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Evaluation question 3

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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 3
  2. 2. What have I learnt from audience feedback?
  3. 3. Poster Feedback • I decided during the creation of my to ask people online of their thoughts on my Poster. In turn I could redraft based on the responses and make my product more suitable to my target audience. The initial responses were people praising the design work and recognising the genre as horror. Some felt that I should move the slogan from its first placement, which was at the top. Some also felt that I should add to the mask, maybe a weapon or scenery; whereas others felt that the mask alone gave a heightened sense of mystery and told me to keep it the way it was. On hearing the feedback, I decided to make some changes. I felt the feedback was really helpful as it gave me things to add and change which in turn made my poster more appealing to my target audience.
  4. 4. Magazine Feedback • Similar to my poster feedback I asked people for feedback via social media. On first look of the cover, many said that it was too plain and did not have enough titles to make it look like a real magazine front cover. Some praised the designing aspects and liked the blood dripping from the top. They thought that this made it relative to the poster genre wise and made it recognisable as a horror magazine specifically. When all feedback had been received I decided to make many changes, most of the changes were adding onto what I initially had for my first draft and I found this great because it gave me ideas to suit my target audience.
  5. 5. Trailer Feedback • For our trailer, we showed a range of people who we thought were suitable to our target audience. The feedback we received really helped us as it gave us changes to make which we had not noticed. For example, some of the feedback was to make the scenes more bloody and gory, so we went back and re-filmed some of the scenes in which we believed we could make these changes. Some feedback received talked about sound, in which we added sounds to suit our genre. Overall I believe the feedback we received helped our trailer to suit our genre and made it look more like a professional product. It also made our trailer more appealing to our target audience.