metadata Current situation
  5. 5. Current situation Closed ecosystem L/CMS SCORM/… LOM Distribution Package format Metadata
  6. 6. L/CMS SCORM/… LOM THE WEB (including L/CMS) Alternative EPUB 3/EDUPUB… (including LOM via LRMI)
  7. 7. BUT…
  8. 8. You can’t (practically) create linked content like this:
  9. 9. The user-friendly Authoring Environment to make linked learning content
  10. 10. DEMO
  11. 11. Next steps Exploit EPUB 3/semantic annotations Auto-discoverability of learning content User testing the Authoring Environment Increase capabilities of e-reading for better learning
  12. 12. Link to the paper: Our project Our pilot project partners: Special thanks to SWSA for support in the form of a travel grant