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50 Things You Didn't Know You Could Reuse

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Sick and tired of wasting all that stuff? Well, we've got the answers for you. Here are 50 things you didn't know you could reuse.

Whether you're a frugal Frank or a spendy Sally, you'll be able to find something on this list to make life a little less expensive. And you'll be helping the environment to boot! Bonus!

Let's be honest, times are tough for a lot of folks out there. Both consumer debt and the national debt are out of control. Reusing and repurposing everyday items from around the house, your workplace, or off the street can be a great way to save money and help Mother Earth.

Some of the things anyone can easily reuse include:

- Soda bottles
- Coffee beans
- Tea bags
- Shower curtains
- Popsicle sticks
- Pots and pans
- Old jeans
- Suitcases
- Buttons
- Ladders
- And much more!

We live in a world that throws way to many things away. Next time you're thinking of throwing something away, stop and think about it for a minute. You may be able to reuse it and save some money!

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50 Things You Didn't Know You Could Reuse

  1. 1. 50You didn’t know you could
  2. 2. 11 Once you've finished that Creme Soda or Fanta Orange, you can use the empty bottle to create bird feeder. All you have to do it cut a couple of holes in the sides, place a couple of dowels or wooden spoons in the holes, fill the bottle with bird seed, and voila! Easy bird feeder. Soda Bottles
  3. 3. 22 33 If you've got old (or broken) CDs that you don't plan on using anymore, we've got a great solution for you. Use that old Back Street Boys CD to create a mosaic picture frame. Simply break the old CD into smaller pieces and glue them onto a painted, or felt covered, cardboard frame. You'll have a unique, and beautiful, picture frame in no time. CDs & DVDs If you’re looking to use some vintage china in a bit more unique way than serving teas, you should consider planting herbs. China looks beautiful and can hold plants as well as any other small pot. vintage china
  4. 4. 66 Is that old camera strap rubbing on your neck and making you uncomfortable? Trying using an old silk scarf as your new strap. It will be softer on your neck and silk is a strong, durable material in this application. silk scarf 44 55 Instead of throwing away the empty cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls, try loosely winding cords and keeping them inside of the rolls. This will allow you to keep cords from tangling in a compact manner. Toilet paper rolls Rather than cutting up and tossing out old credit cards, why not cut them into something you can continue to use? If you’re a guitar player, make those old cards into a brand new guitar pick. It’s cheap and you can get multiple picks from a single card. Plus it’s an interesting conversation starter. old credit cards
  5. 5. 77 Your Uncle Eddie may have bored you with old vacation slides, but this idea is a lot more exciting. Use those same old slides to create a mock stained glass effect on windows. Attaching photos to one another and placing them over a window will let the light shine through and create a colorful masterpiece with some historical significance. PHOTO slides
  6. 6. 88 99 Once you’ve outgrown your favorite pair of blue jeans, you can use the hems on them as a drink coaster. Simply roll the hem like a snail and secure the end. You’ll have a unique coaster than everyone will be asking about. jeans Fancy serving trays can be expensive! Why not use a sturdy picture frame as a serving tray and get multiple uses out of it. Just replace the glass with wood, plastic or another sturdier material and you’ll be good to go! picture frame
  7. 7. 1010 1111 Looking for a unique and potentially quirky addition to your garden? Try using an old child’s toy, like a dump truck, as a planter for different plants in the garden or around the yard. Just make sure your kids are finished with the toy or you may have an uprooted plant on your hands! Child’s toy Binder clips can be clipped to the edge of a desk and the metal handles can be used to hold cords (see our site for more details). With all the cords floating around computers, televisions and other electronic devices, a means of controlling them can be incredibly useful. binder clips
  8. 8. 1414 Hanging a shoe bag organizer on the inside door of your pantry gives you a great way to create a little extra space, as well as organize some of the smaller items in your cupboard. Fruit snacks, small cracker bags and other small items can get mixed in with everything else and lost. This will help! Hanging shoe bag 1212 1313 You can make those old t-shirts into a pretty cool looking rug with a little “seamstering”. See the link for more information on this one! t-shirts Some old suitcases look pretty cool, but they just can’t cut it in the faced paced travel world. Don’t lose hope! All you have to do is attach the bottom side of the suitcase to the wall in your bathroom and add some shelves. Keep the latches on the suitcase if you want to have a way to lock the case. small suitcase
  9. 9. 1515 If you’ve got old pots and pans, or other kitchen materials, that just aren’t cutting it any more then you may be able to use them as a decoration. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look of a pot that you could use for a planter or just a decoration for around the home or the kitchen. Old cookware
  10. 10. 1616 1717 A bulletin board, or cork board, can be a great way to organize jewelry. If you don’t need it for keeping notes and announcements, then you can reuse it as a an organize. Pins in the board can be used to hold necklaces, earrings can be stuck directly into the board, and much more. bulletin board pair of matching buttons can easily be turned into a pair of new earrings. Grab those old buttons and carefully glue them to an old pair of earrings. It’s a unique look and can be an excellent craft activity for children as well. buttons
  11. 11. 1818 If you can get your hands on an old magazine rack, or you can find one on eBay or Amazon, you can use it as a way of organizing your cookie sheets and cake pans. They fit perfectly into the magazine slots. This is a great way to keep your kitchen organized. magazine rack When you buy CDs in bulk, they’ll come on a big spindle with a plastic lid over the top. Once the CDs are gone, you can use this container as a spool for holding extra wires and chords. Just be careful not to kink or wrap the cords too tight, as it’s not good for them. round cd container 1919
  12. 12. 2020 Everybody built forts growing up because they were awesome! Give your kids the same opportunity by donating some old blankets and towels to the cause. You and the kids are bound to have a lot of fun with those old sheets and blankets. old sheets
  13. 13. 2323 Old ladders can be dangerous and a waste of space. You can fasten them to the wall and create an interesting and unique bookshelf. Make sure to hook into the framing 2x4’s behind the wall. Bookshelves can get heavy! ladder book shelf 2121 2222 Used coffee grounds make for an excellent deodorizer. Place the grounds in a jar or bowl with an open top and put it in the refrigerator. They’ll absorb unwanted smells and keep your fridge fresh. Much better than just throwing them away! used coffee grounds It’s a well-known fact that a Sock Monster lives inside everyone’s dryer and hoards away your stockings. To avoid losing socks just use the plastic ring from the top of the milk carton and pair socks inside of it before you wash them. It’s an easy fix to an age-old problem. milk jug ring
  14. 14. 2424 2525 If you’ve got something stinky on your hands, like an onion, try rubbing a tea bag or loose green tea over them before washing with soap and water. The tea will absorb the smell and does some of the hard work before you wash. o tea bags Once your tissue box is empty, you can stuff plastic grocery bags in there and use the box as a holder. Grocery bags are great for a number of tasks around the house. This is a great way to organize them, rather than stuffing a bunch of them into another plastic bag. tissue box
  15. 15. 2626 The birds and bugs LOVE recently planted seedlings. Place a berry basket over the top of them to keep the pesky predators away. This is a great way to reuse the baskets and make sure that you’ll have a healthy crop come time of harvest. berry baskets
  16. 16. 2727 2828 A new coat of paint and some other designs can completely change the look of a beer bottle. What was once drab and brown is now colorful and a useful flower holder. Even the bottle placed by itself looks nice, if you decorate it well. beer bottles You can easily sew a hem on the top and thread a string for a closeable bag. This is a great way to separate darks and lights. You can also place delicate items in and wash the whole thing together. pillow cases
  17. 17. 3131 Sprucing up your garden can be easier than you may think. Place used wine and beer bottles around the garden as a decoration. It’s unique and inexpensive, especially if you’re drinking the booze anyway. wine bottles 2929 3030 Large plastic ice cream buckets are an excellent thing to have lying around the house. They can be used for washing the car, gardening, holding children’s toys and a myriad of other things. With all the great uses, it’s a wonder why anyone would ever throw one out. ice cream container If you’re a dog lover, and you’re looking for a new toy for your pup, then this might be a great one for you. Simply place the tennis balls in the muffin tin and let your K9 have at it. It’s a great way to keep Fido entertained and interested in a fun game. muffin pan
  18. 18. 3232 Bridesmaid dresses are generally made of very beautiful, high- quality fabric, but many times they aren’t worn more than once. If you don’t plan on wearing that dress again, then you may as well get a few more miles out of it and make it into a purse. See the link to our site for more details! bridesmaid dress
  19. 19. 3333 CDs on a string are a great way to keep birds from eating fruits and vegetables you’ve planted. The birds are scared away by the reflections of themselves and the lights. Hang a few of them in your garden or on a fruit tree and kiss your bird problems goodbye. cds Olds jeans can be used to make a heavy-duty bib or apron for working the yard. It’ll take a little ambition and some sewing expertise, but before you know it you could have some sturdy gear for your yard work. See link for more details. jeans 3434
  20. 20. 3535 A bunch of knives floating around in a drawer can be dangerous! Use an old toothpaste tube with the top cut off to cover the sharp blades and keep your hands safe. toothpaste tube
  21. 21. 3838 If you own cats, you know how curious they can be. A great toy to keep their attention is used prescription pill bottle with a few buttons, marbles or other small objects in side. The bottle will rattle around as your feline plays with it. On the other hand, cats have a mind of their own and they may hate it. Either way it’s worth a shot ;) pill bottles 3636 3737 Close up one end of a toilet paper roll and place some fertile soil in the new pot, then plant a few seed inside. You can use this to allow the plant to grow indoor for a while, then plant the whole thing outside and the cardboard will dissolve. toilet paper rolls As long as your throw pillows aren’t too out of shape, you can always put new fabric on the outside of them and have a pillow that looks as good as new. Stains you can’t remove or small tears in the existing fabric are great examples of when some new fabric can help. old throw pillows
  22. 22. 3939 4040 Not much of a baker? Just not a fan of fancy cookie cutters? Well, you’re in luck. You can still put those old cookie cutters to use. Just tie a ribbon around the top of them and hang them from the Christmas tree. These new ornaments also make a great gift. Your family and friends will love them. Cookie Cutters If you’ve got old glassware you don’t plan on using anymore you can repurpose into birdfeeders or other decorations around the yard or garden. See the link to our site for more instruction and information on this one. glass plates/bowls
  23. 23. 4141 An old mailbox is a perfect mini tool box for the backyard. Set up the mailbox on a post in the backyard, like you would for mailing purposes, but instead of putting mail in it, use it for your gloves and some small tools. You’ll always know where they are, it will keep them dry if it rains and you won’t have to bring dirty gloves or tools inside with you. Plus it adds a nice flair to your yard. mailbox
  24. 24. 4444 books 4242 4343 Are you looking for a “set it and forget it” type of solution for watering some of the plants in your garden? Just cut the bottom of the plastic bottle off, put a few small holes in the lid, then place the bottle in the soil with the lid facing down. Fill the bottle with water and it will drip for any plants nearby. plastic bottle Here’s another one for the dog-lovers out there. If you’ve got old towels, don’t toss them! Roll them up and tie a knot in the end, then use it as a tug toy for your pup. It’s durable enough to last, but soft enough that it won’t hurt your dog’s mouth. This is a great way to save money on doggie toys. old towel A book can make for an excellent decoration around the house or the office. One unique thing you can do with them is turning one into a business card holder. Just pull off the cover gently, fold all the pages in half and tuck them into the creases, then place the book spine down on the table. See the link on our site for more details and pictures.
  25. 25. 4545 4646 Used plastic bottles can be cut open, painted and turned into flowers to decorate the yard. This is a unique way of decorating the yard. See the link for more details. water bottles After a while shower curtails may get dingy or dirty. Rather than throwing them out, use them as drop cloths when you paint or a cover for patio furniture. This in cheap way to protect your stuff. They’re durable and useful in a lot of different applications. shower curtain liner
  26. 26. 4747 Once you’ve finished devouring that delicious popsicle, don’t toss the stick. You can paint it, or write on it with a permanent marker, and turn it into a garden marker. They keep you keep track of your garden and add a little color to the landscape as well. popsicle sticks
  27. 27. 4848 4949 Spruce up a clear glass plate with an old calendar. Calendars generally have great looking pictures in them, but aren’t as useful once the year has passed. Cut portions of the calendar and seal them to the back of a clear glass plate to add some color. More detailed instructions can be found at the link on our site. clear glass plate Parmesan cheese containers can be extremely useful once the Parmesan is gone. You can use them to hold various types or spices, sugar, flowers or crackers for the kids. They’re durable and can be washed and used over and over again. parmesan container
  28. 28. 5050 Remove the lint from your clothes dryer and fill a used toilet paper roll with it. The lint make for an excellent fire starter because it’s small, dry and very flammable. When you’re ready to start your fire, simply place the roll under some kindling or small sticks and light it with a match. Before you know it, you’ll be warm by the fire. lint/toilet paper roll