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  1. 1. CONTACT CURVESSENCE | | +61 2 8084 0710
  2. 2. By accepting this Product Information Booklet the recipient organisation agrees to the following terms:   This Product Information Booklet contains valuable commercial-in-confidence and trade secret information about Curvessence™ Technology and planned Curvessence™ Products.    Curvessence™ Technology and planned Curvessence™ Products are patent pending and protected under worldwide intellectual property laws including laws protecting trade secrets.    This Product Information Booklet and information in it or otherwise provided by Curvessence may not be disclosed or copied in whole or in part or provided to any person outside the organisation that first receives it.  Information in this Product Information Booklet or otherwise provided by Curvessence may only be disclosed within the organisation that first receives it on a need to know basis for the purpose of that organisation evaluating Curvessence™ Technology and planned Curvessence™ Products for the purpose of prospective business dealings between that organisation and Curvessence and not for any other purpose.     Curvessence does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information in this Product Information Booklet.   The above Terms apply in addition to any terms expressly agreed between Curvessence and the organisation.   Copyright © 2012 Curvessence Pty Limited ABN 97 154 894 578
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  4. 4. page 03 After working for over 20 years in intimate apparel, pioneering the design of many of the world’s best selling bras, notably as Creative Director for Pleasure State and Elle Macpherson Intimates, I realised that fashion could also be combined with that elusive quality of comfort. Some 50 years ago the underwire bra was introduced to women’s apparel. An innovation in its time, modern technology has passed it by. We still have a piece of unyielding steel that gives form and support to the bra, and is fundamentally uncomfortable. I decided there was a need to create a truly comfortable, supportive and feminine bra to replace the archaic underwire bra. For some years I have been exploring innovative design practice in bra’s, and I am passionate that looks and functionality should be addressed equally, to arrive at leading and innovative new products. Quite clearly the underwire bra needed to be re-engineered from scratch. My vision was to create a truly comfortable and supportive bra, delivering 3D Bra technology to replace underwires and Curvessence is the realisation of this vision. Kay Cohen Founder | CEO Curvessence Pty Ltd A personal message from the Inventor of Curvessence 3D Bra Technology Kay Cohen
  5. 5. curvessence 3d bra technology
  6. 6. page 05 Introducing ‘Curvessence’ the world’s first 3D bra cup with state-of-the-art technology replacing metal underwires. Utilises 3D sculpted memory nylon polymers designed to follow the curves of a woman’s torso Eliminates metal underwires Incorporates a fully 3D luxury bra cup providing comfort, support, and shape to the bust Offers an extensive size range of fittings and bra design profiles from plunge to full coverage With Curvessence 3D Bra technology, an all new and superior type of bra cup is now possible. This innovative 3D Bra utilises memory nylon polymers sculpted to conform to a woman’s body, and places enormous importance on comfort, fit and style. Using the latest in 3D body modeling and compositepolymeradvances,Curvessencehas created the perfect underwire replacement. Engineered to work with a woman’s curves the 3D Bra is light, supportive, feminine and unbelievably comfortable.
  7. 7. absolutely underwire free Superior in every way to metal underwires, the Curvessence engineered compound is a malleable, ultra tough nylon polymer. The Curvessence compound is ultra light, durable and gets stronger in the wash, remembering its contour, for enduring comfort and a perfect fit. A revolution starts here
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  9. 9. A fresh canvas The patented technology of the Curvessence Bra cup is suitable for working in multiple fabric types, including molded fabrics, cottons and laces. With applications spanning quality every day wear to couture, Curvessence is the ultimate foundation for bra design. The Curvessence Bra cup offers superior comfort, and is available in a wide range of bra cups and sizes.
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  11. 11. Preformed3Dcontourrelievesanaverage of7.5cmsofforcedunderwirecontortion Replacing Underwires The all-new Curvessence 3D Bra technology replaces the traditional and often uncomfortable 2D metal underwires. Traditional 2D metal underwires are forced an average 7.5cms (3”) around the wearer’s bust, often resulting in discomfort. The Curvessence revolutionary patented 3D Bra emulates the natural curves of a woman’s torso. Through the use of new cutting edge materials, this innovation delivers all day comfort and a perfect fit. 3d bra technology 7.5cm
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  13. 13. Into the Third Dimension The new bra technology by Curvessence is truly 3D. Based on thousands of 3D body scans, Curvessence studied and learned the real shapes of women’s bodies. Featuring multiple planes that emulate the natural curves of a woman’s torso, this ground breaking invention is the basis of the world’s first 3D Bra cup. The result is a perfect fit plus the benefit of all day comfort.
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  15. 15. Curvessence 3D Bra technology is fully integrated into the foam bra cup pad, meaning the end of bulky and uncomfortable wire channels. Combining the 3D elements of underwire replacement, and the revolutionary Curvessence Bra cup, delivers a truly smooth bra that effortlessly works with the wearer’s lifestyle. Beautiful on the inside
  16. 16. page 15 There is a tremendous carbon advantage offered by the Curvessence 3D Bra technology. With regard to the amount of steel needed, the savings in carbon alone are: Seven times less the volume of fossil fuel used Release of up to fourteen times less green house gases Substantially fewer demands on extraction of metal resources Plus the benefit of hundreds of times less toxic risk to people and our ecosystems Carbon Advantage
  17. 17. Curvessence is the brand within the brand, the ingredient which will mean quality and innovation to consumers. As a quality component supplier Curvessence will provide relevant point of sale material. the brand inside
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