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Proposal for Internet Marketing Consulting

Get a detailed plan to market your business online in 2012.

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Proposal for Internet Marketing Consulting

  1. 1. “You Wouldnt Go on a Roadtrip Without a Map, Would You? Then Why Are You Doing Online Marketing Without a Plan?” Internet Marketing Plan Development Need some fresh ideas to make your online marketing effective, exciting and interactive? Don’t you know how internet marketing will assist you in achieving your objectives? Maybe you don’t even have an online strategy yet?You need to speak to us.This is what we will give you: We will develop a tailor-made online marketing plan for you business.Our process to develop your unique online marketing plan is simple yet effective.First we appraise where you are and what you are currently doing to marketing yourbusiness online. We then discuss your business objectives and what you would liketo achieve. Finally we develop your strategy and how to measure your progress toreach your objectives. International (South Africa): +27-72-846-3717 South Africa: 34 Vista Oceano, Wassenaar Street, Hartenbos, South Africa
  2. 2. Our initial consultation involves a 3 hour strategy planning training workshop wherewe will discuss: The 13 Key Segments to Grow Your Business Online 1. Where you are 2. Where you want to go with your business 3. What your current online marketing budget is 4. What marketing do you currently do 5. How to differentiate yourself from your competitors 6. How you currently track the performance of your business 7. How you build a list of your prospects and clients 8. What your relationship is with your clients 9. Your current online presenceAfter the strategy planning training workshop you will receive a detailed report andproposal explaining our findings with suggestions to reach your objectives.In the Report 1. Website Structure Analysis 2. Critical Keywords to rank on 1st page of Google (and what you need to do rank on the 1st page of Google) 3. Social Media Strategy ideal for your business 4. Software you can use to grow your business and measure your online campaigns. International (South Africa): +27-72-846-3717 South Africa: 34 Vista Oceano, Wassenaar Street, Hartenbos, South Africa
  3. 3. Will my company benefit • Our services are ideal for small and medium businesses (from estate agents, guest houses to manufacturers) who want to benefit from marketing their products and services online. • You will gain knowledge (used by professional internet marketers) that will open new avenues for you and exploit the most cost effective marketing means to generate leads and increase your salesReferences“Bennie excels at developing and executing online marketing, social media, searchmarketing and affiliate marketing strategies designed to drive direct responsemarketing online. Recruiting top performing affiliates, He’s got the right service levelfor you.” Glyn Massey-Hicks, Owner – Cool Blue Tech“I know Bennie on a personal level and can state that he has high integrity and is amotivated "go getter" that will move mountains to deliver the best service to hisclients.” Bruce St.Claire-Wicker, Owner – Complete Loss Adjusters CC“Clever man. I have worked with Bennie on a number of projects. His ability tonetwork and get the right people around the table is inspiring. His passion for hisfields of interest is also obvious as he is always well informed about what is going onand who is doing what.” JP Dippenaar, CEO – Maxvest Cost: R1500-00 R875-00 (Request your detailed internet marketing plan in January 2012 and I will also throw in a R500-00 Google Adwords voucher to market your business)Our 180 day GuaranteeIf you dont feel that your Internet Marketing Plan has delivered according to theobjectives we discussed during the strategy planning training workshop, contact meand we will give you a 120% refund that same day, no questions asked. Fairenough? International (South Africa): +27-72-846-3717 South Africa: 34 Vista Oceano, Wassenaar Street, Hartenbos, South Africa
  4. 4. I do all the consultation, research and write these reports myself and I can only helpa few companies every month, so I request you to contact me right away to confirma date.Look forward to hear from you!Bennie StanderGoNetbusiness.comInternet Marketing Consulting072 846 3717contact@gonetbusiness.comAbout UsThe business was founded at the beginning of 2010 by Bennie Stander (a 9 year internetmarketing veteran), who’s also widely recognized as an expert internet marketer.Bennie has helped many companies establish and grow their businesses online withgreat success.GoNetBusiness is a professional internet marketing company in South Africa, but worksinternationally. We do business with one thing in mind: “To help companies makemoney online”.We specialize in providing strategic internet marketing and internet marketingconsulting services to businesses around the world.To look good online simply does not buy the whiskey. Therefore we tackle everychallenge hands on and help our clients generate more revenue.GoNetBusiness helps companies plan, implement and manage highly effective onlinemarketing campaigns.From web development and search engine optimization, to media buying and social International (South Africa): +27-72-846-3717 South Africa: 34 Vista Oceano, Wassenaar Street, Hartenbos, South Africa
  5. 5. media marketing, GoNetBusiness helps clients dramatically increase traffic, gain marketshare, foster customer evangelism, and increase sales, providing the highest level ofreturn on investment.Thank you again for your time. We look forward to working with you!The GoNetbusiness Team International (South Africa): +27-72-846-3717 South Africa: 34 Vista Oceano, Wassenaar Street, Hartenbos, South Africa