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Barnton Company Profile

Company profile for Barnton.

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Barnton Company Profile

  1. 1. company profile
  2. 2. Barnton matures supply chains. Whether a business is in a growth cycle or facing challenges, the supply chain is consistently under pressure. From continuous pressure on margins due to cost containment, to shortening product lifecycles. There is an increasing reliance on specialisation and collaboration. Market boundaries are always shifting. Global competition is an undoubted reality. Over and above these factors, supply and demand shocks bombard the supply chain at any time. At supply chain specialist, Barnton we know how to ensure that a business, both large and small successfully climbs the supply chain maturity curve, at altitude. The maturity evolution of the supply chain is inevitable. The question is the degree to which a business leads the process or is led by it. Who is Barnton? Founded in 2002, Barnton delivers supply chain services to a wide range of customers across multiple industries. We are known for delivering solutions swiftly at various levels of sophistication in customer planning processes. Barnton drives consistent, accurate and profitable supply chain plans, together with meticulous implementation thereof. Our service offering ranges from customised supply chain planning software to full 4PL supply chain management. With extensive supply chain management experience that is backed by highly customisable and effective software, we deliver lower inventory cost, optimised capacity usage and improved customer service. Our customer base includes large, blue-chip and small companies in the FMCG, Building Supplies, Telecommunications and Automotive industries. “As in any alpine region, the weather is changeable,protection questionable, route- finding bewildering, rock fallfrequent and descents tedious. In short, it’s everything you could ever ask for.” Excerpt from the Canadian Alpine Journal, 1993
  3. 3. Maturity curve climb know-how Barnton’s five-phase transitional view of the supply chain maturity curve Most supply chain matured past the basic stage. Despite this, in almost all supply chains small processes remain at that level. In many cases, this creates the bottleneck that holds back the maturity growth of the full supply chain. Significant opportunities lie in combining talent, technology and transition.Without all three supply chain drivers effectively implemented and working together, even the most brilliant strategy will never fly.TALENTHaving the best people on board is imperative to create a high performance supply chain environment. Barnton develops companiesexisting skills base, whether at a leadership or operational level through supply chain training and leadership coaching. We aslofacilitate the implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage both process and people.TECHNOLOGYA comprehensive understanding of supply chain enabling technology is critical. Technology are devided into four categories:1. Software: Forecasting, planning, transport, warehouse, inventory etc.2. e-Business: EDI, web portals, electronic invoicing, advance shipment notices etc.3. Visibility and productivity: Bar codes, RFID,Voice and light picking etc.4. Process advances: SCOR, Lean manufacturing, six sigma etc.TRANSITIONThe management of change requires calculation of risk, application of project and change management principles, communicationwith the right people, and planning for sustaining changes implemented. Barnton ably partners with its customers to ensuresuccessful transitions up the supply chain maturity curve. To successfully climb the supply chain maturity curve, business requires a combination of talent, technology and transition.
  4. 4. Barnton supply chain gearOur strength lies in our ability to identify the 20% change lever through which 80%impact can be achieved. It lies in our flexibility, blue chip track record and supply chainoptimisation expertise. Our ability to source and implement solutions rapidly, as well asour understanding of moving companies along the maturity curve forges long-term valuechain collaboration.Services (detailed below) include: Advanced demand and supply planning software and solutions ~ ranging from Barnton signature solutions for web-based demand planning, supply planning and deployment planning to customised solutions that solve critical supply chain issues. Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) supply chain management ~ management of supply chain complexities and performance, end-to-end. Supply chain consulting ~ from supply chain strategy through to the implementation of end-to-end supply chain management processes, including plan, source, make, deliver and return processes. Supply chain specialisation training ~ Barnton-developed training, customised to support specific supply chain strategies.Barnton’s results include optimised inventory levels, elimination of stock-outs, increased sales, improved customer service, efficientoperations, reduced overtime costs and heightened collaboration between departments. Consider that in just six months, the teamsuccessfully established an end-to-end supply chain from India to Africa - from a zero base.1. SUPPLY CHAIN CONSULTATION AND ANALYSIS Our combination of leveraging the SCOR methodology to improve the plan, source, make, deliver and return processes with the Barnton supply chain maturity curve assessment approach, enables exceptional supply chain strategy formulation and mapping of actions for continuous improvement. The Barnton demand and supply chain software delivers various supply chain consultation solutions that range from inventory optimisation and capacity expansion project what-if studies to demand predictions. Barnton’s analytical expertise is applied to enable more accurate supply chain management decisions. Definition and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).2. OUTSOURCED SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES 4PL management of logistics including warehousing, inventory and transport on a national basis. Barnton currently manages stock for customers in Durban, Cape Town, Heidelberg, Pretoria and Johannesburg and delivers equipment to building sites using specialised equipment. Selection and contracting of 3PL service providers. Selection, placement and management of supply chain employees, either on behalf of a customer or an onsite Barnton contract-based supply chain specialist.3.TRAINING AND COACHING Knowledge sharing and skills transfer through presentation of logistics and supply chain management training. Supply and demand planning (all levels) Customised in-house training to support specific supply chain strategies Supply chain ladder of leadership Formal supply chain management mentorship and/or coaching on a one-on-one basis “Definition: Alpinism is the art of going through the mountains confronting the greatest dangers with the biggest of cares. What we call art here, is the application of knowledge to an action.” R Daumal
  5. 5. 4. CUSTOMISABLE SUPPLY AND DEMANDPLANNING SOFTWARE SUITES4.1 DEMAND PLANNING SOFTWARE(Bforecasting)A highly accurate forecast is a key driver to supply chain success. With Barnton Consulting’s BForecasting solution, planners havea robust, yet easy to use foundation for dramatically improving forecast accuracy. The result? Increased sales, better inventorymanagement and more efficient supply chain performance.The solution is web-based, ensuring effortless access to a wider audience. Collaboration is supported by detailed audit trailfunctionality. View and adjust your synchronised forecasts in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual time buckets, seamlesslyswitching from one forecast to another. Allocate changes using top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out methodologies. 4.2 SUPPLY PLANNING SOFTWARE (Bplanning) BPlanning is a highly customisable supply planning tool, applicable to the manufacturing and procurement environments. Its strength lies in rapid setup of constraints, ensuring planners understand which items fall within and outside of capacity and enabling adjustment of plans to align major resources with demand. Planning is supported by an intuitive graphical interface which enables the palnner to interact with the data and fine tune plans to exetable accuracy.4.3 DEPLOYMENT PLANNING SOFTWARE(Bdeployment)Bdeployment handles the replenishment from factories to depots. Typicallythe demand from depots cannot be fully supplied due to shortages at theafctories. This software allow the palnner to fair share available productbased on business rules. The optimiser will use minimum and maximumparameters to fill vehicles to fully utilise the transport capacity. The userfriendly user interface enables the planner to visually see the impact of thechanges to a vehicle’s load to both the source and destination sites. 4.4. FOURTH PARTY LOGISTICS SOFTWARE (B4PL) B4PL is a web-based tool for Fourth Party Logistics Service Providers (4PLs) that enables end-to-end supply chain management. From customer demand to supplier availability, shipment scheduling and documentation to stock transactions.This includes a fully fledged warehouse management functionality.The software is used by the Barnton team to manage supply chains on behalf of customers.
  6. 6. Seasoned leadership team. The Barnton team is made up of 14 staff members, ranging fromExpertise. Dedication. Hands-On Value. programmers and IT support to operational staff and consultants.Barnton is owned by two directors: Markie Louw Barnton founder, Markie Louw is a qualified civil engineer with a post-graduate diploma in Scientific Computing from the University of Johannesburg (previously RAU). Her career kicked off as a civil engineer for Spoornet, whereafter she travelled extensively while working in the United Kingdom. On her return to South Africa, she joined IT consultancy, Acuity where she gained invaluable software development skills. In 2002, Markie founded Barnton Consulting, where she has successfully delivered to customers including the Department of Labour, Department of Works and Department of Education. Notably, she is the developer of Barnton’s signature software suites, which include BForecasting, Bplanning, Bdeployment and B4PL. Her technological know-how and innovation provides Barnton with a significant competitive edge. “The best climber in the world is the one who’s having the most fun.” Alex LoweThinus HermannThinus began his career at Armscor in missile modelling. Thereafter he joined Clover,where his expertise expanded into logistics modeling and optimisation. He wasresponsible for line management of the company’s central warehouse and establisheda central demand and supply planning department.After a decade at Clover, Thinus joined Tiger Brands as the supply chain executive forTastic. His responsibilities included procurement, manufacturing, logistics and planning.Over and above this, he was given the role of management of Grains Logistics, wherehe was accountable for the logistics of five grains businesses. His skills were furtherharnessed in a Group Logistics role, where he was required to find synergies betweenthe different Tiger businesses.In January 2008, he brought his skills to Barnton.Thinus is hands-on within the business,working together with customers to achieve their supply chain optimisation goals. ““The real, in all this effort is that we climb just for climbing.” Jules Michelet (1798-1874)
  7. 7. BEE status.Barnton is a level 4 contributor.Queries.Clip in. Contact us.Physical adress:1642 Sterkfontein RoadDoornkloofIrenePretoriaPostal adress:PO Box 12484Clubview0014Contact details:Marketing and management:Thinus: +27 72 502 +27 72 296 2157 +27 86 660 4027Software development and support:Markie: +27 82 497 +27 83 296 and outsourcing:Thea: +27 82 771 +27 79 516