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Question 4

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Question 4 - who would be the audience for your media?

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Question 4

  1. 1. Our ideal audience member… Fashion Fashion Activities Activities Favourite movies Favourite movies Books Books
  2. 2. This is Connor Wright, he is 22, he works at a theatre in Cardiff. He does the lighting at it for different types of shows there, he mainly works on feature lighting and is learning how to work the music there. Connor clearly has a creative side and visits the cinema nearly every week with his girlfriend. He also reads crime novel from Stig Lasson, his favourite book is ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. He takes annual trips with his friend to film festivals around the world, but enjoys ‘Fright Fest’ in London, he also went to Cannes Film Festival with his brother last year. He enjoy going to gigs around the south as well, his favourite band is ‘Iron Maiden, and genre in general is heavy metal. In the cinema he mainly sees gory horror movies, and love the ‘Saw’ series of movies. I think this is the perfect viewer but he has got a clear interest in entertainment and our specific genre.
  3. 3. The most popular age of people to watch this movie at 60% is 15-24. This is because at this age they have interest in movies also will go to the cinema with their friends on the weekends. Older people would watch it due to the horror content. I think this is very good movie to compare mine too because it is about possession/demonic possession. Also it will be out this year so is very new and understand the wants and popularity in the market for this type of movie. The male and female split between who will watch this movie is quite even. So clearly this type of movie will appeal to both genders. There is an even split between what class would be watching it, as it would appeal to everyone to watch as it doesn’t have specific conversions of different ethic backgrounds or political views, therefore applicable to everyone.