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UNICOM India Big Data Week 2014 - Bhoopathi Rapolu

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Speaking at India Big Data Week 2014 held in Hyderabad.

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UNICOM India Big Data Week 2014 - Bhoopathi Rapolu

  1. 1. Bhoopathi Rapolu Practice Head – Analytics Infotech Enterprises twitter: @bhoopathi 25 Jan 2014 | HYDERABAD
  2. 2. Predictions for the First Hour of 2020 Health Security Shopping Your armband read everything about health, eating and sleep habits. It alerts of any disease/ inability before any physical symptoms appear. Police can predict criminal activity and catch perpetrators before crime happens. Govt. can identify any law breaker, if they want to. Companies would accurately predict what you need and when you need. They know how to send you an offer. Smart Cities Smart Machines A bus would wait for a delayed train. Traffic signals predict traffic volumes and operate to minimize jams As you enter the car, your identity, based on several biometric readings, makes it virtually impossible for any imposter to start the engine Twitter: @bhoopathi
  3. 3. Agenda Of The Talk     Infotech Enterprises Emerging Impact of Big Data on Machines Infotech Case studies Key Takeaways Twitter: @bhoopathi
  4. 4. Infotech Enterprises 20+ Years – engineering and geospatial services 290+ Customers 22 Fortune 500 Customers 98% Repeat business Twitter: @bhoopathi
  5. 5. Infotech Perspective on Big Data Managing Massive Data Volumes Traditional Analytics Big Data Analytics Insights into wealth of unstructured data Data Collection Data Conflation Data Extraction Data Conversion Data Migration Database Optimization Event Analysis Root Cause Analysis Statistical Analysis Spatial Analysis LiDAR Analysis Database Analysis Big Data Analytics powered by Hadoop Predictive Analytics Infotech Maturity Twitter: @bhoopathi
  6. 6. Emerging Impact of Big Data Twitter: @bhoopathi
  7. 7. Emerging Impact of Big Data Twitter: @bhoopathi
  8. 8. Emerging Impact of Big Data Twitter: @bhoopathi
  9. 9. Emerging Impact of Big Data Twitter: @bhoopathi
  10. 10. Hotspots in the industry Twitter: @bhoopathi
  11. 11. Case Study | Machine Transformation the global leader in the rail industry countries 10 fleet Per country Twitter: @bhoopathi
  12. 12. Case Study | Machine Transformation Twitter: @bhoopathi
  13. 13. Case Study | Machine Transformation Real-Time Monitoring OTMR/ Sensors Real-time Alerts M2M Framework Control center Early failure signals    Historical Data Design Specs External Data OTMR: On-Train Monitoring Recorder Expert System Twitter: @bhoopathi
  14. 14. Insights into Big Data Twitter: @bhoopathi
  15. 15. Case Study | Insights from Machine Data World’s leading supplier of location and navigation products and services, focused on providing all drivers with the best navigation experience Infotech processes and updates their global navigation database for 190 countries, providing on an average 58 million data enhancements per year Twitter: @bhoopathi
  16. 16. Case Study | Insights from Machine Data • Processing raw data for over 18 years to create 30 million km of Navigational Maps • Key data facts for the last 4 years: o 600TB of raw video imagery o 10 million field survey & end user reports o 200 million data enhancements using multiple sources • Coverage: o North America - 99.9% coverage o Europe 99.9% coverage o Middle East - 99.9% coverage o Australia and New Zealand - 99.9% coverage o RoW – about 50% coverage Twitter: @bhoopathi
  17. 17. Case Study | Insights from Machine Data Customer specific Special features Cartography Geo Political Path Special requests keyed to underlying geometry (e.g. cable trunks, etc) Feature boundaries: lakes, golf courses, shopping centers, etc Railroads, rivers, bike path, fire breaks, canals, etc Country, state, city, settlement, province, postal codes, etc Street and route names, address ranges, optimal routes, truck routes P.O.I. Points of Interest: Hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, transportation terminals, etc Navigation Arterial classification, dividers, barriers, directionality speed limits, traffic signals, turn restrictions, ramp signs Geometry Links, nodes, shape points, relative elevation, connectivity Twitter: @bhoopathi
  18. 18. Case Study | Insights from Machine Data SOURCE DATA INFOTECH BIG DATA INFRASTRUCTURE Shape files I-Cube DATA MANAGEMENT PNOA WMS Layer PLATFORM UPDATE • Manual updates • Automated updates • Systems and Processes NATIVE APPS DATA CONSOLIDATION HADOOP PLATFORM Web Source Hi Res Updated Navigation platform • Regression • Trend Analysis • Statistical Analysis Business Insights ANALYTICS BUSINESS INSIGHTS etc. Twitter: @bhoopathi
  19. 19. Case Study | Insights from Machine Data Some of the key data monitored by TomTom Built-up Area Business Service Car Dealer Centre of Settlement Centre Point of Feature Company Construction Status Hotel/Motel Industrial Area Industrial building Institution Nightlife Rent-a-Car Facility Restaurant Shopping Centre Theatre Generate Insights and Monetize them External data like Weather, Govt . Policy changes etc. Identify correlations among the business sensitive parameters with Big Data Analytics Change in Current Quarter Historical Average Change in Key Parameters Twitter: @bhoopathi
  20. 20. Key Takeaways Twitter: @bhoopathi
  21. 21. Topic: Thank You twitter: @bhoopathi Organized by UNICOM Trainings & Seminars Pvt. Ltd.