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Generations united mixed tape presentation

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Powerpoint Resource from Bev Wilkinson presentation for the 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference held in Milwaukee June 13-16.

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Generations united mixed tape presentation

  1. 1. Celebrate Living History The Journey Presenter: Bev Wilkinson
  2. 2. Bartiste 2012
  3. 3. The Timeline 2012 Golden Days Images 2012 Frankston exhibition 2012 Celebrate Living History 2012- Griffith University 2014- Swinburne University 2014-Frankston High School 2017- Forget About Ages Tour 2017- Generations United Conference
  4. 4. Why?  Interning for Celebrate Living History connected me with people, I never would have met before and the stories I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, because of you will truly stay with me a long time. Madison Griffith University Gold Coast
  5. 5. Celebrate Living History  We work with young people and seniors to document stories for the future  We offer students the opportunity to write stories for their portfolio
  6. 6. Cube 37 2014
  7. 7. The interns  Griffith University  Swinburne University  Bond University  Frankston High School  Stories featured on 
  8. 8. The Future  Celebrate Living History internship program world wide!  Opportunity to discover like minded projects  Sustainability
  9. 9. Questions?