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Shipsi main presentation

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Shipsi main presentation

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Shipsi main presentation

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Shipsi is the next generation platform and marketplace for logistics. From a bicycle delivery in China to self driving trucks in California, Shipsi is the hub that connects them all. Our open, API driven infrastructure and unique hub and spoke logistics model gives unparalleled functionality to this market. Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence optimization with support for augmented reality, RFID and IOT. We can improve efficiency in order of magnitudes compared to existing solutions.
  2. 2. HERE’S THE PROBLEM Logistics is inherently complicated, but the premise is simple. However, getting something from A to B is rife with complexity. Delivery exceptions happen all the time and their knock on impact is significant. Empty and partial loads are common and create huge inefficiencies in the market as well as creating significant environmental impact. Man in the middle, the market is still dominated by brokers who can increase the overall costs of transportation by up to 50%. The industry is slow to adopt technology. In today's connected world, the logistics world is still woefully underserved in technology. Smaller providers still depend on phones, paper, checks, excel and email. Lack of standardization outside of the small packages market standardization rarely exists. Package handling can vary significantly from one provider to another.
  5. 5. ENTER SHIPSI A Web/Mobile/App Platform Driven Marketplace GO TO PLATFORM FOR LOGISTICS A single platform to manage, control and transact with the entire logistics process that plays well with existing processes and systems. INTERNATIONAL Inbuilt support for over 50 languages and direct in country payment support for over 150 countries. FEEDBACK AND QUALITY CONTROL Feedback and quality indicators are built into the core of the service. MARKETPLACE Two way transparent marketplace that supports brokers as well as direct transactions. HUB AND SPOKE Our data model allows for so much more than A to B transactions, multiple legs, transit points and much more are supported. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Industry leading AI technology that optimizes and monitors the platform to provide unparalleled insight and control. TRACKING AND MONITORING We support GPS, RFID, Q Codes and more. We are working with ODG to provide a simple, yet powerful augmented reality application that can be used in the field. OPEN STANDARDS & API’S We use simple industry standard restful API’s and integration into 3rd party platforms like Zapier to provide compatibility into almost any system. AUTOMATED EXCEPTION CONTROL When shipment exceptions occurs our system can not only handle the knock on effects, but automatically process the cost implications. AMAZING ECONOMIES OF SCALE Consolidation of part and empty shipments is both good for the bottom line and the environment.
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY Predictive Demand AI This allows demand levels to be predicted in real time, allowing you to schedule jobs in a far more efficient way with less planning. This also allows customers to reduce costs on low priority deliveries by providing the option to use excess capacity in your network. Exception Handling AI Logistics always has failure points, and dealing with those issues is both time consuming and inefficient and damages customer relationships. With exception handling Shipsi can identify the resources in real time to get your shipment back on track. Big Data We can analyse in real time the data across the system and provide unparalleled insight. Through our multiple feedback systems we can predict when customers are frustrated or when drivers are about to leave, so you can take remedial action before it's too late. Real Time Tracking We can integrate into almost any tracking system to provide real time analysis and network display. Additionally we can provide product level tracking via augmented reality or RFID. This allows you to pick and pack at much higher efficiency than traditional systems.
  7. 7. A SIMPLE BUSINESS MODEL SAAS Providing our tracking and management technologies to companies with internal logistics capabilities. REVENUE SPLIT Transactions on the marketplace produce transaction revenue. FINANCE Facilitating invoice financing and insurance products provides us with significant commision. BIG DATA Our system collects and analyzes large amounts of valuable information. WHITE LABEL Our customer can set up white label versions of Shipsi providing us with recurring SAAS platform fees and transaction fees for every shipment.
  8. 8. KEY PARTNERS TENSORFLOW Google's artificial intelligence platform allows us to rapidly deploy industry leading AI technology . TRANSPAY Our global payout partner. Allowing low cost distribution of funds to over 120 countries. UBER The world's leading on-demand logistics provider. We leverage UberRush delivery for on demand delivery. STARKCORE Google's artificial intelligence platform allows us to rapidly deploy industry leading AI technology .
  9. 9. TRACTION TPF network they have engaged us to deliver them a white label version of Shipsi for their network consisting of 54 worldwide logistics companies, their network also allows us to deliver anywhere in the world on day one. Within the next few weeks have an LOI for a product test this year with Restoration Hardware($1.5 Billion in revenue) Logistics company is trialing us to run shipping in the caribbean and provide them with a white label version of Shipsi. Freight broker who have already put jobs through our system. We are in early stage talks with Uber to become their recommended logistics bridge and warehousing technology provider. Logistics company are committed to using us to run their international logistics.
  10. 10. PIPELINE 4000 Qualified Leads 500 Sent Emails 20 Interested Responses 3 Paying Customers* 2 White Label Partners* Progress *Once customer acceptance testing is completed
  11. 11. TEAM Ben Way Founder, Chairman Best selling author who advised the white house on mobile technology. Recipient of Young Entrepreneur of the Year . Developer of one of the first European incubators. Joey Ricard CTO Specialist in open API’s platforms and big data with over fifteen years of technology experience. Nick Ris Business Development 15+ years in mobile & tech, 3 continents, has a track record of successfully introducing and monetizing new technology to the world's largest companies. Daniel K. Kim Jr. CEO An expert in supply chain management with over 20 years experience in the International Logistics Industry as a Freight Forwarder/N.V.O.C.C. United States Marine Corps Veteran with experience in handling military logistics/supply.
  12. 12. ADVISORS Eoin Harrington Head of innovation for Restoration Hardware. Controlled logistics expert. Kai Blache Prior to becoming a seasoned New York VC, Kai served as a VP at JP Morgan, DNB and Parabus Bank. He takes an active role is his portfolio investments of head of investor relations and finance. Laura Wagner Resourceful, strategic visionary with 20 years of branding, niche marketing and executive leadership excellence in both start-up and turnaround ventures. Joshua Scott Founder of Shyp($250M+ exit), entrepreneur, designer, and early stage investor. He currently splits his time between Toronto, New York, and San Francisco, where he helps build companies and foster talent as an advisor to startups.
  13. 13. ECOSYSTEM
  14. 14. THANK YOU Kai Blache 917 283 0436 Daniel Kim 714 313 3988 Ben Way 415 480 9533