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Bienvenido a jalisco pasaporte ingles

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Bienvenido a jalisco pasaporte ingles

  1. 1. Bienvenido a Jalisco “Porque estar en México, es sentirse en casa” We're here to help 2013
  2. 2. 1 Bienvenido a Jalisco: We give a warm welcome to one of the most important states of Mexico, in order to facilitate your adaptation to our state, we present a guide to the 10 most important tips, which will help you to understand this interesting Mexican culture. Throughout this guide you will also find tips on how we can help you personally as well as we want you to know that we will always help you, to make you feel at home, we are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available if you have any questions, comments or think you need to know more about Mexican culture, on center study in which these. If in doubt with a teacher, or any class in which these, you can also ask. Welcome to Jalisco "For to be in Mexico is to feel at home"
  3. 3. 2 Introduction: Jalisco is one of the thirty-one states that, along with the Federal District, comprise the thirty- two states of Mexico. It is located in the west of the country. It borders the state of Nayarit to the northwest, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes to the north, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosi to the east and Colima and Michoacán to the south. To the west, Jalisco has a significant coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Jalisco is the fourth most populous federal entity in Mexico and one of the most developed states in the country in terms of economic, commercial and cultural. In certain parts of the capital and some municipalities the standard of living is comparable to countries such as Spain and Italy, but like the rest of Mexico is not representative of all municipalities. Its capital is Guadalajara, whose metropolitan area comprises the municipalities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Tlajomulco, El Salto, Ixtlahuacán of Quinces and Juanacatlán, making it the second largest urban agglomeration after the capital Mexico. It is the land of cowboys, rodeos, fences, mariachi, tequila and many of the traditions in the world are associated with authentic Mexican. The climate in the State of Jalisco goes to semi-humid warm temperate, highlighting the semiwarm humid with rain in verano.4 In addition there is the Military Air Base No. 5 Zapopan, College of the Air, which trains future pilots, air traffic controllers, etc. Mexican Air Force. GUADALAJARA Guadalajara is a Mexican city, Jalisco state capital and largest town of the urban area called Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara. It is located in western Mexico, the center of Jalisco, in the geographical area known as Valle de Atemajac. Its territory delimited to the north by the municipalities of Zapopan and Ixtlahuacán River, on the east by Tonala and Zapotlanejo, on the south and west with Tlaquepaque Zapopan. The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (composed of 8 municipalities of Jalisco) brings together a total of 4,434,252 inhabitants, making it the second most populous country after the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico, and the ninth-largest conurbation in Latin America. Place names
  4. 4. 3 Its name comes from the Arabic word ‫وادي‬ ‫حجارة‬ ‫ال‬ (Wadi al-Hiyara), meaning "Stone Valley", although the traditional translation is "stone river", "river running among stones" or "valley of strengths." The founder Cristobal de Oñate named the city in honor of western Mexico conquistador Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, who was born in Guadalajara, Spain. In Mexico it is known by the nickname Pearl of the West, The Pearl of the West, Jalisco Bride or The City of Roses. Also common is the use of letters GDL to refer to the city, although its official abbreviation is Guad. To the natives of Guadalajara Guadalajara are called or guadalajarenses being the first official and correct adjective.
  5. 5. 4 Immigration procedures Immigration laws in Mexico are available for your easy access, then we present the important recommendations is the first thing you have to do and your first step into the airport. Those citizens of the following countries or regions must obtain a visa to travel to Mexico. For recreation, business, or any activity in Mexico unpaid not exceeding 180 days, must apply in any Mexican consulate Visitor Visa without permission to engage in gainful activity. No Mexican visa abroad require to submit any of the following documents: a) A document certifying permanent residence in Canada, USA, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or any of the countries of the Schengen Area. B) Visa valid and current United States of America. C) Business Traveler Card APEC (ABTC) adopted by Mexico. D) Certificate that certifies as a member of the crew of the aircraft as above. E) Book sea, if a member of the crew of the vessel up to international voyage Mexican port. If the above by air crew to enroll in a ship anchored in national port, you must present sea book, proof of their enrollment, data from the vessel and the Mexican port where this is located and that the services to be provided in the national territory shall be borne by it. C) Copy of the transfer of technology, patents and trademarks, purchase of machinery and equipment, technical training of personnel, or any other related to the production process of a company based in Mexico or linking to the foreign with the Mexican, or proof of appointment by the shareholders of companies legally established in Mexico.
  6. 6. 5 D) Letter of organization or public or private institution in which the foreign person invited to participate in an unpaid activity in the country, revealed the purpose of the visit and the estimated time of stay. In the event that the organization or institution bear the costs of travel and stay of the alien in national territory should be annexed responsive letter. E) Letter of invitation or acceptance of any institution belonging to the National Education System for courses, studies or research projects or training of a temporary maximum of one hundred eighty days. A Afganistán Arabia Saudita Albania Argelia Angola Armenia Antigua y Barbuda Azerbaiyán B Bahrein Botswana Bangladesh Brasil Belarús Brunei Darusalam Benin Burkina Faso Bolivia Burundi Bosnia-Herzegovina Bután C Cabo Verde Congo Camboya Congo, Rep. Dem. (Zaire) Camerún Corea del Norte Chad Costa de Marfil China Cuba Comoras
  7. 7. 6 D Djibuti Dominicana República Dominica E Ecuador Emiratos Árabes Unidos Egipto Eritrea El Salvador Etiopía F Federación Rusa Filipinas Fiji Islas G Gabón Guatemala Gambia Guinea Georgia Guinea Bissau Ghana Guinea Ecuatorial Grenada Guyana H Haití Honduras I India Irak Indonesia Irán J Jordania K Kazajistán Kiribati Kenia Kuwait Kirguistán
  8. 8. 7 L Laos Liberia Lesotho Libia Líbano M Macedonia Mauritania Madagascar Myanmar Malawi Moldova Maldivas Mongolia Mali Montenegro Marruecos Mozambique Mauricio N Namibia Nicaragua Nauru Niger Nepal Nigeria O Omán P Pakistán Papua Nueva Guinea Palestina Q Qatar R República Centroafricana Ruanda República Árabe Saharaui Democrática
  9. 9. 8 S Salomon Islas Seychelles Islas Samoa Occidental Sierra Leona San Cristobal y Nieves Siria San Vicente y Las Granadinas Somalia Santa Lucía Sri Lanka Santa Sede Sudáfrica Santo Tome y Príncipe Sudán Senegal Surinam Serbia Swazilandia T Tailandia Tonga Taiwán Túnez Tanzania Turkmenistán Tayikistán Turquía Timor Oriental Tuvalu Togo U Ucrania Uzbekistán Uganda V Vanuatu Vietnam Y Yemen Z Zambia Zimbawe
  10. 10. 9 The following countries do not require visa to enter Mexico, but if necessary, make the process of admission to the Mexican consulate in your country, to specify in your passport make your stay in Mexico is for the purpose of study. If you need more information contact us at the email you specified at the beginning and end of this guide. The law PROHIBITS foreign students to work while they are studying. A Alemania Argentina Andorra Aruba Anguila Australia Antillas Holandesas Austria B Bahamas (Comonwealth) Belice Barbados Bulgaria Bélgica C Canadá Corea del Sur Chile Costa Rica Chipre Croacia Colombia D Dinamarca E Eslovaquia Estados Unidos de América Eslovenia Estonia España F Finlandia Francia G Gibraltar Guadalupe Grecia Guayana Francesa Groenlandia H Hong Kong Hungría
  11. 11. 10 I Irlanda Islas Marshall Islandia Islas Navidad Islas Azores Islas Niue Islas Bermudas Islas Norfolk Islas Caimán Islas Pitcairn Islas Cocos Islas Reunión Islas Cook Islas Vírgenes de los EUA Islas Faroe Islas Wallis y Futura Islas Guam Islas Vírgenes Británicas Islas Malvinas Israel Islas Marianas Italia J Jamaica Japón L Letonia Lituania Liechtenstein Luxemburgo M Macao Martinica Mahore Micronesia Malasia Mónaco Malta Montserrat N Noruega Nueva Caledonia Nueva Zelanda O Omán P Países Bajos (Holanda) Polinesia Francesa Palau Polonia Panamá Portugal Paraguay Puerto Rico Perú R Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña,Rumania,República Checa
  12. 12. 11 S Samoa Americana Singapur San Marino Suecia Santa Helena Suiza T Territorio Británico del Océano Índico Trinidad y Tobago Tokelau Turcos y Caicos U Uruguay V Venezuela
  13. 13. 12 PASSENGERS ARRIVING BY AIRPLANE Aduana Mexico welcomes you! Our commitment is to offer you a respectful and efficient service. Aduana Mexico is aware of the situation our users face when they arrive to our territory. With this in mind, we offer this brochure in order to inform you of the steps you have to take to pass through customs. In this brochure you will find helpful data and information about your rights and obligations. We are here to help you, always focusing in offering our services with transparency. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO UPON ARRIVING TO THE AIRPORT? After being cleared by an Immigration Inspector you may collect your luggage and proceed to Customs. Please have a completed Customs Declaration form available. The form was provided to you by the airline during flight. If you were not provided with it you may request one at the Customs information counter. Read it carefully before filling it out and, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our personnel for assistance before you get through the Automated Selection System (stop light). This service is free and confidential. The Automated Selection System will determine whether your luggage will be submitted to inspection or released.  The red light indicates that your luggage will be inspected.  The green light indicates that your luggage will not be inspected; therefore you will be allowed to leave. Even if the Automated Selection System shows a green light, the Customs Authority may issue a verification order to corroborate the declared goods.
  14. 14. 13 CUSTOMS INSPECTION In some cases the customs Automated Selection System (stoplight) may determine, without human intervention that your belongings will be subject to customs inspection. This is a simple procedure. We would appreciate your cooperation in order to make it an agile one too. Please follow our customs personnel instructions. They must treat you with courtesy and respect while they ask you to open your luggage and proceed with its inspection. Also, they must handle your belongings with care. Remember that all persons entering Mexico are obliged to comply with Mexico’s customs provisions. WHAT CAN I BRING IN DUTY FREE?  The items allowed in your personal luggage, according to the length of the trip.  Up to US$300 per person in permitted goods, or its equivalent in other currencies. Passengers traveling with family members (spouse and children) may combine their personal exemptions only when arriving together. In order to claim this additional exemption passengers must have the corresponding commercial invoices or receipts available.  Beer, alcoholic beverages and manufactured tobacco may not be included in this additional exemption. WHICH ITEMS MAY BE INCLUDED IN MY PERSONAL LUGGAGE EXEMPT FROM DUTY? 1. Goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear and personal toiletries and beauty products, as long as they are appropriate for the duration of the trip, including wedding party items. Baby travel accesories, such as strollers and baby-walkers. 2. Two photographic cameras or video recorders, 12 rolls of film or videocassettes; photographic material; three portable cell phone or other wireless networks; global positioning equipment (GPS); a portatil typewriter; an electronic calendar; a portable computer (laptop), notebook, omnibook or similar items; a copier or portable printer; a portable projector, and their accessories.
  15. 15. 14 3. Two sports equipment, four rods, three speedboats with or without sails and their accessories, trophies or recognitions, provided that they can be transported normally and commonly by the passenger, one stair climber and bicycle 4. A portable radio for the recording or reproduction of sound or mixed tapes; or a digital sound reproducer or portable reproducer of compact discs and a portable reproducer of DVD’s, such as a pair of portable speakers, and their accessories. 5. Five laser disks, 10 DVD disks, 30 compact disks (CD) or magnetic tapes (audiocassettes), for the reproduction of sound, three software packages and five storage devices or memory cards for any electronic equipments. 6. Books, magazines and printed documents. 7. Five toys, —included those that are collectible— and a video game console and five videogames. 8. One device that permits measurement of arterial pressure and one for glucose, as well as medications of personal use; in the case of psychotropics the medical prescription should be shown. 9. One set of binoculars and a telescope. 10. Valises, trunks and suitcases necessary for the movement of goods. 11. Passengers over 18 years of age, may introduce a maximum of up to 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco and up to three liters of alcoholic beverages, and six liters of wine; in excess of the above, cannot be imported without complying with applicable regulations and restrictions. 12. Two musical instruments and its accessories. 13. A camping tent and camping equipment, as well as their accessories. 14. A set of tools including its case, it might have a hand drill, wire cutters, wrenches, dices, screwdrivers, current cables, among others. 15. Up to two dogs or cats, maybe introduced as well as their accesories, provided that the corresponding zoosanitary import certificate issued by (SAGARPA) is presented to the customs officials. IN WHICH CASES SHOULD I PAY TAXES?  Remember that you are entitled to bring in up to US$300 worth of goods in addition to the goods included in your personal luggage, and that you are allowed to combine this amount with family members.
  16. 16. 15  If you exceed this exemption, or if your family’s combined amount exceeds the combined exemption, you must pay duties and taxes. There is a flat 16% rate of duties and taxes, which is applied only to the amount exceeding the exemption (individual or combined). You must fill out a payment form, which is available at the Customs counter.  If the value of the goods surpasses three thousand dollars (per family member) after subtracting the US$300 exemption, or if any of the goods is subject to non-tariff regulations or restrictions, you must hire the services of a customs broker. Private brokerage services are always available at the airport.  If you bring a desktop computer, you may pay duties and taxes by filling out a payment form as long as the value of the computer when added to other goods do not exceed US$4,000. If the total value of the computer when added to other goods exceeds US$4,000 you must hire the services of a customs broker. WHICH OTHER ITEMS MUST BE DECLARED?  Animals, agricultural products and medications.  If you are carrying more than US$10,000, or its equivalent in other currencies, in cash, checks, money orders or any other monetary instrument, or a combination of them, you must declare the amount exceeding US$10,000. You will not have to pay duties or taxes, but you must declare it on the Customs Declaration form. Failing to declare it is a violation of Mexican Law and such violation is sanctioned with administrative and even criminal penalties. WHICH GOODS ARE RESTRICTED?  Firearms and ammunition. In order to import firearms and cartridges you must secure an import permit from the Ministry of Economy and from the Ministry of National Defense. For further information please visit the following websites: and
  17. 17. 16 WHICH GOODS ARE PROHIBITED? In accordance with the Law of the General Taxes of Import and Export, the following products are prohibited for the import and/or export:  Alive predator fish, in their states of young fish, youthful and adult.  Totoaba, fresh or cooled (fish).  Frozen Totoaba (fish).  Turtle eggs or any class.  Poppy seeds (Narcotic).  Flour of poppy seeds (Narcotic).  Seeds and spores of marijuana (Cannabis indica), even though when they are mixed with other seeds.  Marijuana (Cannabis indica).  Juice and extracts of opium, prepared to smoke.  Extracts and juice derived from marijuana (Cannabis indica).  Mucilage and condensed products derived from the marijuana (Cannabis indica).  Stamps or printed transfers in colors or in black and white, displayed for their sale in envelopes or packages, even when they include chewing gum, candies or any other type of articles, containing drawings, figures or illustrations that represent childhood in a degrading or ridiculous way, on attitudes of incitement to violence, to self- destruction or in any other form of antisocial behavior, known like Garbage Pail Kids, for example, printed by any company or commercial denomination.  Thallium sulfate.  Insecticide (Isodrin or Aldrin).  Insecticide (Heptaclor or Drinox).  Insecticide (Endrin or Mendrin or Nendrin or Hexadrin).  Insecticide (Leptophos).  Heroin, base or hydrochloride of diacetylmorphine.  Medication prepared with marijuana (Cannabis indica).  Medication prepared with acetylmorphine or of its salts or derivatives.  Skins of turtle or doggerhead turtle.
  18. 18. 17  Goods that have been declared as archaeological monuments by the Secretariat of Public Education. For effects of the Customs Law, the import or export of prohibited merchandises is causal so that the customs authorities come to a precautionary distrain from said merchandises and the means of transport. Likewise, it constitutes an infraction related to the import or export of this type of merchandise and is sanctioned with a fine: Therefore, these merchandises happen to be property of the Federal State, regardless of the penal sanctions establishes by the Penal Code. HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY FOR THOSE ADDITIONAL GOODS THAT ARE NOT PART OF MY LUGGAGE OR THE $300 EXEMPTION? If you exceed the $300 exemption for less than US$3,000, you must pay duties and taxes. There is a flat 16% rate of duties and taxes and you must fill out the payment form intended for it, which is available at the Customs counter. If the amount of the goods is over the US$3,000, then you must hire the services of a customs broker, who will present the legal forms to pay the duties and taxes (you can ask where to reach one at the Customs Office) We are all obliged to comply with these Customs provisions. If you feel that you are being subject of a corruption act please denounce it immediately. You may report it at the Secretaría de la Función Pública by calling toll free to (01 -800) 112 05 84. Plan your trip and request information in advance! Http://
  19. 19. 18 Weather Records and Averages. 68% of the state's area has warm humid climate, towards along the central coast and 18% is temperate humid in the high parts of the mountains, 14% dry and semi-dry in the north and northeast of the state. The average annual temperature is 20.5 ° C, the coldest temperature occurs in the month of January is 7.0 ° C and the highest of 23 ° C are presented in the months of May to September. The average total annual rainfall of the state is about 850 mm per year, in coastal areas the precipitation is over 1000 mm annually. The warm humid climate favors the cultivation of maize, sorghum and sugarcane among others agave tequila. Rainy season: June to September Incidence of hail: July and August Higher temperatures: April and May Lower temperatures: December and January Climate in the state of Jalisco. Coastal Region North / Northeast South East West Center temperature Annual Average 22 º - 26 º 10 º - 18 º 19 º 16 º - 18 º 18 º - 22 º 16 º Climate Guadalajara: MONTH Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec C ° 21 23 25 29 32 30 27 27 27 25 22 22
  20. 20. 19 Banknotes and Coins Mexican. The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso. Outstanding can find coins and banknotes of various denominations that we describe for your knowledge. Description currencies: • The coins are on the reverse the National Emblem: An eagle perched on a cactus devouring a snake, and are in denominations of 10, 20, 50 cents, 1, 2, • 5, 10 and 20 pesos. • Description of the Notes: • The Mexican banknotes are made of paper currency, except 20 and 50 pesos, which are made of impermeable polymer, in each bill appears a historical and place with which you can associate the character. You can find tickets for the following names: • 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos. • They have a security thread and a magnetic tape. • Against light can perceive a smaller image of • Historic Character (except $ 20 and $ 50).
  21. 21. 20
  22. 22. 21 Budget In order to place you in the cost of living of Jalisco, then you will find approximate prices (in pesos) of various items of regular use: 1 baguette $ 24.00 1 American coffee (to go) $ 20.00 1 dozen eggs $ 34.00 1 cream $ 23.00 1 soap $ 15.00 Beef 1kg $ 80.00 1 liter of petrol $ 11.00 1 liter of milk $ 13.00 1 package of spaghetti 200 g $ 12.00 1 124 gr toothpaste. $ 17.00 1 rake $ 12.50 1 shampoo (1 Lt) $ 40.00 Water: 19 liter jug $ 25.00 Cinema, a $ 56.00 entry Copies (c / u) $ 2.00 Professional notebook size $ 15.00
  23. 23. 22 Electricity Consumption monthly average Person $ 120.00 Gas: Average monthly consumption per person $ 120.00 Denim pants (jeans) $ 400.00 Newspaper $ 13.00 Cordial 225 ml $ 6.00 Rent an apartment with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom $ 4,000.00 - $ 5,000.00 Minimum wage Jalisco (per day) $ 62.33 Taxi $ 8.50 to start + $ 6.00 / km Public transport (bus) $ 6.00 NOTE: These prices are approximate and may vary according to use, location and place of purchase, likewise, were included in this guide for information purposes only. General budget by half. Stay in Mexican pesos per semester Total Hosting $ 24,000.00 to $ 30,000.00 Food $ 18,000.00 Local Transportation $ 5,040.00 Personal items $ 1,200.00 Books and supplies $ 2,500.00 Migrant Affairs $ 1,500.00 Emergency expenses (contingencies, uncertainties). $ 1,500.00 Medical Insurance $ 3,000.00 GRAND TOTAL $ 62740.00
  24. 24. 23 Transport and mobility. We present the most important routes that you can use depending on the university to which you have to go. In Guadalajara has different types of transport that is priced at $ 6.00 Mexican, try to always have the exact amounts. If your college student card provided, you can buy "transvales" these are small boletitos used to pay the fare, but these are priced at $ 3.00 (to financially assist students). When you get into "Macrobus" blue truck only goes through the Causeway independence, you need to always have change, as well as when using the "light rail" red train that passes by the road Federalismo.y the pretren. There are taxis that can use the airport when you come white, and yellow taxis that are within the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. Then maps each of the paths: University and truck route number. CUAAD Macrobús CUCBA 629 Transporte Universitario-Glorieta Minerva CUCEA 380 641 19A 275F 636 Transporte Universitario al Tren Ligero CUCEI 622 275 368 231 360 55 TUR CUCS 603B 45 258A/ B 52C 60-1/2 144A Abordar en la Calzada Independencia El macrobús CUCSH 25 320 30 110 54ª 368 Turquesa
  25. 25. 24 Lodges. We recommend you contact us before, to make the recommendation more affordable accommodation depending on how long will your stay in Mexico. Typical food. Jalisco provides dishes that have achieved recognition within the national and international cuisine, some of the most famous dishes and gustados the state are: Food. - Corn gorditas and sopes statewide; mole enchiladas statewide; Tapalpa sheep the shepherd; Cocula birria, pozole often and statewide; birria de chivo of Ciudad Guzman, chubs on the banks Chapala, Guadalajara drowned tortas, tamales statewide. Drinks. - Raicilla the coast region; fruit punches throughout the state; tequila from the center of the state and the region of the high places Autlán Tuba Navarro statewide mezcal; tepache throughout the state; mead statewide, the "pots" of Ocotlan and the Boat; atolls throughout the country and Tapalpa Sayula rompopes; tejuino central region; pajaretes statewide. Dulce typical. - Milk sweets region Chapala and high; Las cocadas coast region; cajetas Sayula burnt milk, guava rolls and Pet Atenguillo; nut crowbars Ciudad Guzman, cheese tuna of Ojuelos of Jalisco, mangoes and plums in syrup of San Cristobal de la Barranca, alfajor of San Juan de los Lagos, quince caramel Ixtlahuacán of Quinces and Valle de Guadalupe tamarind candy coast region; fritters Guadalajara and senior area.
  26. 26. 25 Mexicanismos.- Vocabulary A A dioque: En vano ¡A poco!: Exclamación de sorpresa Acordeón: Papel doblado en forma de acordeón utilizado para hacer trampas en un examen. En Arg: machete Afore: Ahorro de retiro Aguacate: Palta Agujeta: Cordón de los zapatos Alberca: Piscina Albur: Juego de palabras Amolar: Arruinar, Perjudicar Ándale!!: Anímate!!! Antojitos: Comida típica popular (por ejemplo, tacos) Antro: Lugar nocturno bailable, discoteca Apachurrar: Aplastar Apapachar: Acariciar, mimar Apenado: Avergonzado Aventar: Lanzar Aventón: Hacer AutoStop B Babosear: Estar distraído Banqueta: Acera. En Arg: vereda Bodega: 1) Almacén, tienda; 2) Depósito Bolsa: Cartera femenina Bonetería: Tienda en que se venden medias, calcetines, camisas Botana: Entremés antes de la comida principal ¡Bueno!: Una de las maneras de atender el teléfono, en vez de nuestro “HOLA” C Caer gordo: Caer mal Cajeta: Dulce espeso de leche de cabra. Similar al dulce de leche Camellón: Lomo o barrera que divide los carriles de una calle Camión: Autobús de pasajeros. También puede ser vehículo de carga Camioneta: Vehículo de pasajeros más largo que un automóvil común con una o dos hileras más de asientos transversales. También puede ser vehículo de carga
  27. 27. 26 Camote: Batata Canderel: Marca genéricia de edulcorante Cantina: Taberna Cartera: Billetera Cerillos: Fósforos Cerrada, una: Calle sin salida Cobija: Frazada Cofre: La tapa del motor de un automóvil Colonia: Barrio de una ciudad Comal: Disco casi plano, de barro cocido o de metal, que se coloca sobre el fuego y sirve para, encima de él, cocer tortillas de maíz, tostar habas, etc. Coraje: Enojo Cotorreo: Echar relajo, diversión algo desordenada Cruda: Resaca, al día siguiente de haber ingerido demasiadas bebidas alcohólicas Cuate: Amigo Cuero: Mujer u hombre muy bellos, tambien significa forro, piel Cuota: Determinado monto a pagar. También significa: peaje en una autopista, por ejemplo. Ch Chamaco: Niño, muchacho Chamarra: Abrigo, Chaqueta. En Arg: campera Chamba: Empleo, trabajo Chaparro: De baja estatura. En Arg: petiso Charola: Bandeja Chavo: Muchacho Checar: Comprobar Chela: Cerveza Chicharrón: Piel (con algo de carne) del cerdo joven, oreada y frita. Chichotas: Tetas grandes Chido: Bueno Chilango: Manera peyorativa de referirse al habitante del Distrito Federal;esta palabra es compleja, hace muchos años, los primeros chilangos fueron los que llegaban de otros estados a vivir a la capital, y los defeños empezaron a llamarlos chilangos, con el tiempo esto cambió y en efecto, ahora es un modo “peyorativo” de designar a todos los habitantes del D.F, pero aunque en un principio la intención fue ofensiva, ahora los defeños mismos se autodesginan así con cierto orgullo de vivir en “chilangolandia” o en el “defectuoso” como cariñosamente nombran la ciudad. Hay una revista cuyo nombre es precisamente Chilango y el slogan es “haz
  28. 28. 27 patria y ama a un chilango”. Chilaquiles: Comida compuesta de totopos (tortillas de maíz, cortadas, fritas), y luego cocidas en salsa de chile con tomate o jitomate Chile: Ají. Es tan utilizado en las comidas que existen muchas variedades, de acuerdo a la región de donde se lo extrae (jalapeño, chipotle, poblano, tabasqueño) y muchas maneras de cocinarlo. En general es muuuuuuy picante!!!!!!! Chilo : cabello enrulado…”tiene el pelo chino” Chipote: Hinchazón causada por un golpe. En Arg: chichón Chipotle: Variedad de chile pequeño de color rojo ladrillo Chones: Apócope de calzones, es decir prenda íntima inferior femenina, masculina o infantil Chorcha: Reunión de amigos que se encuentran para charlar Chorro: Mucho Chueco: Torcido Chulo: 1)Lindo; 2)Rufián, que vive de la explotación sexual de las prostitutas Chupón: En Arg: chupete D Dar el ancho: Pasar la prueba De dieta: Bajas calorías Defeño: Habitante del D.F. De hoy en ocho: Dentro de 7 días. Dioque, a: En vano E Elote: Choclo Encabronado: Enojado Enchilada: Tortilla de maíz enrollada alrededor de pollo y cubierta de salsa de jitomate con chile. También están las enchiladas verdes (con salsa de tomate verde, con o sin chile). O las enchiladas rojas (con salsa de jitomate, con o sin chile). O las enchiladas suizas (con mole y queso gratinado) Enchilado: Enojado Enganche: Cantidad que se paga de contado en una operación de venta a plazos Enjetado: Enojado Estufa: Aparato que da calor para cocinar F Fachoso: Que viste impropiamente Farlopa: Cocaína Fleco: Flequillo Falluca: Contrabando, importación prohibida si no se pagan derechos de aduana
  29. 29. 28 Fayuca: Contrabando, importación prohibida si no se pagan derechos de aduana Flojera: Pereza. En Arg: fiaca Fregado: Dañado Fregadazo: Golpe fuerte Fregar: Fastidiar, molestar Fresa: Frutilla; también significa lo que cheto es para los argentinos Frijol: Judía. Legumbre tan utilizada en las comidas que existen muchas variedades (negro, blanco, pinto, canario) y muchas maneras de cocinarlo (charros, a la olla, refritos) ¡Fuchi!: Interjección de asco o repugnancia G ¡Guácala!: Interjección que denota asco Gacho: Malo, feo Galera: Cobertizo, tinglado Gancho: Percha Gordo, caer: Caer mal Gorro; me vale: No me importa. Expresión vulgar Grasa: Betún para el calzado Gringo: Todo lo relacionado con USA Gripa: Gripe Guacamole: Puré de aguacate, jitomate y cebolla Guacho: Soldado Güero: Rubio Güey: Buey, tonto; también es un estribillo que se utiliza entre amigos, según la inflexión de la voz, puede variar el significado… por ejemplo: ¡¡Qué onda güey!! Es algo amigable, pero si dices, ¿Cual es tu pedo güey? Entonces ya es un tipo de agresión… H ¡Híjole!: Interjección de sorpresa o desilusión Huarache: Sandalia Huitlacoche: Hongo negruzco comestible, parásito del maíz J Jitomate: Tomate rojo Jalapeño: Variedad de chile. Proviene de Jalapa, capital del estado de Veracruz Jalar: Tirar Jeta: Siesta… “Me voy a echar una jetita”… pero también significa cara, y ahí es algo ofensivo. ¡Quita esa jeta! Es como… ¡¡cambia de una buena vez esa cara!! Joto: Homosexual
  30. 30. 29 K Kiosco: Glorieta, Gazebo L Lana: Dinero Lindo: Cuando el adjetivo es aplicado a una persona, significa que es bello como persona, no necesariamente físicamente Lonchera: Caja para llevar una comida ligera M Macarela: Rufián, hombre que vive de la prostitución de las mujeres Menso: Tonto, inepto Mamón: arrogante Mandilón: Hombre dominado por su esposa Mangazo: Muy guapo o muy guapa; superlativo de mango… “Ese tipo es un mango” Manteca: Manteca de grasa porcina Mantequilla: Manteca de grasa vacuna Me late: Me parece Me vale: No me importa Melocotón: Durazno Meme: Tener sueño un niño. En Arg: noni; parecido a jetita. “Voy a hacer la meme”, “Me voy a jetear” Merienda: Cena Ligera Mero: Mismo Mesero: Camarero de restaurante. En Arg: mozo Mezclilla: Tela de jean…”¿Has visto mis pantalones de mezclilla?” Mica: Tarjeta que sirve de visa para entrar a Estados Unidos. Mole: Clase de salsa, preparada con diferentes chiles y jitomate, ajo, cebolla, clavo, pimienta, sal, canela, manteca, chocolate, azúcar. En cada región hay una manera distinta de prepararlo Moronga: Morcilla (principalmente de sangre de cerdo) Mozo: Hombre que sirve en las casas o al público en oficios humildes, principalmente de limpieza N Naco:alguien de mal gusto, ignorante, que se recrea en su ignorancia y cuyas extravagancias dan pena ajena, equivalente a “grasa” en argentina Nejo: Sucio No mames: ¡No jodas! (expresión vulgar) No manches: ¡No jodas! (menos vulgar que “No mames”) No se vale: No está dentro de las reglas Nopal: Tipo de cacto comestible
  31. 31. 30 O ¡Órale!: Interjección que denota ánimo, acuerdo P Padre: Muy bueno, muy bonito, estupendo, admirable Paleta: Dulce o helado en forma de pala, que se chupa cogiéndolo por un palito que sirve de mango Palomitas: Rosetas de maíz tostado y reventado, granos de maíz que al tostarse se abren en forma de flor. En Arg: pochoclos Panocha: 1) Golosina hecha de piloncillo con nuez o con cacahuete; 2) Órgano sexual femenino Pantaletas: Prenda interior femenina que cubre la parte inferior del tronco Papa: Mentira, embuste Papalote: Cometa para jugar, armazón ligera cubierta de papel o tela que se hace volar en el aire. En Arg: barrilete Pastel: Torta Pato: Recipiente de cuello largo que se usa para recoger la orina del varón encamado. En Arg: papagallo Pegue: Atractivo sexual, buena suerte en amores Pelado: Mal educado, grosero, vulgar, persona de las capas sociales inferiores Pelar: Prestar atención Pelar gallo: Perder Pelarse: Irse, escapar, huir precipitadamente Pelón: Pelado Pena: Vergüenza, timidez Penoso: Vergonzoso, tímido Picudo: Sagaz, astuto Pifiar: Robar Pinole: Polvo proveniente del maíz que es usado como golosina y para hacer una bebida llamada atole Pinta: Falta de los alumnos a la escuela, por irse de paseo. En Arg: rata, rabona Piña: Ananá Piquete: 1) Chorro de licor fuerte que se mezcla con una bebida (como refresco o café); 2) Picadura de insecto Playera: Camisa de manga corta y sin cuello. En Arg: remera Plaza: Centro Comercial Poblano: Originario de Puebla Pompas: Nalgas, en sentido cariñoso Popote: Tubito para sorber líquidos. En Arg: pajita Porra: Grupo de partidarios entusiastas. En Arg: hinchas
  32. 32. 31 Pos ni modo: No hay manera Prepa: Apócope de Preparatoria. Escuela de segunda enseñanza de la que se puede pasar a la universidad Puerco: Cerdo, Chancho Q Quesadilla: Tortilla de maíz doblada por la mitad y rellena comúnmente de queso (a veces de otros alimentos; por ejemplo, papa, picadillo, chorizo, hongos, chicharrón, flor de calabaza, huitlacoche) y calentada R Recámara: Dormitorio Refrigerador: Heladera Regadera: Ducha Regar: Equivocarse, arruinar algo Regiomontano: Originario de Monterrey Relajo: Diversión algo desordenada Repecho: Baranda en un lugar alto para poder asomarse sin peligro de caer, antepecho Res: Carne Vacuna Resbaladilla: Juego de niños en que se deslizan por una bajada diagonal pulida a la que se accede desde lo alto de una escalera de mano. En Arg: tobogán Rizo: Rulo Ruca: Vieja, anciana S ¿Sale?: ¿De acuerdo? Sangrón: Enojoso, antipático Sincronizada: Jamón y queso entre dos tortillas de trigo; se sirve caliente; A diferencia de la tortilla de maiz, la de trigo es blanca y se encuentra por lo general en todo el país aunque es típica del norte. Sobar: Dar masaje Suato: Tonto Submarino: Pan alargado partido horizontalmente relleno de jamón o queso o milanesa o salame Sudadera: Camiseta deportiva de manga larga y sin cuello T Taco: Tortilla de maíz enrollada que lleva dentro carnitas o chicharrones, queso, aguacate, o una mezcla de varios alimentos Tamal: Especie de pan (o empanada) de masa de maíz cocido al vapor (comúnmente envuelto en hojas de mazorca o de plátano). Se puede agregarle como un relleno carne de pollo o de cerdo, y salsa. También hay tamales de dulce
  33. 33. 32 Texmex: Originario de Nuevo México, en USA Tianguis: Mercado, plaza del mercado Tilingo: Tonto Timba: Barriga, vientre Tomate: Tomate pequeño de color verde Tope: Obstáculo bajo y redondeado, en una calle, para que los vehículos vayan más despacio. En Arg: lomo de burro Torta: Especie de emparedado hecho típicamente de un pan llamado telera partido en dos horizontalmente. Se le quita la miga, se le pone todo lo siguiente: aguacate (o guacamole), frijoles refritos, cebolla, lechuga tijereteada, rebanadas de jitomate, ruedas de rábano, rajas de queso panela, chiles en vinagre y crema, más uno de los rellenos que siguen y que le dan el nombre (es decir, torta de lomo, torta de pierna, etc.): lomo, pierna, pavo, sesos, milanesa, pollo, jamón, queso, huevo revuelto Tortilla: Alimento redondo y plano que se hace de masa (sin levadura) de maíz hervido en agua con cal y se cuece en comal. Tiene la consistencia y la forma de una tapa de empanada (un poquito más grande), con la diferencia que se hace con harina de maíz y no de trigo. La tortilla es el componente esencial de las comidas, ya que con ella se hacen los tacos (si adentro uno le pone carnitas o chicharrones, queso, aguacate), o las quesadillas (si adentro uno le pone queso o papa, picadillo, chorizo, hongos, chicharron, flor de calabaza, huitlacoche) Tostada: 1) Tortilla de maíz tostada (con ella se comen los frijoles refritos); 2) Tortilla de maíz frita, sobre la cual van trozos de chorizo, papa y verduras picadas Totopo: Pedazo de tortilla de maíz secado al sol y luego frito. Con él, se hacen los chilaquiles Tragar la bola: Creerse algo Traste: Utensilio casero Tinaco: Recipiente que contiene agua para el consumo, ubicado generalmente en los techos de las casas V Vaciado: 1)Excelente, que ha tenido buen éxito; 2)chistoso “que vaciado eres” Que chistoso y que buen sentido del humor tienes Vacilón: Juerga Vale, me: No me importa Valer: Perder en un juego, Fracasar, Terminar una relación Vieja: Mujer, en general
  34. 34. 33 Schools. Numbers and addresses of the network university U of G. University Centers Located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. CUAAD - Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño. Dirección: Extremo Norte Calzada Independencia S/N Colonia: Huentitán el Bajo C.P. 41300 Teléfonos Directos: 3674-4502, 3674-7185, 3674-6166 Fax: 3674-4755 CUCBA - Centro Universitario De Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias. Dirección: Carretera Nogales, Km. 15.5 Las Agujas, Nextipac, Zapopan Jalisco Colonia: Nextipac C.P. 45110 Teléfonos Directos: 3777-1150 Fax: 3777-1159 CUCEA - Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas. Dirección: Anillo Periférico Nte. No. 799, Zapopan Jalisco Colonia: Núcleo Los Belenes C.P. 45000 Teléfonos Directos: 3770-3300 Fax: 3770-3306 CUCEI - Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías. Dirección: Blvd. Marcelino García Barragán y Calz. Olímpica 1421 Colonia: Olímpica C.P. 44420 Teléfonos Directos: 3942-5969 Fax: 3619-6910 CUCS - Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud. Dirección: Sierra Mojada 950 Colonia: Colonia Independencia C.P. 44340 Teléfonos Directos: 3617-9940
  35. 35. 34 CUCSH - Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades. Dirección: Guanajuato # 1045 Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Colonia: Zona Centro C.P. 44260 Teléfonos Directos: 3819-3300 Fax: 3853-9092 CUTONALÁ - Centro Universitario de Tonalá “Sede provisional Casa de la Cultura” Dirección: Morelos No. 180, Colonia: Zona Centro C.P. 45400 Teléfonos Directos: 3540-3020 Ext. 64007 Tips. Cell phone. Having a Mexican cell line is very important because you are in touch with your new friends as well as us and your school, this in order to help and assist you at any time. We can provide you with an inexpensive mobile device including the phone line, the company is "Telcel", this company is the most important in our country, and you can buy balance from 20 Mexican pesos, we can help you configure it.
  36. 36. 35 Don’t drink agua loca. Tequila is the traditional drink of Jalisco and Mexico, but "Aguas" not any tequila you can take, and you take a drunk very quickly, and the hangover the next day will be unbearable, we recommend you not take "crazy water" this drink this soda-based check grapefruit, lemon, orange, and some form of alcohol, is so massive check at some large container, 100% recommend you do not take.
  37. 37. 36 Important dates. Date Celebration January 1 New Year Monday February 1st Constitution Day (February 5, 1917) March International Film Festival * March 3rd Monday Benito Juarez's Birthday (March 21, 1806) March-April Easter and Passover (religious holiday) (no classes) May May Cultural Festival * May 1 Labor Day May 10 Mother's Day May 15th Teacher's Day International Mariachi September * Massive concert radio station Rock (RMX) called "212" September 15 Grito de Dolores (1810) (independence day of Mexico) September 16 Independence of Mexico (1821) October Fiestas de Octubre * October 12 Discovery of America University Foundation Anniversary Guadalajara (1791) * November 1 Day of the Holy Innocents November 2 Day of the Dead November 3rd Monday November Last week Mexican Revolution (November 20, 1910) International Book Fair * December 12 Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe December 24 Christmas Eve Christmas December 25th
  38. 38. 37 Bienvenido a Jalisco: Under the concept of "foreign adaptation agency", our service is to make available to our visitors necessary to facilitate and expedite their travel and / or stay in the state. Here are some of the services that are part of the supply of Welcome to Jalisco. Services • Housing. We offer the best lodging options, taking into account that the rooms have an average duration of 180 days in the country (according to student visa). Objective: Location and comfort. • Pick up. The welcome is conducted in person, we will take care to be the first contact that gets to get travel and airport transportation including airport-stay-ensuring a good experience from the beginning. Objective: security, we do not want you to start your trip lost. • Cell line. We provide national cellular phone line, so they are in contact with us and their new friends, and, if necessary (if they become sick or lost), we can help at the time. The line at the top has balance and then they are responsible for the charges. Objective: communication, remember we are for you. • Passport Jalisco. It is a unique tool that gives information they need not only the state, but in our country, which will help them adapt, in our culture so interesting. Objective: To prepare before your arrival, and tip's necessary. • Magazine "BJ" It is an environment where so we present bimonthly current information, news, events, tip's to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and other notes that are focused on our mission. Objective: To keep you informed.
  39. 39. 38 Mission. Create human and transparent solutions, envisioning better opportunities for the state of Jalisco, starting a social conscience leveraging cultural factors that nourish our land and structures fostering strong relationships reliable flying a bond of support and solidarity with our sister cities to make do of your trip an unforgettable experience. Vision. To position at the state and achieve national and international projection as an agency, city and state, which is within the first destination choices, study and recreation Maps.
  40. 40. 39
  41. 41. 40 380 Lugares De Interés- Places Of Interest 1. Núcleo Médico Y Hospital De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe 2. Cruz Roja Toluquilla 3. Restaurant Campestre Los Compadres 4. Viveros Toluquilla 5. Coca Cola Periférico Sur 6. Hewlet Packart 7. Plaza Centro Sur 8. Estación Periférico Sur Tren Ligero 9. UVM Campus Sur 10.Continental 11.Freescale Semiconductor México 12.ITESO 13.Pirámide Ixtepete 14.Wal-Mart Guadalupe 15.Universidad Administrativa De Zapopan 16.UVM Campus Zapopan 17.Centro De Salud De Cd Granja 18.Comisión Federal De Electricidad Cfe 19.Parque Funeral 20.Comisión Nacional Forestal 21.Escuela Preparatoria No 15 Udeg 22.Club De Golf Las Lomas 23.Instituto Cumbres San Javier 24.Honda Acueducto 25.Soriana Belenes 26.Plaza San Isidro 27.CUCEA 28.Preparatoria No 10 Udeg 29.Universidad Tec Milenio Zapopan 30.Unidad Deportiva Tabachines 31.Tren Ligero Periférico Norte 32.Academia De Policía 33.Parque Planetario 34.Clínica IMSS Número 93
  42. 42. 41 Calles Y Avenidas- Streets and Avenues 1. Fco. I. Madero 2. Anillo Periférico Sur Manuel Gómez Morín 3. A. Periférico Pte. Manuel Gómez Morín 4. Tonaltecas 5. Tonalá 6. 18 De Marzo 7. Porfirio Díaz 8. Justo Sierra
  43. 43. 42
  44. 44. 43 641 Vía Cucea Lugares De Interés 1. Parque Ávila Camacho 2. Plaza Patria 3. Cruz Verde Zapopan Nte 4. Auditorio Telmex 5. CUCEA 6. Preparatoria No 10 UDG 7. Universidad Tec Milenio Zapopan Calles Y Avenidas- Streets and Avenues 1. Av. Zoquipan 2. De La Patria 3. Av. Patria 4. Av. Ávila Camacho 5. Av. Prolongación Laureles 6. Av. Laureles 7. Parres Arias 8. A Periférico Nte 9. De Los Tabachines 10.Calle Paseo De Las Araucarias 11.Rio Ayala 12.Pípila 13.De Las Flores 14.El Rosal
  45. 45. 44
  46. 46. 45 629 A Lugares De Interés 1. Universidad Del Valle De México Campus Zapopan 2. Universidad Panamericana 3. Sams Club La Estancia 4. Arboledas Galería 5. Quinta Real Hotel 6. Camino Real De Guadalajara 7. Gran Plaza 8. Plazueta Vallarta 9. Centro Magno 10.Edificio De La Universidad De Guadalajara 11.Estación Juárez Del Tren Ligero Calles Y Avenidas -Streets and Avenues 1. De San Juan 2. A Periférico Pte. 3. Calz De Los Álamos 4. Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 5. De Los Novelistas 6. Calle Morelos 7. Av. Juárez 8. Del Federalismo Sur
  47. 47. 46
  48. 48. 47 19 A Lugares De Interés 1. Preparatoria 7 2. La Tuzania Ejidal 3. Lomas De Zapopan 4. Plaza San Isidro 5. Parque Unidad Tucson 6. IMSS Unidad Médico Familiar Número 48 7. Home Depot Circunvalación 8. Secundaria Número 2 9. Hospital San Joaquín 10.Academia De Policía 11.Plaza Altea 12.Centro Comercial Plaza Lomas 13.Parque Ávila Camacho 14.Plaza Patria 15.Auditorio Telmex Calles Y Avenidas- Streets and Avenues 1. Paseo Loma Nte 2. Río Nilo 3. Mercedes Celis 4. Presa El Laurel 5. Pablo Valdez 6. José María Iglesias 7. Artesanos 8. Circ Oblatos 9. De La Cruz 10.Calle Fraternidad 11.Monte Lisboa 12.Fidel Velázquez Sánchez 13.Zoquipan 14.Patria 15.Av. Ávila Camacho 16.Parres Arias 17.Camino A Los Belenes 18.Periférico Nte Manuel Gómez Morín
  49. 49. 48
  50. 50. 49 275 F Lugares De Interés 1. Los Ángeles 2. Hacienda La Magdalena 3. Instituto De Ciencias 4. Country Club 5. Glorieta De La Normal 6. CUSH 7. Santuario De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe 8. Centro Calles Y Avenidas 1. Rio Congo 2. Rio Balsas 3. Capulines 4. Hidalgo 5. Valle Tesistán 6. Calle Jalisco 7. Av. Juan Gil Preciado 8. Av. Los Laureles 9. Av. Ávila Camacho 10.Fray Antonio Alcalde 11.Santa Mónica
  51. 51. 50
  52. 52. 51 636 V 2 Lugares De Interés 1. Jardín Santuario 2. Parque Rehilete 3. Glorieta Normal 4. Centro Universitario De Ciencias Sociales Y Humanidades 5. Jardín Chopin 6. Glorieta Tránsito 7. Auditorio Telmex 8. Preparatoria UDG No 10 9. CUCEA 10.Plaza San Isidro Calles Y Avenidas 1. Fray Antonio Alcalde 2. Circunvalación División Del Nte 3. Del Federalismo Nte 4. Calle Aldama 5. Niños Héroes 6. Constituyentes 7. Av. Venustiano Carranza 8. Camino A Los Belenes 9. A Periférico Nte Manuel Gómez Morín 10.Av. Industrial Textil 11.De La Mancha 12.Av. Valdepeñas 13.De Las Flores 14.Av. Hacienda De Las Hortensias
  53. 53. 52
  54. 54. 53 622 Lugares De Interés 1. Hospital Centro Quirúrgico De Guadalajara 2. Hospital General De Zona IMSS Número 89 3. Guadalajara Country Club 4. Plaza Patria 5. Parque Ávila Camacho 6. Parque Unidad Tucson 7. CUCEI 8. Parque González Gallo 9. Parque Agua Azul 10.Estación De Ferrocarril Calles Y Avenidas 1. Agustín Yáñez 2. Glorieta Minerva 3. Av. Adolfo López Mateos Norte 4. Av. De Las Américas 5. Patria 6. Av. Fidel Velázquez Sánchez 7. Uxmal 8. Av. Belisario Domínguez 9. Monte La Luna 10.San Patricio 11.Café San Baltazar 12.San Pedro 13.Basilio Vadillo 14.Monte Padilla 15.Olímpica 16.Salvador González Chávez 17.Dr. R Michel 18.Héroes Ferrocarrileros 19.Washington
  55. 55. 54
  56. 56. 55 368 Lugares De Interés 1. Soriana Belenes 2. Jabil Circuit México SA De CV 3. Plaza San Isidro 4. CUCEA 5. Universidad Tecmilenio Zapopan 6. Unidad Especializada De Atención Obstetricia Y Neonatal 7. Escuela Secundaria Técnica 78 8. Barranca Oblatos 9. Academia De Policía 10.H Ayuntamiento Zapotlán Del Rey 11.Plaza Bella Calles Y Avenidas 1. A Periférico Nte Manuel Gómez Morín 2. Zapotlanejo 3. Gigantes 4. Gilberto García De Alba
  57. 57. 56
  58. 58. 57 231 Lugares De Interés 1. Soriana Transito 2. Glorieta La Normal 3. Centro Universitario De Ciencias Sociales Y Humanidades 4. CUSH 5. Santuario De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe 6. CUCEI 7. Alberca Olímpica U De G 8. Hospital General De Zona 14 9. Plaza Altea Río Nilo 10.Centro Comercial Plaza Lomas Calles Y Avenidas 1. Juana De Arco 2. Ing. Alberto Mora López 3. Zacatecas – Guadalajara 4. A Saltillo 5. Av. Alcalde 6. Av. Revolución 7. Rio Nilo 8. Zaragoza 9. Tonaltecas 10.Cuitlahuac 11.De Las Rosas 12.Margaritas
  59. 59. 58
  60. 60. 59 55 Lugares De Interés 1. UNIVA 2. Plaza Ciudadela 3. Plaza Del Sol 4. Museo De Paleontología De Guadalajara 5. Instituto De Administración Pública Del Estado De Jalisco 6. Teatro De La Universidad De Guadalajara 7. Fórum Tlaquepaque 8. CODE Paradero 9. Clínica 14 IMSS 10.Plaza Altea 11.Glorieta Arcos De Loma Dorada Calles Y Avenidas 1. AV Guadalupe 2. Av. Patria 3. Av. Mariano Otero 4. Lázaro Cárdenas 5. Mezquite 6. Roble 7. Agustín Yáñez 8. Av. 16 De Septiembre 9. Av. 5 De Febrero 10.Olímpica 11.Calle Rio Nilo 12.Emiliano Zapata 13.Av. Tonaltecas 14.Periférico 15.Juárez 16.Hidalgo
  61. 61. 60
  62. 62. 61 603 B Lugares De Interés 1. Iglesia De Nuestra Señora Del Rosario 2. Policía Guadalajara 3. Centro Universitario De Ciencias De La Salud 4. CUCS Calles Y Avenidas 1. Calle Garibaldi 2. Calle Belén 3. Calle Ignacio Herrera Y Cairo 4. Sierra Nevada 5. Calle Puerto Atlanta 6. Calle Monte Albán 7. Av. Belisario Domínguez 8. Calle Batallón De San Patricio 9. Calle San Gabriel 10.Ricardo Flores Magón 11.Sitio De Puebla
  63. 63. 62
  64. 64. 63 45 Centro Lugares De Interés 1. Parque De Las Solidaridad 2. Museo Del Ejército Y Fuerza 3. Cuartel Colorado 4. Jardín Aránzazu 5. Hotel Posada San Pablo Calles Y Avenidas 1. Zapotlanejo 2. Azalea 3. Mascota 4. Clavel 5. Av. Patria 6. Calle María Reyes 7. Gigantes 8. Presa El Laurel 9. Dionisio Rodríguez 10.Antonio Enríquez 11.Plutarco Elías Calles 12.Calle Francisco De Ayza 13.Porfirio Díaz 14.Calle Valentín Gómez Farías 15.Madero 16.8 De Julio
  65. 65. 64
  66. 66. 65 258 A Lugares De Interés 1. Centro 2. Zoológico De Guadalajara 3. Parque Unidad Tucson 4. Parque Rehilete 5. Preparatoria 14 U De G 6. Parque Tucson 7. CUSH 8. Santuario De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe 9. Holiday Inn 10.Plaza Del Sol 11.TV Azteca 12.Cerro Del Tesoro Calles Y Avenidas 1. Volcán Trident 2. Juan Carrasco 3. Volcán Pelee 4. José María Canal 5. Joaquín Mucel 6. Calle Jerónimo Belleza 7. Calle Francisco Estrada 8. Eutimio Pinzón 9. Ángel Martínez 10.Fray Antonio Alcalde 11.Juan Manuel 12.Av. Adolfo López Mateos Norte 13.Av. López Mateos Sur 14.18 De Marzo 15.Sierra De Tapalpa
  67. 67. 66
  68. 68. 67 25 Lugares De Interés 1. Bosque Colomos 2. Club Atlas Chapalita 3. Jardines De Chapalita 4. Guadalajara Country Club 5. Barranca Oblatos 6. IMSS Unidad Médico Familiar Número 48 7. Jardines De La Barranca Calles Y Avenidas 1. Guadalupe 2. Av. Vallarta 3. Patria 4. Av. Ávila Camacho 5. Av. Alcalde 6. Circunvalación División Del Norte 7. Circunvalación Oblatos 8. Hacienda De Tala
  69. 69. 68
  70. 70. 69 Pre tren Lugares De Interés 1. Glorieta Minerva 2. Hotel Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Minerva 3. Plazuela Vallarta 4. Universidad Guadalajara Lamar 5. La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall 6. Plaza Galerías 7. Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara 8. Maíz landia Calles Y Avenidas 1. Av. Juárez 2. Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta
  71. 71. 70
  72. 72. 71 Tren1 Lugares De Interés 1. Estación Periférico Sur 2. Estación El Tesoro Tren Ligero 3. Estación España Tren Ligero 4. Estación Patria Tren Ligero 5. Estación Isla Raza Tren Ligero 6. Estación 18 De Marzo 7. Estación López De Legaspi Tren Ligero 8. Estación Urdaneta Tren Ligero 9. Estación Unidad Deportiva Tren Ligero 10.Estación Sta. Filomena 11.Estación Washington 12.Unidad Deportiva Presidente López Mateos 13.Complejo Nissan De Gimnasia 14.Estación Mexicaltzingo 15.Panteón De Mezquitan 16.Estación Juárez 17.Estación Refugio 18.Estación Mezquitan 19.Estación Ávila Camacho 20.Estación División Del Nte 21.Estación Atemajac 22.Estación Dermatológico 23.Escuela Normal Del Estado 24.Hospital Del Valle De Atemajac 25.Estación Periférico Norte Calles Y Avenidas 1. Av. Cristóbal Colón 2. Del Federalismo Sur
  73. 73. 72
  74. 74. 73 Tren2 Lugares De Interés 1. Centro De Desarrollo Comunitario No 13 2. Centro De Desarrollo Comunitario Mpo De Guadalajara #2 3. Plaza 18 De Marzo 4. Centro De Estudios Profesionales Guadalajara 5. Mercado San Juan De Dios 6. Plaza De Los Mariachis 7. Estación Plaza Universidad 8. Plaza Universidad 9. Parroquia De Nuestra Señora Del Carmen 10.Hotel Portobello 11.Estación Juárez 12.Estación Tetlán 13.Estación La Aurora 14.Estación San Andrés 15.Estación Cristóbal De Oñate 16.Estación Belisario Domínguez 17.Estación San Juan De Dios Calles Y Avenidas 1. Perfecto B 2. Javier Mina 3. Av. Juárez
  75. 75. 74
  76. 76. 75 Macrobus1 Lugares De Interés 1. Mercado Del Mar 2. Rastro Municipal De Guadalajara 3. Parque Liberación 4. Estación Del Ferrocarril 5. Parque Agua Azul 6. Plaza De Los Mariachis 7. Cinepolis Alameda 8. Mercado De San Juan De Dios 9. Parque Morelos 10.CUCS 11.Colegio República Mexicana 12.Plaza De Toros Nuevo Progreso 13.Estadio Jalisco 14.Soriana Estadio 15.Plaza Independencia 16.Parque Natural Huentitán 17.CUAAD 18.Parque Mirador Independencia Calles Y Avenidas 1. Literatura 2. Gob. Luis G Curiel 3. Calz Independencia Sur 4. Calz Independencia Nte
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