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SAP PP Certification Overview (mindmap edition)

This is a highlevel view of PP.
For more comprehensive details, please checkout: ERP Made Simple: ERP Explained in 80 Pages or Less

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SAP PP Certification Overview (mindmap edition)

  1. 1. SAP PP Concepts / Processes GI (to Order) CNF GR Prelim Cost Simul Cost PP Reports TECODLVPREL Final Sett Period Sett Plan Cost Actual Cost Discrete •Assemble to new Thing •Easier to reverse •Electronics, Aero/Auto •BOM/Operation/WC •Parts-number •Tcode: CO01 Process •Mix to new Stuff, Co-Prdt •Difficultto reverse •Chemical, F&B •Recipe/Phase/Resource •Batch number •Tcode: COR1 Industry Repetitive (REM) •Discrete Ind. (typical) •Period/QtyBase •Simple routing •Periodic backflush •Periodic cost control MF Order Pln Order PR/SA MRP Run MRP Prof MRP Type CO01 MIGO CO11N MIGO COOIS CO88 Cost Settings •DefRule Sett (PP1/2) •RA Key (WIP) •Def CostVar (Plan) •Def CostVar (Act) •Cost Collector Flag RA Key WIP OKV6 VAR Key TCV VAR OrdTyp Flex Plan IBP SO&P Manual [MD61] Forecasting Sales Order Settle Profile Ord/Plnt Default Period Cost Direct Cost Dir. Material Dir. Labour MMR Work Center BOM Routing OrdTyp Selection 1.ProdSchd Prof [OPKP] 2.ProdScheduler‘s -> ProdSchdProf [OPJ9] 3.MRPGrp/Plnt [OPPE] 4.MRPGrp Para [OPPR] 5.Plant Para [OPPQ] MM03 MD01N Cost Center ATPMF Order OPL8 Operations CO Reports Product Cost Collector KKF6N ProductionVersion Mat Staging CR03 KS03 CS03 CA03 For Lean Manufacturing Ctrl Key •MRP •Kanban REM Prof Assign at FG level Assign at OrdTyp level •Backflush •MovTyp OPP3 OH Sett KGI2 KKS2 VAR CO88 KKAX WIP KB21N KSZ2 CostSht OH KKAX Zero the WIP Back Flush Backflushing •Order Level •MMR Level •WC Level •OrdTyp Cnf [OPK4] OPJ8 + Auto GR at Ctrl Key •Batch Determ •InspTyp QM Chk QM QE51N InspTyp 03 InspTyp 04 CIRPIR OPU3 OrdSchd Para Capacity Mgmt CM21 •Oper •Ctrl Key •WC •StdVal •Capacity •Schedule •Cost (Formula) ActTyp KL03 Scrap OKO7 OPJH [10] Make-to-Stock(MTS) [11] MTS - Gross Reqt [40] MTS net of PIR/CIR [70] Assembly-to-Stock [20] Make-to-Order(MTO) AAC=E [21] MTO with PS (ETO) AAC=D [25] MTO with VC AAC=M [50] Assembly-to-OrderAAC=M (selective list only) Other settings 1. Mxed MRP Ind. 2. Consupt. Mode 3. Indiv/Coll Ind Settings in OVZG will supersede DefRule Sett if MTO •MRP (PD) •DDMRP (D1) •Reorder Point (VB) •Forecast (VV) •Time-phased(R1) CBP “Scenario” E: MTO, SD Cost, SD-Stk M: MTO, PP Cost,SD-Stk B: MTS, SD Cost, Coll-Stk Q: ETO, PS Cost, PS-Stk D: ETO, PS Cost, SD-Stk G: MTS, PS Cost, Coll-Stk OME9 KSB1 (CC) KOB1 (IO) KVBI (SOitm) CJI3 (WBS) Adv Planning (PP/DS) MRP (Classic) Demand Mgmt MRP Live CO41 COR1 (PI) COOISPI (PI) •Fixed PO Receipt •Firmed PlnOrd •Firmed PR •Lot Size Strategy Planned Indep Reqt (PIR) Customer Indep Reqt (CIR) OPPS ReqClass •A/C Assign Cat (Consupt Post, Spec.Stock) •Order Type (either PP / PS) •Settle Profile •RA Key OVZG Internal ProcurementStrategy MD04 MD15 Order Type PP/PP-PI/PM (OrdCat: 10,40,30) PS Network (OrdCat: 20) KOT2 MTO – base on S/O (ie CIR)MTS – base on forecast (ie PIR) CJ20N VA01 Sales Order Project/WBS MF Order CN08 ‘MTO’: SOitm->COPA [KKA3+VA88] ‘ETO’: WBS->COPA [KKA2+CJ88] •MAT (if MTS) •CO Objects (SOitm, WBS) •COPA Shopfloor Costing MTO MD51 MD50 OVZI – can override ReqClass search rule for MTO OPJK