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4 steps to creating a successful project culture

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Presentation will discuss the tools, methods, practices and challenges in creating a successful project culture. By developing a project culture, your organization will be capable of efficiently reacting to the challenges arising from an ever changing business environment.

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4 steps to creating a successful project culture

  1. 1. Project Culture Presented Benny Jones Jr. @bennyjonesjr
  2. 2. About Me • Director of Web Projects at Embry-Riddle • Work in technology for over 14 years • Work in web technology for over 8 years • Worked for Jacksonville Jaguars during the dotcom • Personal trainer for a couple of years • Lived all over the world including HS in PI • Co-manage a wellness consulting business
  3. 3. Agenda • Educating Stakeholders • Getting Buy-in • PMO Pros & Cons • Organizational Maturity • Organizational Strategy & Tools • 4 Steps to Initiate Project Culture • Q & A • Sources
  4. 4. Disclaimer • Not PMP certified • Work in specific niche industry that may not be applicable to yours • Do your own research • What I say here is my own opinion and not my employers
  5. 5. Educating Stakeholders
  6. 6. Process Groups Process Activities Initiation & Planning Develop Charter Preliminary Risk Assessment Stakeholder analysis Communication plan Project Approach, Processes & Tools Project Schedule Project Staffing Execution, Monitor & Control Monitor & control schedule Monitor & control scope Monitor & control budget* Monitor & control quality Manage resources Communication Manage sponsor & stakeholder expectations Manage risks Status Reports Closing “Signoffs”  Approvals to close Close budget* Final communications & status reports!! Lessons learned & archive project documents Release resources
  7. 7. Educating Stakeholders
  8. 8. “Ninety percent of global senior executives ranked project management methods as either critical or somewhat important to their ability to deliver successful projects and remain competitive, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit survey. “ • ~ Economist Intelligence Report: “PMI: The Value of Project Management”
  9. 9. Educating Stakeholders
  10. 10. What successful project managers are made of… 1. The gift of foresight 2. Great organization skills 3. They know how to lead – Especially people who don’t report to them 4. Good communication skills 5. Pragmatic and focus on getting work done 6. Empathetic Reference:
  11. 11. Educating Stakeholders
  12. 12. ““I’m a project manager, not a magician. Magicians have way cooler hats.” - Merlin Mann
  13. 13. Educating Stakeholders
  14. 14. Sounds like a lot of fun???
  15. 15. Get Buy-in • Will management lose power if projects managed by project managers - management may “perceive” loss of power. • How will project management affect our organization? Customers? People? Profitability? Quality?
  16. 16. Get Buy-in
  17. 17. Get Buy-in Having the right organizational culture that incorporates project management has the following benefits: 1. Projects will be aligned with corporate strategies, ensuring that business objectives are met. 2. Projects come in on time, so your time to market is improved. 3. Projects come in on budget, potentially saving millions each year. 4. Projects meet customer expectations so customer satisfaction levels increase. 5. Project teams are more effective and efficient, leading to high morale and more dedicated staff. ~ Michael Stanleigh is author of the global report: “2010 PMO Global Study: How a Project Management Office Can Improve Organizational Effectiveness”
  18. 18. Organizational Maturity
  19. 19. Organizational Maturity
  20. 20. “...80 percent of global executives believed having project management as a core competency helped them remain competitive during the recession…. adhering to project management methods and strategies reduced risks, cut costs and improved success rates —all vital to surviving the economic crisis.” ~ Economist Intelligence Report: “PMI: The Value of Project Management”
  21. 21. PMO Pros & Cons
  22. 22. PMO Pros & Cons
  23. 23. PMO Pros & Cons
  24. 24. Organizational Strategy & Tools Include: • The “right” reporting structures for projects. • Project prioritization systems to align projects with corporate strategies and business objectives. • Developing the ‘right’ Performance Management to recognize work performed on projects - CMMI. • Integrate Project Management best practices for all projects – PMO. ~ Michael Stanleigh is author of the global report: “2010 PMO Global Study: How a Project Management Office Can Improve Organizational Effectiveness”
  25. 25. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  26. 26. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  27. 27. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  28. 28. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  29. 29. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  30. 30. Organizational Strategy & Tools
  31. 31. 4 Steps to Change Project Culture 1. Create a Project Culture Steering Committee 2. Communicate the initiative to the organization. 3. Measure the organization’s current culture against the “ideal” project culture. 4. Develop strategies to close the gap between the current and “ideal” project culture.
  32. 32. Q & A
  33. 33. Sources • • • • • • • • • office--pmo-.html • • • management-office-pmo/ • with-your-business-strategy.html • • •